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August 31, 2012
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  Running was all you could do now. For days on end now, you have been experimentation lab you grew up in. The only knowledge you had was that you were somewhere in Europe.

  After long, extensive travels, you now knew you were either in Switzerland or Austria. You were located somewhere in the alps, making you come to the conclusion that you must've been in one of the bordering countries.

  Cuts and bruises new and old littered your skin from the lab assistants and from running away. Your body was shaking terribly from exhaustion, hunger and mental fatigue.

  Hoping that you could find some refuge in a pen full of sheep and sleep, you creeped onto someone's property, avoiding the signs written in German saying to keep out.

  Meer seconds after setting foot on the lawn, you heard the cocking of a gun and turned your head. A blond man stood there with anger flaring in his emerald eyes. "Who are you!? Why are you on my land!?"

  You creeped away slowly, trying your best to hide the only indications of your mutations. He aimed the barrel at you and without second thought, fired a bullet into your leg, causing you to crumple on the ground in tears.

  He ran over, looking at you with relentless eyes and holding the loaded shotgun in hand. The second his eyes scanned your already damaged body, he froze, dropping the gun at his feet and falling to his knees to help you.

  Looking at your leg, he sighed in relief that it only grazed, narrowly missing your main artery. The man pulled off (rather, he ripped off) a part of his cloths and wrapped it around the bleeding wound, applying pressure against it to keep any more from spilling.

  A young lady stood outside the back of the house, looking upon you both with concern in her eyes. She quickly approached the two of you, her hair and eye color remotely similar to the man's in front of you.

  Picking you up, the man began to talk to the girl beside him in a calm voice but all of it sounded like gibberish. Reaching up weakly, you wrapped your arms around his neck and snuggled close, receiving and odd look from him.

  A small smile made it's way to your lips, even a tear or two escaping. These people, aside from shooting you seemed rather good at heart. Both of them seemed like a small sliver of hope to you.

  Out of your control, your tail twitched which obviously shocked the man. He looked down at your now broken and tired expression, saying something in a soft voice that you couldn't comprehend.

  You allowed your cat ears to poke out from your (h/c) hair, earning another expression of surprise from him. The young lady looked as well, speaking to her assumed brother once more. Odds are, they would send you back.

  With tears now spilling and your consciousness slowly fading, you managed to say five words. "Please...don't take m-me back..."


  The sunlight streaming in your eyes awoke you from a peaceful sleep. You were laying on a couch, a warm blanket covering over your body. Sitting up, you felt a pain shoot through you leg, causing you to squeak in surprise.

  "You shouldn't be sitting up," A soft, feminine voice spoke from across the room. It was the young lady from before, a tray of food in her hands. "Big brother doesn't want you hurting yourself any more."

  She came beside you, laying the fresh food on your lap. You just stared blankly towards the meal, a few slices of French toast and orange juice. The girl piped up once more,"If you're not hungry, it's okay. I just thought you would want something when you woke up."

  You picked up a fork and started prodding at it. Sure, you were starving but you didn't know if they put something in there that would knock you out long enough for them to bring you back. Looking back up at the girl, you could real the tears welling up.

  Her hands quickly cupped your face, wiping the tears away before they could spill. "I-If you don't like it, I could make something else. I'm guessing you don't like French toast then."

  Hanging your head, you looked back at the food, your mouth nearly watering at the scent alone. She picked up the fork and knife, taking a piece of food and sticking it into her mouth.

  With her doing so, you felt safer and began to eat willingly, even going so far as to ask for more. The girl nodded and quickly got you more, allowing you to finish in piece before taking the tray away and allowing you to finish off the OJ.

  "What happened to you? Not only with just the cat ears but..." Her hand gripped softly onto yours, rubbing the top of it with the gentle pad of her thumb.

  "I-I was taken away when I was born..." You muttered, clenching onto her hand. "They did this to me...put a tail and ears on me...forced me to run around like a mouse in a maze...beat me...I-I..."

  Tears finally spilled without any end near. You felt so weak and helpless but it was nice to mentally release all that stress. The girl pulled you closer, stroking the back of your (h/c) head.

  "Lili, what's wrong?" The man who shot you was standing there, curious emotions dancing in her eyes. "Why is she upset?"

  "I-I'm fine..." You muttered loud enough for him to hear. "I-I just need to...I just need a minute to calm down..."

  The man came over, sitting beside you on the couch and just waited. It took a few moments for you to calm down, all the stress leaving your mind. "We..." The man beside you started softly before continuing. "We won't bring you back. It's obvious whoever did this to you...and if anyone comes here to look for you, I'll be sure to get them out as soon as possible."

  Nodding, you couldn't help but throw your arms around his neck, resting your face in his shoulder. The girl who you presumed was Lili giggled behind you, making you look up at the man's face. You stifled a laugh yourself, noting that his face was beat-red.

  "Thank you...thank you both so much..." You said happily in a low tone. "M-My name is ___________...I gave the name to myself...if not, I would've been experiment #329476..."

  "My name is Lili," The girl said softly, giving a sweet smile,"And this is my big brother, Vash. Nice to meet you ___________." She had a genuine note of care in her voice.

  "Y-You're probably tired still..." Vash said softly, his face still glowing red. "I-I think you should rest up...I-I mean, if that's what you want and all...a-and I should probably apologize for shooting at you. How does your leg feel...?"

  "It's fine. Thanks." Again, his face turned about twenty shades darker. "Vash, are you feeling okay?"

  "F-Fine..." He muttered, brushing your hair. "J-Just try and get some sleep."


  "You need to wake up!" Vash's voice snapped once more as he tried to pull you out of bed. Clutching your sheets closer together, you groaned. He grabbed the edge of the sheet and pulled them from under you, throwing you to the ground.

  Sighing, you looked up towards him, anger in his green eyes. "Vaaaaash! You're such a pain..."

  "You promised you would help out after you got better! So you're helping out! No free rides! No exceptions!"

  Getting up off the cold floor, you looked him dead in the eye and smiled. Before he could even breath, your lips were pressed against his. For a moment, you stayed that way before pulling away.

  You walked out of the room, giggling to yourself and licking your lips. "That's why I love you Vash." You looked over your shoulder with a cute smile,"Cheapskate."
I know, I know...she asked for a Switzerland reader but I made you a neko...

Commission for :iconrachelbellum:

I don't own you or Hetalia!

P.S. I think (not that many people will even know the anime) I may accept commishes for characters on Kuroko no Basket.
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