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May 29, 2012
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  Sweden walked through the living room, spying you curled up on the couch with a sweatshirt covering less than half your body. You had been living with him for a good amount of time now. Though, he seemed to suspect that you were afraid of him.

  Today, there was a world meeting and as suspected, you came home completely tired out from the hectic change of pace. Ladonia was sleeping peacefully in his room and Sealand was with Finland for the week.

  Sweden sighed a bit, taking the small sweatshirt off your shoulders before taking his jacket off and laying it over you. The navy blue jacket covered all of your body with extra cloth near the end.

  Kneeling beside you, he placed a hand softly on your cheek and kissed your forehead before leaving you to go to his own room. He took off his blazer and threw it on a chair which sat crookedly beside a desk piled high with paperwork. He undid his black tie a bit and unbuttoned his shirt a bit on the top before sitting on the edge of his bed.

  Looking to his right, he spotted Hanatamago curled up in a little fluffy ball of white fur. He extended his arm a bit, using his pointer finger to stroke the small dog's fur without disturbing him in his sleep.

  Sweden stood up once more, taking off his undershirt and tie before changing from dress pants and socks (he discarded his shoes when he walked in) with pajama pants before laying down in his own bed.

  Taking off his glasses and laying them on a nightstand to the side, he laid on his back staring at the ceiling. He gently guided Hanatamago under his arm, offering him some protection before shutting his light green-blue eyes in a state of slight comfort.


  About an hour or so later, you awoke rather warm. On your shoulders, you noticed Sweden's navy blue jacket was resting on top of you. Smiling at the kind gesture, you got up, leaving the coat wrapped around your shoulders as you scuffled through the hall.

  You made it to your room, changing out of your cloths and changing into your pajamas. Going back into the hall, you kept the jacket over your shoulders with the hopes that you could give it back to Sweden before he fell asleep.

  When you passed by his room, you noticed that his door was slightly hanging ajar on its hinges. Poking your head in the dark room, you saw Sweden underneath the blankets, his chest rising and falling in deep slumber.

  Ignoring the fact that you were breaking into his room (sorta), you walked towards his desk, expecting to just hang his coat on it and go back to your room. Though, you found no vacancy on account of his cloths all lazily tossed onto it.

  Sighing, you folded up his cloths before placing them on the seat cushion and resting the jacket over the side. Looking back towards the sleeping Sweden, you noticed little Hanatamago curled up comfortably beside him.

  'I should probably leave before he wakes up...' You thought as you went to exit the room. Only, you found yourself envying the dog and climbing in beside Sweden on his left side. Truth be told, you were fearful about when he woke up but, his bed was so comfortable and the warmth radiating from him so enticing.

  His arm brushed underneath your head before it rested against the back of your neck. Snuggling a bit closer to him, you blushed madly at his naturally-invoked action. He seemed to have a very calming aroma about him while he slept, making you calm down.

  Kissing his forehead, you fell back to sleep, completely ignoring that your bedroom lights were still on down the hall.


  Sweden woke up the next morning, an odd weight cutting off blood circulation from the end of his right arm. He moved his fingers on said hand to be sure he still had one when he brushed skin with the pad of his finger.

  He opened his eyes a bit to see your head on his arm, your light breathing making his face go slightly red. Hanatamago must've scampered off already for he wasn't sleeping beside Sweden anymore.

  Placing his hand on your shoulder, he gently caressed the bare skin of your arm with a small sigh. He looked over to the opposite side of the room to see his cloths folded and his jacket hanging on the chair which he threw his cloths on so lazily the night previous.

  You shifting in your spot, making the Swedish man flinch while hoping that he hadn't awakened you with his movements. After a second, you stopped, remaining in place. Gently sliding his arm out from under your head, he climbed out of his spot.

  He looked back towards you, he made sure that any covers he had thrown off himself covered you before throwing on a shirt and going out to the living room. Hanatamago, who was previously asleep on the carpet was now prancing towards his master with his little white tail wagging.

  Sweden gave the small dog something to eat before getting himself some breakfast.

  In Sweden's room, you were just awakening yourself, noticing the absence of one body. You sat up, keeping the warm covers on you to the best of your abilities to keep warm.

  Getting out of bed, you snuck into the kitchen where you found Sweden cooking something. "M-Morning...Berwald..."

  His eyes looked over towards your poked-out head before going back to what he was doing,"Mornin'. Y'sleep good?"

  Moving into the room a bit, you nodded,"Y-Yea...I-I'm sorry f-for kind of...breaking into your room a-and sleep with you..."

  "S'kay..." He said, merely shrugging it off as if it were nothing.

  Smiling a bit, you walked beside him and kissed his cheek lightly, making his face go red and causing you to laugh a bit,"Sorry, I'm just grateful for you laying your coat on me and letting me stay with you last night."

  He didn't say anything in response, but shrugged slightly with a slight grunt. You went over to the cabinets and pulled out three sets of plates for each of you three,"Should I maybe wake Ladonia up?"

  Again, Sweden's only response was a slight shrug. "I...guess he could sleep in then." You gave a small smile to see him being unresponsive once more,"Come of Sve, something is obviously upsetting you." You went over to him and rested both your hands on his shoulders, making him tense up once more,"Can't you just tell me what's wrong?"

  Sweden knew you were off today, mainly because you usually never worried about him in any way. That, and that fact that you were extremely...touchy-feely today. He gently shoulder your hands off,"I'm fine..."

  You puffed your cheeks out like a little kid,"No you're not. C'mon...just tell me..." He continued to ignore your whines of protest. "Berwald. I said tell me what's-" Without warning, he turned around, gripping at the sides of your shoulders,"-wrong...?"

  Sweden had kind of an unreadable expression as normal with a hint of his normal dark look, sending chills up your spine,"Swe-" He bent you back a bit before pressing his lips onto yours. The sudden shock made you freeze in your place, his arms going under your back while yours hung suspended in air.

  When he pulled away, he stood you upright and went back to cooking as if nothing had even happened,"S-Sve..."

  "Hey Sweden." Looking over, Ladonia stood by the doorway to the kitchen, rubbing his tired eyes with one hand,"Why'd ya just do that to _________? It a'kuz you wanna marry her, right?"

  Unbeknownst to you, Sweden's face was turning a dark shade of red in the meanwhile.
I couldn't think up a name for this one...but it's still fluff.
Sorry, I had the urge to write about him...idk why though.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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