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January 1, 2013
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 "Name your game Iain."



 The man scanned the area around him, the empty playground in the middle of the night to see an abandoned swing set under the light of a nearby street lamp. He grinned.

 "Whoever jumps aff at th' hi'est point wins." Both of you grinned, fire in your eyes as you went over to the swings.

 Both of you started pumping your legs back and forth, going higher and higher. The only think running through your minds was to beat the other and do so with pride. Iain was about two yards high when he jumped off, knowing you couldn't stand the height you were at.

 Looking down at the ground, you could feel your face pale. Still, Iain was standing there, grinning in content with his arms crossed and his hip out,"A bawherr scared, aren't we lass?"

 "No!" You cried back, going up higher and higher. Still, you wanted to beat him not matter how scared. He didn't assume you would jump off from that height which was why he was shocked when he saw you jump off, over two times higher than him.

 You landed on your feet but the impact, which was concentrated on your right leg, caused something to crack in your ankle and forced you to collapse on the ground in pain.

 Iain made an audible gasp before he sprinted towards you. He was keeling beside you, turning you on your back as pain shot through your ankle, a groan/scream sounding from you. "Ye fucked up this time, didnae ye? C'moan, we're gaun."

 When trying to get you up, you started crying in pain, lifting up the bad ankle and leaning all your weight on his shoulder. He quickly stopped and looked at the pained expression on your face. Looking around quickly, he spotted a bench and sighed. "Kin ye mak' it fur juist a short distance?"

 Following his gaze, you noticed the bench and quickly understood. "Y-Yeah, I think so..."

 You hobbled over to the bench with him, wincing in pain with every step. After a long moment, you were being seated, Iain taking his scarf off and beginning to wrap it around your ankle carefully, trying not to agitate the possible sprain.

 Then, he knelt down on the ground in front of you and waited for a few seconds before looking back towards you. "Urr ye getting oan or nae?"

 A blush covered your surprised face. "Uh...okay..."

 Wrapping your arms around his neck, you were easily lifted onto his back. His arms went around your legs to support you and he began walking with you slowly forward.

 For awhile, you were both silent, just taking in what just happened. You easily just sprained your ankle, that much was true. But your competitive natures was truly to blame for this. Both of you had a tendency to compete against one another to see who was the better nation.

 Resting your head on his shoulder, you felt the weight of exhaustion crush you. Iain noticed but didn't say anything about it. He just jounced you on his back a bit, feeling you slipping from his grasp. Which made you wake up once more.

 "Where are we going...?" You whispered, trying to relax once more.

 He smiled slightly, resting his head on yours. "Mah hoose."

 "What about your brothers...?"

 He shrugged, concentrating on walking forwards, one step by another. Once more, it was silent. You began to notice how cold it was and the fact that the sky was turning darker, the clouds covering the stars and the moon.

 "I think it's gunna snow..." You said to yourself, forgetting your mouth was by his ear.

 He chuckled, rubbing your leg gently. "We're a'maist hame."

 His words were true for only a few moments later, you were sitting down on a couch in his house, waiting for him to come back with a warm cup of tea and a first-aid kit to tend to your ankle.

 When he reentered, he placed the cup to your side of where you sat. He silently knelt by you, lifting your leg up to where your injury was and started untying your converse laces.

 "This'll hurt." He said simplistically, giving you a forewarning before beginning to remove the shoe. Every time your ankle moves, new waves of pain was sent through it. Beside him was a bag of ice ready for when the shoe was off.

 The second the shoe was off, he quickly put the bag of ice on your swollen ankle and made you rest back on the couch. "Ah will be richt back..." He said hushed before getting up and leaving you once more.

 Looking around the house, you tried to ignore the pain in your ankle. You lifted your other shoe and stripped it off and tossed it to the corner. Iain came back in with a towel and noticed you staring at the corner.

 He came over, removing the ice and wrapping up the ankle with medial tape before making you lift it and putting a pillow underneath. He then put the towel over your ankle and rested the ice back on it once more. It took a few moments but the cool sting of the ice gradually came back before it ebbed to comfort.

 Iain pulled out some cotton swabs and began disinfecting minor wounds on your hands and face, being silent as he did so. You watched, relaxing in the seat and letting the drowsiness cocoon you into a shallow sleep.

 When Iain looked up, he noticed you sleeping peacefully in your spot. He smiled and sat beside you, pulling you under his arm. "You smell like's gross..."

 He ruffled your (h/c) hair, playfully shoving you away. His arm brought you back under his wing, his face nestled into your hair. "Ye reek sweet..." His said in a low voice, sending chills up your spine. He then leaned over and whispered in your ear,"Lik' cherries..."

 A blush covered over your face, goosebumps covering your body. His arms wrapped around you, embracing you. You snuggled closer, accidentally knocking the ice off your leg and sending it scattering across the floor. Both of you shot into attentiveness, separating from each other in an instant.

 You were about to get up when Iain stood and forced you to relax once more. He collected the melting ice quickly and ran to the kitchen to throw them in the sink. Coming back in, he laid you down on your back and propped your leg up on the pillow. A new bag of ice was rested on your ankle and he sat at the end of the couch, letting your head rest on his lap.

 An awkward feeling settled in and you couldn't find yourself in any comfortable position. "Ah will take the motor ye tae th' hospital th'morra." He said, brushing your hair out of your face.

 Bringing your hand up, you cupped his cheek lightly and thumbed away some fire-red hair from his face. Slowly, he leaned forward until you could feel his breath on your lips. He brought himself forward, giving a light kiss for a second as if to test you. With your hand still cupping his cheek, you brought your lips together, your arms going around his neck soon after they connected.

 His hands gently ran through your hair, playing with them when they got to the tips. When you split, both of you were smiling. "If you want, I can set up the guest room." A sudden voice directed your attention to the mouth of the hall where England was standing, a smirk on his face. "Or would you rather have her sleep with you tonight."

 "Git oot o' 'ere!" Scotland snapped, grabbing another pillow and chucking it at his brother before getting up to chase him down the hallway while you lay there laughing.
Just wanted to post one. In case I loose my stories.
I don't own you or Hetalia!
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I recently rolled my ankle when I went roller skating for the first time. It hurt like a !&$% but I'm getting better...sadly, I didn't have a hot Scotland there to help me :iconmeplz: :iconminusplz: :iconsexyscotlandplz: :iconequalplz: :iconsadnessplz:
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