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November 29, 2012
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 Romano sat at a bus stop, rain pouring gray around him. For the umpteenth time, he checked his phone for the time, letting out a sigh as he closed it. 'Tre're so late...'

 Lowering his head, the Italian released a few tears in secrecy. The rain began to pick up, making a ringing in his ear from the loud pounding against the metallic covering.

 Soft splashing footsteps were heard coming from the rain, making his head pick up so he could quickly wipe his tears away. A small figure came into view, a hand holding her shoulder (h/l) hair straight from the rain. Her (e/c) eyes cut through the dark, only holding nothing within them. Not even life.

 He quickly shot to his feet, watching as she slowly approached. Before she made it to him, her body faltered and crashed into a puddle on the sidewalk. It took a moment of silence before Romano stepped from his cover and to the girl's side.

 The first thing he noticed was the shoulder she gripped onto was soaked with blood. Second was the (h/c) pair of wings sticking out of her back.  He knelt beside the unconscious body, his fingers dancing over the wings.

 They eventually flexed out slightly, making him pull away defensively. Once they went back to their original position (which was laying flat on her back), he lifted her up in his arms and began walking back home.

 He threw his sweatshirt over her, keeping her warm, trying not to get her more soaked and concealing her wings. Her head rested on his shoulder, her breathing shallow. Clutching her close, he softly whispered to her in Italian.

 Halfway home, she arose slightly only to fall asleep once more. His hand slid behind her head as she fell back asleep, her small fingers gripping at his shirt lightly. "Calm down bella..."


 Your (e/c) eyes opened softly, your body surrounded by a new array of colors, noises and scents. Shooting up, you looked around for any signs of scientists, of people forcing you to be a part of their 'experiments' once more.

 Someone entered the room, making you yelp in fear. It was just a normal man, his hair dark brown and tanned face. He was rather handsome, his green eyes holding a hint of worry.

 "Why are you making so much noise? I ain't touchin' you if you don't want me to." He came close, holding a small cup of something cool in his hands. The cup was slipped into your hand where you found some odd, frozen substance inside of it. "It's You kids like that shit, don't you?"

 You didn't know what this food was so you just shrugged and pushed it off to the side. His eyes narrowed,"Bella, you gotta eat something." He picked up the spoon and ate a small mouthful, showing you that it was okay to eat. "Go on. I made it by scratch so it won't be crap."

 Nodding, you began eating it. The taste was so sweet and delicious, it was gone in a few seconds. The man took your hand and kissed it softly,"Are you okay bella...?"

 "Yeah. I'm okay..." You murmured, leaning into his chest.

 His arms went around you and you quickly pulled away in fear. Tears cornered your eyes quickly, his eyes not leaving your form. "What's wrong-?"

 "Stay away! Don't hurt me!" You snapped as he tried to grab your arm. "I-I don't want to be experimented on again!"

 Romano panicked,"B-Bella! Shhh! Shut up! It's fine! I told you I'm not hurting you!"

 "My w-wings!" You said, opening them up worriedly. "M-My...wings are..."

 "I told you." Romano said matter-of-factly. "Come here ragazza..."

 You quickly threw your arms around his neck and cried into his shirt much to his discomfort. In a brief moment, he opened his arms and hugged you carefully, being weary of your injured shoulder.

 Tears silently slipped from your eyes as he stroked your back gently. "Don't're okay right now...I'll protect you from anything. Okay?"

 You nodded, letting your eyelids shut slowly and begin resting once more. Romano noticed this and snapped to awaken you once more. "Do you have a name ragazza."

 "Experiment 8243..." You mumbled, trying to fall asleep once more.

 His lips pressed against your forehead softly. "I'm gunna call you _________ from now on...I don't like that other name."

 You nodded, falling asleep once more in his arms. This time, he didn't bother to wake you from your sleep. He laid down beside you, throwing the empty cup which once held gelato to the side and covered you with his sweatshirt again.

 His arms wrapped gently around you, a soft Spanish lullaby Spain used to sing for him projected through the air. Every time he made a little mistake, he would curse slightly and start over but otherwise, his voice was soft and gentle, easily lulling you to sleep as it should.

 Once you were asleep, he lifted you up and carried you to his bedroom. You were washed and fitted with new clothes earlier on so there was no trouble slipping you into bed and letting you drift off to sleep.

 When he knew you were resting comfortably, he stopped and began drifting off himself.


 "P-Papa! Please help me!" A shrill scream arose Romano quickly. You weren't sleeping beside him and that yell came from you. Quickly, he threw the blankets aside, ready to kill anyone who dared to steal that innocent child away.

 He went to the living room where he heard the noise, springing from around the corner with deadly eyes. They suddenly turned to shock when Spain's body came into view, holding your writing and panicking form in his arms.

 "Chica...calm down..." He cooed softly as you panicked. Spain hadn't picked up on the fact that you weren't exactly normal yet and was just overly-excited seeing a little 'chica' resting with Romano. "Don't wake tu padre up-"

 "What the fuck is this!?" Romano snapped, storming over and taking you back. "First off, stop fucking breaking into my house! Second, why the fuck did you leave me in the rain by myself for three fucking hours!?"

 Spain stepped back in shock, Romano never got this mad at him. There was obvious pain behind the anger. " have to know that I tried to get there. My economy is bad, I can't just-"

 "I have a phone! Call me for fucks sake!" Romano took a deep breath and looked towards you, so scared and innocent. "Why don't you go lay down again ____________...he's not going to take you away..."

 You shook your head, clinging tightly onto Romano. He softly kissed your forehead, glaring daggers as Spain smiled so happily over the affection Roma bore onto you. "Get out of my house Spain. Now!"

 "No! I worry about you Lovi...! Listen, I'm sorry! I'm trying everything to spend some time with you again. It's just tough right now!" Spain came over, Romano backed away. "I don't know how much longer it will be before my economy collapses and I'll be stuck in bed. Sick."

 Romano let out a heavy sigh, trying to release his pent-up anger. "It's still early. Just...go lay down. We'll be there in a minute..."

 Spain didn't argue and left as you began softly crying once more. "Stop now, you're stronger than this..." Romano doted softly, massaging small circles in your back as he tried to calm you. "He didn't take you from me...I told you no one will..."

 You nodded but you were definitely shaken. He pressed your face softly against his shoulder, letting you cling on and cry awhile longer before going back to his bedroom where Spain was patiently waiting.

 Even more scared, you clung tightly onto Romano and his your face in his shirt once more. He held you close and whispered softly in your ear as he laid down with you. Spain went to wrap his arms around both of you but a growl from Romano signified to knock it off.

 You clutched onto him, remaining close to him as you shared a bed with some random stranger who nearly strangled you to death with his hugging. "He won't touch you...I'll make sure you are safe from now on..."

 Again, you simply nodded into his shirt in fear. He was so warm and cozy, smelling of herbs and food along with the bitter scent of cologne. "Don't worry kid..."

 "Papa..." You murmured softly, looking up towards him with tear eyes. "I don't like him..."

 "Funny story," Spain started,"I'm right here."

 "Papa..." You whined in fear. Romano jabbed him in the ribs with his foot and sending him further away.

 "Stop being an ass tomato bastard!" He snapped, pushing him away. "You shouldn't be an ass!"

 "But I want to hug my little Roma! You're so cold all of a sudden!"

 "The little bambina is scared...can't you see that?" He hissed, getting up with you in his arms. "How about we go somewhere quiet-"

 "Roma!" Spain whined, grabbing at Romano's pajama pants. "Don't go!"

 He grumbled and laid back down with you, stroking your hair and doting you with soft Italian words. You allowed your wings to shift slightly which caught the attention of the Spanish man. "By the way, she has wings...night."
I have like 15 stories saved...
All are holiday readers. Two are chapter stories I believe...
No wait, one chapter story isn't Christmas so it's like a strong 13. XD

Can't wait for the holidays!

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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"What is it damnit!"
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"Our what!? I don't recal having a child!!!"
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"No I am seriously questioning your sanity, I saved the bastards life yesterday damnit!"
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