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  Waking up, there was a shot of pain that instantly went through your left shoulder. You reached for it and felt a piece of cloth over it. You were face up in your room and have no idea what had happened or how you got here.

   You sat yourself up a bit but quickly noticed something had in fact happened. Your entire torso had been wrapped up in bandages and a familiar green jacket  (which was oversized) was around your shoulders.

  Looking at your arms, you noticed they were similarly wrapped up in white bandages. The bandages that wrapped your shoulder were stained a bit with blood and held an iron scent to it.

  You brushed a few (h/l) strands of (h/c) hairs out of the way of your face, making it easier to see your room. Looking outside, the day went on without much of a hitch; such peace during war time.

  The door opened slightly to a familiar and usually zesty Italian boy. His copper-colored eyes looked straight at your figure and he started crying before dashing to your beside, holding you tightly,"B-bella! W-we were so worried!"

  You laughed gently, stoking his hair and wrapping the other arm around him slightly,"It's okay Italy...I'm fine..." You cooed gently,"I'm here...I'm okay..."

  "Itaria-san, I heard you-" Looking up, you saw Japan standing at your door out of breath and stiffened slightly,"_-_______-san..." He stepped in the room and headed towards you and Italy,"How does your arm feer?"

  You looked at the reddened shoulder bandages and then back to his dull, brown eyes,"I-I could be better, but...what happened...?"

  He knelt beside you,"An Arrie purled out a gun and criped you in the shourder..." He pulled out a first-aid kid from beside your bed and unraveled the  bandages to see your skin stitched up and reddened. "Gomen..." He wrapped your arm up with care, trying to keep you from feeling much pain with a good amount of success.

  "Where did Germany go?" You asked, curious to see one of the Axis missing.

  "Germany is sleeping." Italy chimed a bit, wiping his eyes slightly,"He's been really worried about you and spent that last few days doing nothing but watching over you."

  Your face went a bit red,"R-really...? That's so...nice of him." Your heartbeat increased slightly and you placed your hand on your chest to calm yourself down a bit.

  "Hai." Japan nodded, moving away slightly,"Do you want me to wake him? He might rike to know that you are awake..."

  "I'll get him _______!" Italy said, springing to his feet and running down the call calling for Germany.

  Sitting a bit nervously, you waited with Japan sitting beside you. "You seam rather nervous. Are you sure you are okay ________-san?"

  You nodded, even though it shot pain through your head,"I guess I'm still just a bit-"

  "_-_______?" Looking up, you saw Germany standing at the door, his hair messed up and looking a bit worried at you.

  You sheepishly waved,"H-hi..."

  Before you knew it, he was kneeling beside you, gripping onto your hand,"How does you arm feel liebling?"

  "B-better than it should be..." You said with a small smile,"T-thank for being so worried about me...but really, I'm fine." You combed his hair back to make it look more normal,"You need to rest up yourself. Japan and Italy can take care of me, okay?"

  "Ja..." He brushed some of your (h/l)(h/c) hair out of your face and kissed your forehead, making your head go completely red,"Just try to relax und don't move zhat arm too much." He pulled his iron cross necklace over his head and placed it in the palm of your hand.

  "I-I'll be sure to..." You said, hiding your face slightly,"N-now go off to bed before you get sick and I have to start worrying." You smiled at him before putting the necklace around your neck,"W-what about your jacket?"

  "'s fine." He smiled slightly before walking out back to his room.

  " stirl haven't tord him, have you?" Japan asked, looking partially serious at you,"He rikes you too..."

  "H-how do you know...?" You pouted, laying back down in bed and trying to relax.

  "Bella..." Italy cut in,"He just gave you his necklace for no reason." He smiled towards you,"You like him too, don't you!?"

  "S-shh!" You hushed him up immediately. "H-he doesn't know...! A-and I don't want to ruin anything if he really doesn't..."

  "You're so paranoid!" Italy said, hugging you carefully,"He likes you ________ and it's pretty obvious."

  You ignored him and turned to look at Japan,"Do you mind...making me a cup of tea?" He nodded and excused himself. "A-and Italy, can you make some pasta?"

  "Of course ________." He smiled before running out,"Anything to make you feel better!"

  You turned your head slightly to the left, looking at your shoulder,'Clipped in the shoulder...huh? Then why does my head hurt so much...' Without much thought to it, you felt sleep drag you under and your eyes felt heavy, causing you to shut them. And you fell asleep.


  "D-dude! I didn't mean to shoot her!" America said, dropping the pistol in his hand onto the ground,"E-England! This is all your fault!"

  "How the bloody hell is it my fault you wanker!" England yelled back.

  "Well, if you didn't scare me..."

  The words droned out at the pain surged through your body from your shoulder. Holding tightly, you noticed scarlet blood seeping through partially-torn cloth and onto your hand.

  Immediately, you had Japan at your side trying to help while Italy ran off to get Germany from God knows where. "Prease..._-______-san...d-don't move too much..."

  You laid yourself down,"I-it hurts Kiku..." You said, using his real name to show the seriousness.

  He held a poker-face and removed your hand and placed it on your cloths,"I know...just stay carm..." He tore a piece off of his beautiful white uniform and covered the wound. But all to quickly, it was red.

  Sitting yourself up, you looked around in confusion. America and England were still going at each other's throats and you jumped forward, snatching the pistol below and holding it with the good hand, aiming it upwards towards them,"Shut up!"

  Both nations looked down at you. Standing up, you cocked the gun with anger in your eyes,"Y-you both...are to just shut up and let us go!"

  They held their hands up defensively before suddenly lowering them. You felt a chill trickle up your spine as a cold and unforgiving voice spoke, making you realize why America and England were so calm. "You will become one with us, da?"

  The sick sound of metal hitting bone was the last thing you remember before passing out.


  You woke up, clutching your head and shrieking in a panicked voice before you felt someone holding you, stoking your (h/c) hair and trying to calm you back down.

  Suddenly, you began to cry,"R-Russia..." You slid your hand to the back of your head and yes, there was a skull-splitting pain that shot through. Then again, you applied more pressure than needed to it.

  "Just're fine bella..." You clung to Italy, shaking a bit. "D-do you want me to get Germany bella?"

  You nodded, wiping your eyes as you let go of him. He dashed off quickly and in a brief moment, he was back...with company. "Vhat zhe hell did he do to you?" He smiled lightly, sitting on the bed beside you and messing your hair up a bit.

  You immediately clung onto him and started crying again,"I-I..." He pulled you under his arm carefully and trying to calm you down,"A-America shot me...a-and...Russia...what about you...w-what happened?" You shook a bit, sniffling and hiccuping while you spoke.

  "Ve vere more vorried about getting you somehow managed to get you out vithout much of a problem." He rubbed your shoulder,"Look...don't get all vorked're fine."

  You nodded, leaning your head on his shoulder and taking a deep breath. "I-I guess I should thank you guys..." Looking around, you noticed that it was night and that there were two sleeping Axis on the floor. "I-I don't know what would've happened if you guys weren't there."

  He laid you down again, sitting beside, kneeling on the floor and kissing your hand,"You're our ally vouldn't let anyzhing happen to you..." He kissed your forehead.

  But you cupped his face delicately and brought your face to his slowly before kissing him and wrapping your arms around his neck. He was shocked and tense for a moment before he did the same, placing his hands on your hips and bringing you up slightly. You stayed like that for a few moments before breaking apart from on another, breathing heavily and blushing deeply.

  Laying back down, you covered your face slightly,"I-I'm sorry...I-I didn't mean..." You shut your eyes a bit,"I like you..."

  He pulled the sheets from your hand and kissed your cheek, "Ich Liebe Dich Auch ________..." He sat beside you before laying down and holding you close,"Now try to get some sleep..."

  "O-okay..." You said, moving closer to him with red on your face,"A-are you sure you don't want the necklace back."

  "Nein..." He kissed your forehead,"I vant you to hold onto it for me."



  Japan opened his eyes to see Italy looking a bit confused,"W-what is it Itaria-san...?"

  He pointed over to see you and Germany slept with each other, his arm over you,"I knew she riked him much did we miss though." He smiled a bit mischievously. "Itaria-san...get my camera.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
but I own Germany...bwahaha~
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Skypaw222 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know this is out of context (completely). But hasn't anyone noticed that Superman lived on a planet full of kryptonite and ever since he came to Earth he became allergic to it. I really don't understand how that works out....Super  Hoxxy (Animated) Super head HAV - Superman JUANCAQUE's Avatar Request 
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Oh perv.
Vulpesvulpes6000 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
  "D-dude! I didn't mean to shoot her!" America said, dropping the pistol in his hand onto the ground,"E-England! This is all your fault!"
"Drops pistol" Well, America now I need to hunt you down and drill gun safety into your head so hard it will never come out. BTW the first rule is: don't point your gun at something you don't plan on shooting!
fourthhokage99 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016
Unless you think it's a camera xD (lol asdf)
Apia123 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2016  Student Writer
Wait... This isn't a camera!
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XD whole time I was thinking "America do you know nothing about gun safety?...wait screw that, do you nothing about common sense?" 
Dream-Halo Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kiku. Just why. WHY.
I will find you.
And I will kill you.
Or at least kill your camera.
mikmik121 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
Smash it
with a hammer
Vilabeth Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I imagined empires new grove...
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R.I.P Camera.
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Lol that would so be me. :)
kurino-sama-alpha Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014
i better not find that picture on the internet. or i swear to all that is holy and unholy....*dark aura scarier than Belarus's forms. grins wickedly holding up mini frying pan*
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Russia, America wwhhhyyyyy!?!? meh

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mikmik121 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014
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*wakes up right before Japan takes the picture* AH HA! CAUGHT YOU RED-HANDED!!!!

People with their cameras these days....jeez....

MiaRoseLove Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Dat ending line... Just.... Just yes. This story is awesome!
mikmik121 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013
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pssst.... japan..... can I get a copy of the picture? >///<
DancingDragon18 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013 and your dang camera.
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Japan's camera! XD
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...get my camera."

Ah, Kiku~ xDD
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"Itaria-san... get my camera"

I loved that part XD
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"Itaria-san...get my camera." MADE MY DAY.
mikmik121 Featured By Owner May 28, 2013
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Fuck yea! Japan and Prussia: The two with cameras!
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*gets that face like AW HECK YEAH*
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:iconangryrussiaplz: <——— Dats the face we fear! WHY RUSSIA?!
HollyofStars Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
"Itaria-san...get my camera." My reaction--> :iconjeffthekillerjizzplz: Puffff......Japan you weirdo... xD
notsoinnocent15 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013
I just finished reading a ton of Russia fanfic's so it's sooo hard seeing my Ivan as a villain TT.TT

but Ludwig is my first Hetalia love so it's ok~~~
mikmik121 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013
I love Russia, don't get me wrong. I just
I dunno.
notsoinnocent15 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013
nah it's k I can totally see where you're coming from :D

(love the icon by the way~ season 5 needs to start coming out faster)
mikmik121 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
Thanks. ^^
(It does~)
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