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February 20, 2012
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  "________!" The usually silent and sleepy nation raised his voice in anger beyond your imagination. You sat with your head hung, letting the words sink in. "I cannot begin to imagine what was going through your head when you went and did that! But either way, it happened...What the hell were you thinking!?"

  "I thought you just-"

  You squeaked the partial sentence out a bit but quickly got cut off by Greece once more. "I don't know what, I just don't care. That wouldn't ever understand _________.  He's so...I hate him so much! I don't want you talking to that snake-in-the-grass Turkey again!"

  "Now wait a minute!" You finally managed to raise your voice. "I don't care what you think about him, he's a really nice guy! And you know what, I like him! I don't give half a crap what you-"

  "I want you to listen now." Greece said, shrinking you back down to size. "I don't want you to say his name in this house as long as you're in it. Alright!?"

  You nodded, unable to say anything else as you heard Greece sigh. "What am I going to do with you..." Was all he said before leaving you alone in your room, even shutting the lights off behind him while doing so.

  The only reaction you had was placing your head on your knees and crying out silently in the dark. This was the first time you've ever been scolded by Greece. This was apparently even worse than when you lost his favorite cat since even then, he didn't snap.

  Playing with the red tulip which had been destroyed when Greece snatched you away, a petal fell off and fell delicately to the floor. 'Why did you have to ruin everything Greece...?'


  Turkey sighed, laying himself out in his own bed. The only thing he was thinking of was your torn and tear-stained face as you were pulled away painfully by the wrist.

  He wondered how you were handling everything right now. Greece wasn't really one to raise his temper much, but when it came to him, he knew that things might get pretty tough for you.

  Removing the mask from his face and placing it beside him, he looked up at the ceiling and trying to keep you out of his mind, but it obviously failed miserably. The only thing he could think of was your (h/l)(h/c) hair when it was blowing through the breeze and your peaceful face which was simply being soaked by sunlight which made your (e/c) eyes shimmer.

  He sat up a bit, trying to remove the image from his mind before deciding,"I need a drink..."


  The next morning, you woke up in the same cloths you were in yesterday and your eyes were still a bit red from crying last night. You yawned as you wiped the tired tears from your eyes.

  The door opened slightly,"_-________...?" Greece's voice echoed silently through your silent room. "Are you awake...?"

  "Y-yea..." You mumbled as he came into view at your doorway.

  "Look...________ about last night..." He said, taking a seat beside you on your bed. "I'm's just...I hate him...and seeing you with him..."

  "I understand..." You said, wanting to cry again. "Do you need me to go out? Do you need anything?"

  "No. I want you to stay here." He sighed, standing up once more,"I know you're sorry about what you did, but it doesn't change anything. I'm confining you to your room."

  You knew there wasn't anything you could say or do to go against him, so you crossed your arms and nodded. As soon as he left, you took the change and decided the risk it all. Turning to the window in your room, you threw open the blinds and unhatched the lock as silently as you could.

  Sliding the window open, the warm morning air hit your face and brushed past. Slipping out, you shut the blinds before shutting the window behind and sighed. Something was telling you to stay. Maybe it was the fear of having Greece drag you back by the hair this time. But you couldn't worry.

  You have had enough of being ordered around by Greece. 'So he doesn't like Turkey now...does he?' You thought to yourself. 'Well, he's about to gain a new enemy.'


  After a long day of tirelessly traveling, you were almost sure you had made it to the right home. Walking up to the doorway, the weight of the entire day started collecting on your shoulders.

  Standing for a few moments, you thought about just turning around and leaving. Maybe Greece wouldn't be too upset if you brought back something for him...or better yet, his cats.

  Though, it was probably too late now. So at that point, you balled your hands up and knocked on the door.


  Hearing the knocking at his door, Turkey sat himself up a bit.

  "Is someone there sir?" A young nation known as Northern Cyprus entered the room, rubbing his tired and weary brown eyes. His voice was void of emotions as usual.

  Turkey sighed,"Go back to sleep. I'll deal with whoever it is."

  The small child obeyed him without question as Turkey lifted himself off the couch, expecting something completely different than what he would open the door up to.

  He shut his eyes and threw open the door,"Listen, whoever you are I-" He opened his eyes slightly to see you standing there, looking awfully weary. As you go to say something, you collapsed. Luckily enough, Turkey caught you before you even hit the ground. "What the hell are you doing here...?" He asked out loud.

  He couldn't deny you obviously. So instead, he took you inside and laid you own on the couch as the sound of small feet rebounded through the room as Northern Cyprus entered once more. "Who is that?"

  Turkey sighed once more. "Just go to bed...I'll explain in the morning."

  But rather than obeying Turkey as he usually would, he walked up beside him and peered at your face. "She's really pretty." He said, brushing some strands of (h/l)(h/c) hair from your (s/c) face with much care. He looked curiously at his idol. "Do you like her?"

  Turkey took the small childish nation into his arms,"I said bed..." He said quite firmly to the young nation before setting him on the ground, ruffling his dark brown hair and urging him towards the direction of his room. With that, he scurried off towards his bedroom.

  Turkey sat beside you for a moment, thinking about what you were probably doing here and his first thought shot towards Greece. 'He obviously had something to do with this.' He thought, trying not to get worked up.

  You turned slightly, your hand landing onto his slightly. Turkey stood up and exited the room quickly, coming back with a silk blanket in hand, dyed red. Placing it over your torso, he kissed your forehead and turned the lights off behind you, leaving you to sleep peacefully through the night.


  Waking up the next morning, you found yourself to be inside under the most elegant silk blanket over your torso. You scanned it and played with the fabric with much care.

  "Excuse me ma'am." A sudden, monotonic voice made you jump in your spot. Turning your head slightly, you see a young boy standing beside you. He had curious amber eyes and dark brown hair with olive skin much like Turkey's. He wore pajamas, making him look sweet and adorable, but he held no expression,"Who are you?"

  A bit dumbfounded, you smiled to glaze things over,"M-my name is _________...and who might you be?"

  "My name is The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus...but you can just call me Northern Cyprus for short." You went to speak, but he cut you short,"Turkey is the only nation to recognize me as a nation myself. And you better not do anything to him or I'll never forgive you."

  "U-um..." You smiled a bit more gently,"I-I promise I won't do anything to-"

  "Please Cyprus...leave her's too early..." Looking over, you noticed a drowsy Turkish man made his way out of his room and up to the two of you. His face was covered once more.

  Northern Cyprus pouted before leaving,"She'd better not do anything bad to you..."

  You smiled a bit sheepishly but it quickly vanished. "I...I guess I have a lot of explaining....and I'm probably in big trouble...aren't I?"

  He sat you up a bit, pulling your body closer to his,"Not at all!" He said rather enthusiastically,"I just want to know why you were passing out at my doorstep and midnight."

  "O-oh...well..." Your eyes watered up slightly,"G-Greece...he got really mad at me...and punished me by keeping me in my room a-and he told me never talk to you again...!"

  He held you closer now. "Hey...look. Why don't you come stay with me? Live here with me."

  "B-but Greece...!?"

  "Forget that scumbag." He said simply with a grin on his face. "Stay here with me...Please?"

  You smiled slightly, giggling a bit and leaning your head on his shoulder. "Fine. I'll stay, I'll stay."

  "Great!" He said with an energetic tone before kissing your lips in a swift and passionate second before standing himself up,"And the first thing we're doing is calling up Greece and rubbing his nose in it!"
So yea...

I added in a new character...

Yea, he's an actual character but his hair color is made up since he really doesn't have an official hair color.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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