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November 15, 2012
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 It's been about a week since you've been taken by Russia. On your side, you were beaten and bloodied, still hanging in there. As far as you know, nations don't die unless their entire population was taken out.

 The other side, however, was now formulating a plot to get you back with one strike. Fresh batches of troops recently came in from other countries, all prepared and ready to fight.

 Switzerland, even though being asked to rest by Liechtenstein multiple times, helped out in any way he could. And although he loved his little sister dearly, he was going to be the one to find you.

 Countless nights were spent sleepless, staying up because he couldn't deal with the worry in his mind. He took the energy away by trying to figure where the Russian may have taken you.

 In his mind, he could see what the Russian might've done to you. And he swore on his life if Russia did anything to hurt you, he'd beat his ass to the next millennium.

 Though his worry was much out of place. You were holding up fine aside from the regular beatings and being fed the disgusting slop (known as England's scones).

 Whenever the Russian threatened you, you would turn what he said into a joke to piss him off. Usually, he would just leave you alone after that. Sometimes, he'd strike you but then you'd show no pain.

 At nights, you would lay asleep on the ground, trying not to freeze to death as the temperatures went down to below freezing. Still, you tried to make the best of things. Other people from your country who were captured and brought here spoke with you.

 All of you shared tales and none of the guards ever tried to stop anyone. They saw no harm in small tales anyway. Some even shared their own. When Russia came, everything was quiet. And you really hated that.

 Until one day, Russia came in looking innocent as ever. Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia were standing behind him, all quivering in fear. Russia lifted you up by the scruff of your shirt and showed you his face. "You're coming back with me to Moscow where we assume your surrender."

 "Y-Yeah? And what if I don't?" You growled back.

 There was no change regarding the child-like smile on his face. "If Mother Russia has to blow your country off the map to kill you, I can easily do that without any regret."

 "Mr.Russia-"  One of the Baltics started but when Russia turned around to face them, they instantly swallowed their words.

 "Do you understand me ____________?"

 "Yes." You hissed as he threw you back. "I understand completely. And I'd rather die then surrender anything to you! Besides, you blow me up, you loose potential land!"

 He smiled and shut the door, submerging you in darkness once more. "You have five hours to decide before I cart you off to the mother country."


 Switzerland was among the lines of soldiers, Hungary standing beside him. "Mr.Austria apologizes for not being able to send anyone in but his economy has been very bad recently."

 "Is that so," Switzerland said, unable to muster up a happier tone.

 Hungary rested a hand on his shoulder. "Don't you worry. Our spies have told us that she's been locked up nearby. We'll get her back if it's the last thing we do."

 He nodded and prepared to storm in where you lay. In a moment, the two armies would clash and the nations would go to find you wherever you were being held.

 As if on cue, a bullet rung out ahead. The lines began scattering, Switzerland and Hungary falling back before sneaking around the fighting undetected. Once in the base, they split up, knowing the next wave was well on their way.

 Switzerland kept his senses high and his gun at his side in any case of danger. He quickly found a makeshift fortified fortress and knocked the guards out before slipping in. Once inside, he began calling your name.

 Hearing the Swiss' voice, your head perked up off the ground. "Vash...? Vash! Is that you Vash?"

 He began to follow your voice until he found you laying in a cell, dried blood covering new wounds and your uniform torn to pieces. His face paled at the condition you were in. Bursting into the cell you were held in, he knelt beside you and brushed the hair from your face, crusted in redish-brown crusty blood.

 When you saw his face, you smiled. "I'm fine Vash...I just w-wanna go home a-and lay down..."

 He nodded, lifting you up into his arm bridal-style and allowing you to rest beside him. As you were brought back outside, you began to nod off in his arms now feeling safe and comfortable.

 "Elizabeta! I've got her! Fall back!" He yelled as soon as you stepped out. A cry came back before you were carried away once more.

 Your fringes wrapped around the fabric of Switzerland's jacket. "Ivan...said he was g-gunna blow my country up...and kill me..."

 "We don't have that kind of power..." He murmured. "Only our bosses can decide that kind of fate. Even then, it might not happen. So don't worry about dying..."

 You nodded and fell asleep in his arms.
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