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February 8, 2013
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 You carefully sat the Swede down on his bed, removing his cloak and hat then moving the sword to his side. Rolling his sleeves up, you sighed at the new injuries and looked away. "You're constantly fighting...we're still young countries, we shouldn't be fighting like this..."

 His eyes averted yours, making you sigh. Getting up, you went back to get some bandages and returned to his side. Slowly, you wrapped up the injuries and remained calm.

 You knew how he was, very stoic and not easily able to express his feelings. "I can make you something to eat if you want..." He grunted which you took as a 'sure.' Just slightly, you tightened the bandage, making him flinch. "S-Sorry..."

 He stood up, simply gliding past you and leaving you by your lonesome once more. It was normal. The others would leave for hours minus Finland and Iceland but with the Finnish boy growing strong and getting more eager to fight, you'd end up a housewife in the end.

 Getting off the ground, you laid yourself on Sweden's bed and curled up on the sheets. Putting his warm covers over your shoulders, you began to nod off. By the time the Sweden had reentered, you were deeply asleep from exhaustion.

 For a moment, he stood shocked, his face beginning to burn. Going over to where you lay he tried to awaken you to no avail. He shook your shoulder and mumbled out to you but nothing awoke you.

 "She's a heavy sleeper." Someone said from behind him, making him flinch in shock. Norway stood there, holding his infant brother in his arms. "You know that ______________ works hard for our sakes. I can see the way you look at her too. You care about her a lot, don't you?"

 Looking back towards your face, he gently brushed your cheek. Sighing, he submissively nodded. "Why don't you try expression your feelings better? Also if you're thinking something, say it. You keep scaring Finland by staring at him so intensely when you think."

 The Norwegian left, cradling his sibling in his arms. Diverting his attention back to you, he blushed. 'She looks really cute when she's asleep...' His face immediately heated up. 'I can't say that out loud though...! It's too embarrassing...!'

 You shifted, groaning slightly as you did. Unable to do much else, he stripped off his shoes and quickly dressed himself in sleepwear. He made sure to do so quickly while making sure you weren't waking up.

 Quickly, he slipping into bed beside you, blowing the candle lit up beside you out and submerging you both in darkness. 'Say what I think...huh...? I can't...just flat-out say what I think...'


 And like that, Finland was gone too. Now you were singlehandedly watching over Iceland. "I can fight too guys..." You whispered, looking out towards the four figures. "I don't care that I'm a girl...I can still fight..."

 "_____________?" Turning around, you spied the little Icelandic boy behind you, holding his arms out. "Carry me."

 Taking him in your arms, you sighed softly. "You wanna to with big brother and the others, don't you?"

 "Yeah," you whispered, stroking his hair. "It's okay though. I much rather take care of you...and the house and everything for when they get back..."

 He nodded, relaxing in your arms. "I'm going to go out for awhile...I need to collect some berries..."

 "I wanna take a nap."

 You nodded, laying him down. "If I'm not back...send a letter on Mr. Puffin. I know you know how to write, right?" He nodded once more, resting his head against your chest.

 You gave him a peck on the forehead and quickly dashed to your room. Going underneath your bed, you pulled out a sword, the blade so fresh and clean. Running outside, you went into the woods and quickly found a branch far from home. And began hacking at it. Again. And again. And again.

 For about an hour you did this, creating slash marks in the trees, wiping yourself out and breathing out all your frustration. Eventually, you snapped and stopped to scream. "Why am I being treated like a wife!? I'm a country! I can help fight too! I'm strong and yet I'm taking care of Iceland all day!"

 With that, you collapsed in a heap of tears, falling to the ground with the blade missing your face. In anger, you grabbed it and quickly grabbed the back of your long (h/c) hair and sliced virtually all of it off. Tears continued to slide down your face until you laid your head down on the ground and fell asleep, your hands bleeding and cut hair around you.


 "Hey Sweden!" Finland called the boy over. "We just got a letter from Iceland! He says that _____________'s gone missing!"

 He quickly snatched the letter from the Finnish boy and scanned the sloppy words on the letter once more before dropping it and bolting off. "Hey Sweden!"

 "What got into him?" Denmark questioned, looking towards the Finnish boy.

 "_____________'s missing..." Finland muttered. "I'm sure he's going to find her..."


 Sweden was dashing as quickly as he could to get back to where he left you. It took a few hours, the sun already setting by the time he made it back home. He ran into the woods, clutching onto the handle of his sword in case someone was around.

 After a few minutes of searching, he noticed one of the trees had cut marks and approached it cautiously. Before he could make it, he tripped over something and looked back to see it was you.

 Gathering himself up, he went to your side and began examining you. Your hands were raw and most of your hair was chopped off and scattered around you. Shaking your shoulder, he tried to get you up swiftly.

 Groaning, you opened your (e/c) eyes up (still slightly red and puffy) to see the Swede sitting in front of you with worry written on his face. He silently helped you up, grabbing your sword and walking you away.

 Tears slowly fell once more. You hadn't meant to leave the poor Icelandic child by himself for so long. Sweden wiped your tears and continued to walk you to the house.

 "I want to fight..." You whimpered, looking towards him. "Why can't I? I'm a country...I'm strong..."

 He didn't look towards you but simply helped you until you were in the house where he laid you on the ground slowly. Quickly, he ran to his room, grabbing the first-aid kit on his nightstand and returned to you, seeing you curled up in place, shaking.

 Slowly, he lifted you up and carried you to the couch before laying you down on the cushions and resting your head on a pillow. Taking your hands within his, he silently assessed the damage and then began to slowly dab them with a cloth, ignoring your obvious pain.

 'Why would you go and do something so stupid!?' He thought angrily to himself, glaring at you in the meanwhile without realizing he wasn't forming words. 'You shouldn't have left Iceland by himself! And for what? You hurt yourself over nothing!'

 Tears escaped your eyes and you pulled away. Sweden flinched, noticing you shaking and crying once more. A softer expression replaced his glare, his hand squeezing your shoulder gently.

 Cringing, you stayed still for a moment before looking towards him. He took a deep breath before standing up and leaving you, making more tears surface. A moment passed before you stood up, finishing wrapping your injuries and headed towards the door again, clutching your sword but letting the blade go against the ground.

 Someone grabbed your shoulder and sharply tugged you back. Instinctively, you swung the blade back, grazing Sweden's cheek and a thin line of blood came trickling down. He pressed a hand to it but his eyes narrowed towards you. "St'p! Wh't's wr'ng!?"

 Once more, you threw your sword at him. Quickly, he pulled his out, deflecting it and tossing it from your hands as you collapsed in his arms. Sitting on the ground, he looked at your angered yet saddened face. Lifting you up, he carried you back into his room and laid you in his bed.

 He patched his cheek up and laid down beside you, hugging you close as you slept. His arms stayed protectively around you, his chin atop your (h/c) hair as he slowly began to fall asleep.


 The alarm clock blaring in the room made you awake with a groan. "Ber...can you turn it off..."

 He grumbled as well, turning it off as you clung closed to him and nestled to go back to sleep. "N' ____________...y'need t' g' t' w'rk..."

 "I don't wanna...!" You whined, yawning and shutting your eyes once more as you rested on his chest. "Call my boss and tell him I'm sick...! My economy is already bad enough...he might believe it..."

 The Swedish man moved, making your head flop on the sheet. "J'st sleep th'n. 'll c'll y'ur b'ss..."

 Grabbing his hand, you forced him to sit down. You pulled yourself up and pressed your lips against his. He kissed back gently, cupping your face. When you pulled away, he had a small smile twitching the edges of his lips. "Love you. Good morning Berwald..."

 "Y'ur h'ppy th's m'rnin'. S'm'th'n' h'pp'n'?"

 "I just dreamt about us is all..." You whispered, kissing his cheek again. "I just love you so much Berwlad..."

 He turned away, his cheeks tinted pink. "L've y' too..."
I've seen a lot of variations of the Nordics as Vikings and fighting as children in their early teens.
I love Sweden
So adorable.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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