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December 5, 2012
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 Reese zipped up your winter coat, smiling gently for a moment before placing a hat on your head and putting the hood of the jacket over that. You pouted, looking at the Englishman behind Reese.

 "Arthur...I can't move my arms..." You whimpered, looking at him innocently. "I don't like it..."

 He chuckled softly, kneeling beside his brother who was trying to put mittens on you. "If you want to go out and play in the snow, you need to be bundled up so you don't catch a cold."


 "No buts." He stated, poking your nose lightly as Reese stood up. "I don't want you to get sick on my watch. We promised we would take care of you and that's what I plan to do."

 You nodded slowly, watching Arthur smile slightly towards you. "How about you go on ahead. Reese will be out with you in a moment and I'll prepare some tea for when you come back inside."

 Smiling, you ran out the door and started playing in the snow that built up overnight. Iain was standing on the deck, with an overhang which left the snow from piling up on it, smoking a cigarette. He sighed as you ran past him, spraying cold snow on him.

 You began to throw yourself into the snow, the first time you've ever been this close to it. All your life, you had been sitting in an orphanage, watching as the snow fell and laying frozen in bed without heat.

 When Arthur adopted you, he promised that he would allow you to play in the snow when it first fell. He wasn't going to go back on that one promise you wanted him to keep.

 There were other children outside but you tended to ignore them. You began to ball up snow and rolling it in the white sheet left behind from last night. A snowball flew over and hit you in the head, a chorus of laughs coming from a group of kids in the neighborhood. You ignored them but Iain's attention was definitely caught.

 "Hey kid! Why you playin' by yourself!?" One of them cried out to you. Still you ignored them. "Are you deaf!? Then I guess you won't hear me when I say your parents are a bunch of fags!"

 Your head turned, now glaring at them. Iain doused the end of his cigarette, now watching diligently. "What did you say about them...!?"

 "Mama said they're a bunch of gays!" The kid hissed. "Your family is messed up!"

 "No they're not...!"

 "Awww! Is the baby gunna cry!?" The children howled with laughter, one of them scooping up a ball of snow and tossing it right into your face, causing you to collapse in the snow, crying in pain.

 Iain quickly went out to you, stepping between you and the group of children,"Oi! Git oot o' 'ere ye wee shits!"

 The group fled quickly as Iain got the snow off of your face and helped stand you up. It was obvious where it hit, there was a big red mark on your face where it hit. Reese stepped outside, seeing Iain over by you and turning in to call Arthur and Seamus out.

 You wrapped your arms around Iain's neck, pressing your frozen cheek against his warm shirt while letting tears spill. He took off your hood and hat, slinging the hat over his shoulder and then holding your head in place. "Tis okay. They're gaen..."

 Arthur came over, taking you in his arms. Quickly, you began struggling to go back to Iain to which he obliged. "Iain, what the bloody hell happened in the three minutes we left her alone!?"

 "A group o' kids cam ower 'n' stairted chucking snowballs at her." He hissed, trying to remain calm as to not upset you more.

 Arthur sighed, looking at the rest of his older brothers. "How about we get her inside. Maybe some tea will calm her down."

 The three agreed and carried you in while Iain tired his best to calm you down. Once inside, he set you on your feet and helped you take off all your snow gear. You stifled, looking sadly towards him.

 He pulled you closer, giving you a kiss on your forehead. Arthur came in and helped you before lifting you into his arms and carrying you to the kitchen where he had a cup of hot tea waiting for you.

 You didn't bother taking it, looking over at Arthur. "What does 'fag' mean...?"

 " depends on how you use the word..." He said with a small smile. "Who taught you that word...?"

 "The kids outside called everyone fags..." His eyes widened. "A-And I know it's not a nice thing..."

 "They were calling us gay..." He whispered, going over to you. He lifted you onto his lap and held you close,"Don't ever use that word against someone. It's a very hurtful word...I'm going to have to go and talk to those children's parents later about this."

 You nodded, taking the tea and sipping it lightly. Arthur gently combed your (h/c) hair as you tried to warm up. His arms remained wrapped around you, his voice trying to calm you.

 Once you had finished, you climbed down and went into the living room. The other three were sitting on the couch and their eyes quickly darted to your small figure. Slowly, you approached them and climbed up, sitting on Iain's lap.

 He seemed bewildered at first-he really wasn't the best with children and everyone knew it-wanting nothing more than to move you off his lap. Still, he gently guided his arms around your form and held you close to him.

 Arthur sat down, watching his eldest brother with a keen eye. He gave a glance back showing slight anger in his misjudgment. Reese gently massaged your shoulders gently. Seamus stood up to go out for a smoke.

 Iain handed you over to Reese, stroking your hair once before joining Seamus outside. Arthur sat beside Reese, holding his arms out. He shook his head, kicking Arthur away and holding you farther from him.

 "You need a break." Reese said softly, holding you close and stroking your hair gently. He smiled and sat up, looking down at you to see you completely asleep.

 Standing up, he carried you up to your room to lay you down. He laid you on the bed, covering you up with the sheets and kissing your cheek before leaving you by yourself to rest.


 When you awoke, you noticed it was late, the sun set. Getting out of bed, you went downstairs to see everyone eating. Scampering to your seat, you smiled while Arthur gave you a bowl of soup. You smiled, thanked him and began eating.

 Everyone waited for you to finish eating before going to clean the dishes. You tried your best but needed help to bring the plates over. Arthur lifted you up and smiled, kissing your forehead.

 He brought you to the living room, putting your jacket on once more. "Do you want to play outside for awhile longer? All the other children went to bed already and the snow began falling again."

 Nodding, you let him zip up your coat and waited as everyone else began dressing themselves. You waited for Iain, clutching onto his shirt as he prepared to go outside.

 Once he had finished, the five of you went out. Iain and Seamus stayed on the deck, pulling out cigarettes and lighters and watching as you ran around in the snow, making angels as fresh flakes fell on your face.

 Arthur fell beside you, creating an angel beside yours. When you pulled away, he stifled a laugh. It was a mess but he smiled,"Very beautiful love."

 "So is yours Arthur!" You beamed, looking towards his with a smile.

 Reese picked up a pile of snow and chucked it at the back of Arthur's head, making Seamus break out in a laughing fit, dropping his cigarette in the snow below. Iain held a grin on his face himself.

 Arthur put you down, scooping up a pile of snow and throwing it right into Seamus' face. "Yer damn eejit!"

 He scooped up accumulated snow off the railing and threw a snowball right back. Iain joined in, chucking one painfully where it hurts. Arthur collapsed in the snow, trying to ignore the frozen pain.

 You went over, patting his shoulder gently before taking snow off the ground and trying to throw it. Using too much momentum, you ended up falling flat on your face in the snow.

 Seamus was the first to your side, helping you out of the snow. "Ye gran'?" Nodding, you wiped the tears from your eyes. He smiled, trying to make you feel better as he brushed the snow and tears away. "Yer belt Reese."

 Looking over, you saw you did hit him. He was brushing away snow on his jacket, looking towards you with a small smile on his face. You held onto Seamus as he lifted you up, brushing off the rest of the snow on your outfit.

 He carried you to Reese, handing you over, ruffling your (h/c) and leaving in the house. They all went inside, getting you prepared for a warm shower and then tucking you into bed.

 Looking at the four surrounding your bed, you smiled. Iain and Seamus ruffled your hair gently, giving you a smile and a 'good night.' Reese kissed your forehead gently, putting your hair back into place.

 Arthur came over, tucking you in and gave you a hug and gentle kiss on the forehead. "Good night love...if you want, we can go back in the snow in the morning." You nodded, shutting your (e/c) eyes. "Sleep well..."

 "I love you..." You mumbled before they left. "I love all of you."

 "We love yer too." Seamus murmured with a smile in his voice before the lights went off.
The fifth day of Christmas~
Five golden rings!

I'm still not telling you when the depressing reader goes up! >:3

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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