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October 23, 2012
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  Dinner went by without much of a hitch. You stayed silent in your spot and ate everything Arthur made (although it tasted like burnt toast). Peter snuck you fresh bread from beneath the table, flashing a smile whenever he did.

  When dinner ended, you helped the two boys clean up the plates and dry the dishes. You worked like a machine-one cleaning the dishes, one drying them and the other putting them on the drying rack.

  After that, you quickly took a shower and got into pajamas. Arthur came in to say 'good-night' and tuck you in. Resting gently, you found a peaceful sleep quickly.

  In the middle of the night, you awoke and peered around in the darkness. Not remembering where you are, you instinctively ran out of bed where your door was supposed to be and hit your head against the wall. Hard.

  The noise from that was loud enough to wake up Arthur and Peter, quickly coming to your room to see you clutching your forehead in pain and curling up into a fetal position.

  Arthur came over, lifting you off the ground gently while you began crying from pain. "'s alright love...did you get scared...?"

  "I want daddy!" You cried, clutching onto his night shirt. "I...I...I want my daddy...!"

  "It's okay love..." Arthur whispered, jouncing you in his arms slightly. He turned around to meet Peter's eyes before sighing. "Come on. How about we all go downstairs...I'll put some ice where it hurts, okay?"

  You nodded as Arthur led you downstairs safely. He sat you on the table, getting a bag of ice in a ziplock bag and pressing it against your forehead. You squealed in pain and jerked away, only to have him pull you closer to him once more, gently applying it once more.

  Your tensed nerves calmed and you felt relief. He stroked your hair as you let out a few choked cries, now relaxing. Peter climbed up beside you and took your hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. "You okay?"

  "I-I'm fine..." You mumbled, leaning on him. "I...I miss my daddy..."

  "He's coming back tomorrow." He said soothingly. "Dad, can __________ sleep with me tonight?"

  "A-Ah..." He really saw no harm in two ten year olds sharing a bed but he didn't want Peter to grow older thinking this was okay. "Jus for tonight, okay? Never again. Until I say so."

  He nodded, watching as Arthur picked you up and carried his room. You were laid beside Peter who hugged you as you snuggled closer. Arthur smiled and kissed you both on the foreheads.

  The lights shut off and you began to fall asleep in his arms. "____________, I really missed you..." He mumbled softy, shutting his clear blue eyes. "I don't want you to leave again..."

  "I don't either..." You snuggled closer, resting your head on his arm. "But I live in America now...maybe you can come visit me one day...! I'm sure daddy wouldn't mind you coming over..."

  He laughed slightly and hugged you gently. "Okay..."


  "Is she awake yet...?" Alfred whispered as he stepped in Arthur's home early on. "I know I'm kinda early but I'm too tired to get back to my hotel tonight."

  "Of course she's not awake...! It's two in the morning...!" He hissed before slouching on his couch. Alfred crashed on the couch, letting his eyes close. "Thanks for watching her."

  "No problem. Just...try not to wake her up to early you git..." He hissed, getting up to go back to his own bed. "And by the way..." Arthur continued softly,"I think she'll want to visit us again..."

  Alfred shut his eyes, feeling happier that you were doing well here as well. "As long as she's happy, then I'm happy. I'll be walking her down the isle one of these days and she'll be the one to decide who to marry. Not me."

  "Yea, whatever...night."



  You watched as one of your bridesmaids, Bella, fixed the veil over your face, hiding its true beauty. For years, you have been awaiting this day, awaiting to marry Peter Kirkland. When your dads heard about your engagement, they were definitely surprised but not completely in shock.

  Speaking of him, your dad walked into the room you were dressing in. He grinned, not look a day over 20, so bright and happy. "You look so gorgeous are honestly the best thing in my life. Tell me if Peter mistreats you."

  You smiled, standing up and going over to him. "I love you too daddy. Peter'll take good care of me, I know it."

  Your arms laced together and before you knew it, he was giving you away. He was very handsome in his tuxedo, he grew into a rather strapping and good-looking man once puberty hit.

  The priest spoke yet you payed no mind. You and Peter looked towards each other, a loving gaze connected between you both. When the time came, you both breathed out 'I do' before pulling each other into a sweet and loving kiss.

  When you had separated, you rested your head on his chest, his steady heartbeat lulling you gently into a calm state which would last throughout the rest of your life.
Last part of the commission for :iconrachelbellum: who apparently got it for her little sister who loves Sealand. Aww~

You get married~

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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