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August 5, 2012
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  Around you, everybody slept peacefully. For some reason, America decided to have this huge sleepover thing and watch scary movies before you all fell asleep. Sure, everyone knew how America got when he watched those movies but there was no option.

  The only problem was that you were even worse with them than he was. Now you just laid awaken fear of the darkness, various nations sprawled around in the room in deep sleep.

  Looking over, you hope at least Hungary or Liechtenstein were still awake after those. Too bad they were curled up beside those they were close to. Liechtenstein was curled up next to Switzerland and Hungary beside Austria (with Prussia being pushed away in the meanwhile).

  Sitting up, you scanned the room for any signs of protection from your overly imaginative mind. Fear clenched upon you once more, causing you to whimper and hide under the protection of your sleeping bag.

  Peering out once more, you tried to find some nation that might provide comfort. America seemed like a good option at first but odds are, he'd freak out the second you got close. Germany seemed like a good option too but he might scold you and then proceed to wake everyone else. Sweden was clutching at Finland already.

  Then you noticed Russia by himself. He might end up killing you if he woke up but at the same time, might comfort you. The Russian was well known to have a grudge against America and would allow you to stay with him. You know...if he doesn't kill you.

  Getting out of your sleeping bag, you crawled over beside him. You just looked at him for a moment, his face looking so innocent before reaching out and cupping his cheek gently.

  You watched as his violet eyes opened up slowly, blinking a few times before spotting your figure in the dark and smiling innocently and causing you to pull your hand away. "Privjet it morning already...?"

  "N-No..." You voice cracked, the fear of the dark and of Russia combined taking its toll on you mentally. "I-I was"

  "You look scared my little sunflower..." He noted softly, reaching out to cup your face with on of his large hands,"Did the movie scare you...? Do you want me to kill Alfred for you...?"

  "N-No..." You murmured just as softly as he had. "I-I just want to...stay with you tonight..." He looked towards you with a blank expression. "I-I can just go somewhere else-"

  He opened his arms up, giving an innocent smile.  Smiling back, you laid down beside him, his arms wrapping around you with such care as if you were a glass doll.

  Both of you lay in silence for a few moments just listening to each other breath. Every time something made a noise in the house, you would cling onto the Russian's jacket and hide.

  "The movie scared you, da?" He asked softly after an elongated moment. Not even bringing your face out of his jacket, you nodded. "I promise I won't let anything hurt you...I'll protect you tonight, da?"

  "T-Thank you..." You murmured muffled into his jacket. He broke away for a moment, stripping his jacket off and laying it atop both of you before nestling closer, his strong, bare arms wrapping around you.

  Moving closer, you felt your tensed nerves ease. To the best of your ability, you wrapped your arms around him and buried your face in his chest. "You're so cute. Clinging to Mother Russia for protection, da?"

  "Just keep me safe from anything..." You stubbornly replied.

  He chuckled lightly, rubbing your back,"Nothing will hurt you. They have to go past me before they hurt you. Goodnight my little sunflower." His lips pressed against your forehead gently.

  "Night..." You whispered back, bringing your head on his scarf and looking towards him. "Y-You don't...mind...right...?"

  "Of course not...I want you to be cozy." His voice held a playful tone within it as he spoke. He wrapped the pink cloth around your neck and moved closer, resting his head beside yours.

  Bringing your hands up, you felt the soft cloth with your fingers and breathed in relief. "It's really soft..." You noted aloud before snuggling with the fabrics and blushing before shutting your eyes.

  "Ukraine made it for me." He said softly, pressing his forehead against yours. "She said it was made with love..."

  Opening your (e/c) once more, you saw the pained expression beheld on his face. You knew he grew up with little to no love, abused by so many people in history. Resting your hand on his chest, you felt for his heartbeat. "You have so much love to give Ivan...I can just tell..."

  You felt his heartbeat increase and laughed, pulling your hand away. Looking up at him, you saw his violet eyes opened in bewilderment. Without warning, you reached up and pressed your lips softly against his in hopes to lighten his mood.

  He lay stiffly beside you for a moment before gripping your shoulders and kissing you back with just as much care. You pulled away with a smile on your face,"'ve got more love than you think."

  In the darkness, you saw him smiling before he brought you closer,"I really like you __________..."

  Moving closer, you couldn't help but feel your heart swell,"I really like you too Ivan..."

  His chin rested atop your (h/c) head as you both nestled together. You were the first one to fall asleep, feeling protected by the Russian and safe in his arms. Seeing you asleep, Russia was easily able to find comfort before falling asleep beside you.


  Everyone awoke particularly early the next morning, America being the first to raise and awaken everyone,"Ma~an! That movie was so creepy! I didn't think I'd ever fall asleep-!"

  "Alfred! You bloody git! Can't you just let us sleep!?" Arthur groaned, turning over only to hit a body.

  "Onhonhon~ mon ami Arthur. You like to sleep wis me, non?" France retorted sensually, hugging the disgusted Englishman and pulling him closer.

  "G-Get off of me!"

  Russia's eyes opened, seeing you asleep so peacefully amidst the chaos the room was suddenly upholding. Rather than getting upset, he rested his hands over your ears to block out the noise before resting his head again. A few moments past and the room began to sprawl to life, all those who were asleep getting up.

  "Kolkolkolkolkolkolkol..." In a rippling effect, the room fell silent which extended to every corner of the room. "___________ is trying to sleep. So shut up, da?"
Pffff, derp name. XD

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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Estersnow Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Student
:iconrussiasparklesplz: My little Zaika~

(Zaika literally translated is 'Miss Bunny' it's used as a term of endearment in Russia)
RoTGismyotp Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I've read many fluff stories, this is the best so far, da?
TheEpicFluffyPuppy Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
mikmik121 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014
Hehe, thanks. ^^
PrussiasKitten Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay! you know... in a way.... Russia is a fluffy marshmallow man! hehehe.... He is fluffy and sweet, and can be dangerous.... (marshmallows can be dangerous... i nearly choked on one the other day). I love that he was going to let me sleep... I love sleep but don't get enough of it because of insomnia. hehehe~
RoxyDanaSchlyer1218 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014  Student Artist
I LOVE that god damn ending! ____is trying to sleep. so shut up,da? XD too adorbz!!!!!
Vectorwave756 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Student General Artist
so adorable!!! SO AWESOME!!!! dawww!! he's the first one who actually lets me sleep in!!
mikmik121 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
And he will make sure it stays that way.
FonyPony Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
"So shut up, da?" XD
magalia323 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
This story made me smile. I'm a real life Norway. *hands you awards* Good job. 
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