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November 14, 2012
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 Switzerland looked over towards the female nation that lay asleep to his left, her head rested on the dirt of the trenches which were now covered in frost. Odds were that it would be snowing anytime soon.

 As she breathed, her breath was visible and her body shook in frozen fear. He sighed and moved closed, holding her body close to his warmer one. She wasn't that used to cold weather, or even war for that.

 How this whole mess started was that Russia was trying to invade her country, believing she was still young. Unluckily, she had grown to appear as the age of (age) and she wasn't about to let him take over without a fight.

 Switzerland, who would otherwise remain neutral, threw himself in the guard her. She told him not to but at this point, she needed any help she could get. A few other nations were on the brink about joining your side but have yet to topple. Any bigger nation would be any help at this point.

 Switzerland wrapped his arms around her, blushing and scowling while asking himself why he was doing this. Although he knew why. There was a small part of him that had strong feelings about her.

 Bringing his arms around her, he rubbed her shoulders, trying to warm her up in her sleep. A few soldiers came out, relieving them of their guard duties and telling them to go to sleep.

 He nodded and lifted the frozen person off the ground, carrying her bridal-style into the bunker they had constructed when they dug out the trenches. Many people lay strewn on the ground asleep. Switzerland climbed over them and laid her down before putting his weapon beside her and resting beside her.

 Switzerland pulled her body close to his, trying to offer some extra warmth. In a moment, she gripped onto his military-grade uniform and groaned. Shutting his green eyes, he kissed her forehead gently. "Don't worry _________...I promise that nothing will happen to you..."


 Your (e/c) eyes opened up softly to the morning light, hazed by clouds, streaming through the cracks in the door of the bunker you lay in. Switzerland was sleeping peacefully, his face for once not twisted in anger but relaxed and peaceful.

 Giggling, you snuggled closer and rested your head by his chest, trying not to wake him up. From where you lay, you could hear his heart beating strongly and steadily.

 A few minutes passed before someone came in and came over to you. Assuming it was someone was coming to wake you and stand guard once more, you went to lift yourself up.

 A pair of hands roughly grabbed you, covering your mouth and pulling you up into their arms. When you tried to scream, they covered your hand. They had strength on their side, easily able to stifle any attempts to squirm away.

 "You can't leave now sunflower. I'll make sure of that." That voice. You knew it almost all too well. Russia. "Come on now. I'll make sure that you don't escape me again."

 Without thinking, you bit on his hand, causing him to release your hand long enough for you to scream and wake everyone in there up. Switzerland shot up in his spot, his eyes quickly connected to your worried ones.

 Before he could even get up, you were shoved out the door into the arms of a Russian soldier, bounded and head covered while being moved away. You stayed silent, trying to listen in to those who spoke.

 Eventually you were shoved into a room of some sort, crashing into the ground and curling up sadly. Tears came to your eyes, making the cloth over your head cold and wet.

 After a long time, your eyes began to shut. Someone entered where you were and pulled the hood off, yanking your (h/c) hair as well in the meanwhile. You didn't complain and looked up to meet violet eyes. "How are you doing?"

 "I hate you Ivan..." You spit, giving him a hard glare. "I just want this whole war to end while we have the chance."

 "Sorry." He said with a childish smile. He opened up his coat and pulled out a metal pipe. "You won't be seeing any of your friends again after today. Mother Russia owns you now."

 He lifted the metal up. The last thing you could do before he struck your head and knocked you out, was crumbled up into a ball and flinch.


 Switzerland sat in the bunker in shock. He hadn't really moved from that spot for a few days. The soldiers had brought rations over to him, hoping maybe he would eat something or take a drink.

 Many other nations at this time had heard about how the Russian managed to sneak behind the lines and stole you in the morning while nearly everyone was asleep. Some had even offered to come join in.

 Now, more people were gearing up to join Switzerland, some including Hungary, Austria and Germany. Still, he felt like this was his fault. If he hadn't fallen asleep or woken up earlier, maybe he would've gotten to you.

 A soldier came in, clasping his shoulder and handing him an open can of beans. "Reinforcements are said to be coming in as soon as tomorrow sir. Try to hang in there, she'll be back."

 The Swiss nodded and began picking weakly at his food. Even if it was true, he didn't know how long you could last in a room alone with the Russian, especially after going against him.

 After a long while of eating, he finally stood up and went out to where the other soldiers were keeping watch. "I'll keep watch with you until the next group arrives."

 "Don't overexert yourself." One of them said with a hint of sarcasm, punching his shoulder lightly. "She won't wanna come back and see you in pieces."

 "Yeah, whatever..." He muttered back, feeling a slight pang of happiness returning to him.
Part one of a three-part commission for :iconestherbunnyfoofoo:

Sorry about the inactivity. ^^;

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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Somewhereoverhere Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
Not saying that I want it to, but still. That should've been a lethal blow to the head. :(
Somewhereoverhere Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Ivan's METAL PIPE should have killed reader-chan? :I
TrollingGirl93 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
Noooo, i don't want reader-tan to be kiddnapped!!! OAO
Nice first part :D but now, I'm going for the second part ^^
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Thanks. ^^
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animefreeak2233 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
These are those rare moment where I want to hit Russia upside the head with HIS lead pipe >.<
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