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January 14, 2013
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 "Finland?" You whispered, looking into the darkened room to see him curled up under the sheets. "Norway texted me, saying that you were depressed."

 "I'm confused..." He murmured from under the sheets. His head poked out, his eyes red and puffy as if he were crying for hours. "I-I don't..."

 As soon as you saw that, you went to his side and began wiping tears from his eyes. "Finny...I think this is a little more serious than you've been assuming it's been..."

 "I-I know..." He choked out, tears spilling over once more. "I just don't know what's wrong with me...! I feel really confused and w-when I see him, my heart is racing! I-I just can't think straight...!"

 "You know he likes you though..." Your voice picked up slightly. "I mean...if you like him...and he likes you, I don't see the problem..."

 The door creaked open slightly to see Hanatamago coming in, Sweden following behind. He pushed his glasses further up the bridge of his nose, his eyes locked onto both of you in the room. "Do you want me to leave for a minute?"

 Finland held you shirt sleeve, not wanting you to leave. "I won't go, I won't."

 He nodded, resting on your form. "Sweden, why don't you come in for a minute? I can see that you're pretty worried."

 Finland clutched to you when Sweden came in, sitting beside you both. His hand went on the blond's shoulder, brushing his thumb against the bone. Finland tensed up but you could only assume he would be.

 "It's okay." You whispered, brushing his hair. Sweden's glare sent chills up your spine, but you pushed it off for a moment. "How about you just take a deep breath and make something delicious to eat? Aren't you hungry?"

 Sweden soundlessly stood up, taking Finland's hand and pulling him shakily to his feet. You stood up too, following them out of the room. Standing behind them, you noticed Finland trying to look towards you nervously.

 When he looked towards you, you just lipped 'tell him.' His eyes widened but he turned around anyway. "H-Hey...S-Sweden...?"

 He must've been looking towards Finland because he flinched and sighed. "I-It's nothing..."

 Sweden stopped, turning Finland towards him and pressing his hand to his forehead. Sweden leaned in closer, Finland's face flushing. "Y'u ok'y?"

 Without much thought, Finland went on his toes and connected their lips. You were rather shocked about that and even jumped back a little when you saw Finland kissing him. Sweden was much the same, his blue eyes widened in shock even after his 'wife' pulled away.

 A smile was brought onto your face as Sweden pulled him in his arms, a twitch of a smile on his face. Their lips connected together once more, more passionately than the first one. This time, you couldn't help but jump energetically in his spot.

 Both men looked towards you, giggling and jumping like a little schoolgirl. "I'm sorry! I'll just get on outta here!" With that, you ran off, going to tell everyone about what you had just witnessed.
Like I said, some are really short.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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