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December 6, 2012
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 You looked at the invite and sighed, knowing that this party was just going to end up a disaster-rest with half the nations drunk out of their mind. Sighing, you ripped open the envelope and took out the card.

 Reading through it, you groaned and tossed it to the side and began messaging some of the other nations about this party. There was one contact you would avoid for the time being, your face turning red at the thought.

 Your mind danced with images, his face turning red with anger and Spain having to calm him down and force him to go. Shutting your eyes, you flopped on the couch and curled up with a pillow.

 "Italy Romano...don't be such a sour sport." You mumbled, listening as your phone went of but blatantly ignoring it. "Just come for once."


 "Absolutely not stupid Spain!" Romano snapped, storming up into his room. "I wouldn't be caught dead at one of America's shitty parties!"

 Spain followed behind, trying to be the voice of reason. "That's exactly it! It won't be! It's supposed to be black tie! You even need to bring a-" the door slammed in his face,"date..."

 "I'm positively not going! It's stupid! Why should I be expected to go to some stupid party with another girl!?" He snapped from behind closed doors. "I don't want to go!"

 "You're going!" Spain bit fiercely back. "I'm going to call up Belgium and Netherlands and we are all going to go whether you want to or not! Understand!?"

 "Whatever!" He yelled back, going as far as to open the door, glare at the Spaniard and shut the door in his face again. Throwing himself on his bed, he fished out his phone and looked at the few contacts he had on it.

 He passed by his brother, Spain, Japan, and a few more before stopping at the last number put in. He groaned, rolling over to put his face in his pillow. The last thing he wanted was for Spain to come in and see him blushing over a name on his phone.

 It was hard enough to hide his crush on ___________ during meetings but if Spain caught wind, there would be no end to the pestering. He sighed, dropping his phone on the ground. His face buried into his pillow, a groan escaping his lips.

 An hour passed and Spain knocked lightly on the door. "I just called Belgium. She said they'll both come with us." Romano didn't budge but looked back at his phone. "I made some churros you want me to bring you up anything...?"

 The door opened and Spain came in, sitting beside Romano. "Listen Romano," he turned and scowled at the Spaniard. "If you want to go with someone else, you can. I just don't want you spending Christmas Eve alone again."

 "I'm perfectly fine spending Christmas alone, stupid Spain..." He mumbled, turning away. "I'm not a damn child..."

 "But I feel bad," he said softly back, rubbing Romano's shoulders. "Maybe you'll find it won't be all bad. I mean, ___________ told me she's going even though she doesn't want to go. Maybe you two can spend some time-"

 "Let's get this clear; I'm going and leaving in an hour." Romano snarled, burying his face to hide his embarrassment. "I don't want to be around any of those idiots. Especially that potato bastard and his older brother.

 Spain sighed, seeing no reasoning and left Romano to himself once more. "Stupid Spain..."


 Looking around the usually overdone mansion, you were really surprised to see how subtle and classy everything was. Per usual, there was a giant Christmas tree in the corner, decorated elegantly. Ribbons hung around the room and the lights were dimmed down.

 A few nations were here, including England. You assumed he was the one responsible for the whole event. Still, there was a bartender behind the bar serving out drinks.

 Sighing, you flattened out your dress slightly. It was golden, literally. The design of gold etched up on the red fabric with a black belt in the middle. You wore kitten heels and a matching ribbon in your curled (h/c) hair. A small mount of makeup (including lipstick, mascara and eyeliner) heightened some features on your face, giving it a gentle glow.

 More people walked in together. Hungary was holding tightly to Austria's ar, as they tried to keep a certain Prussian at bay. Even if the party was supposed to be more formal, it would end up a disaster-fest in the end.

 Another group entered and you felt yourself step back gently, knocking into someone behind you. Romano had waked in with Belgium holding his arm with both hers. Someone gripped onto your shoulders, spinning you around.

 "Love, I'm trying to speak with-" England stopped, seeing the pain in your eyes. "Do you need a minute...?"

 "N-No..." You said, putting on a fake smile. "What's the matter...?"


 A pair of arms wrapped around your waist,"Hola chiquita! Feliz Navidad-!" You shoved yourself away from him as Romano got closer. "__________, are you alright-?"

 "I'm fine!" You said loudly, gaining everyone's attention. "I...I need some air." A voice eventually managed. "I..."

 Before anyone could stop you, you broke through the crowd and went outside to the nearest exit. You took a deep breath, watching as your breath became visible in the air. Your lips quivered and tears began quickly spilling and ruining your makeup.

 The door opened beside you and you quickly turned to see Romano stepping outside beside you. He ignored you and sat down, looking up at the sky. You went to go back inside until something grabbed at your leg and stopped you.

 "Sit down." Romano hissed silently, releasing his grip on you. You did as he asked and sat down farther away from him. "What was all that about you idiot?"

 "I have my reasons..." You murmured, wiping away at your eyes.

 Romano noticed this and sighed in annoyance,"Stop it you dumbass. You're ruining your makeup." You looked towards him,"You look horrible..."

 "Thanks." You hissed, looking away and letting more tears fall.

 He stood up and sat beside you, pulling your face over and pulling out a handkerchief. His hand gently cupped your face as he began gently dabbing away at your face. Looking at him, you noticed how concentrated he was.

 His eyes locked with yours and suddenly his face went completely red. He pulled away in shock,"W-What the hell are you looking at me for like that __________...!?"


 "Don't call me that..." He mumbled, looking away.

 "I want to though." You said softly, brushing his hair lightly. "It's your real name, isn't it?"

 "Call me Lovino..." He whispered, taking your hand in his gently. Romano's face was burning red now,"J-Just don't call me 'Lovi' like that bastard, Spain. I hate it w-when he calls me that..."

 You pulled away and looked towards the opposite direction. "'re here with Belguim...y-you should just-"

 He tightly grabbed onto your body, wrapping his arms around you. " are an idiota...I don't even wanna be here...Spain got me here because...h-he said you..."

 Turning to face Romano, you could feel tears again. His body shuddered at the thought of you crying again. Only you punched him in the shoulder before leaning on his shoulder. "I hate you...don't do that to me ever again..."

 "O-Oí! S-Stop it...!" He tilted your chin up and began gently wiping your face again. "Ragazza, it's Christmas here..." Romano pulled you into his arms, holding you close. "Just calm down-"

 "Romano I love you!" You finally blurted, feeling  weight drop off your shoulders. His body stiffened at this but you remained close. "I...I couldn't stand Belgium...and..."

 He stroked your hair gently, shushing you as you continued to cry. "Don't...I don't...please..." His lips gently pressed against yours for a moment. "Calm down..."

 You stared at him in shock before cuddling close, holding around his neck. "Ti amo...I've like you...for awhile __________..."

 "It took you two long enough!" A voice cried from behind. Both of your heads whipped around to see Spain and America standing there with smug looks on their faces.

 Romano shot up, his green eyes full of anger. "You damn tomato bastard!" He ran in after Spain inside as you sat by yourself.

 America lifted you to your feet and laughed,"Isn't this a sight to see? Your face is burning red!"

 You covered your cheeks, letting out an annoyed groan. "L-Leave me alone...!"

 As if out of no where, Romano was back, separating you from America with spite in his eyes. "If she wants to be left alone, you leave her. Get it?"

 They all snickered and left you by yourselves again. Romano held you close, rocking you gently as you stood. "He didn't take me Lovino..." You murmured gently, putting your head on his chest. "Don't you dare suffocate me...I'm not leaving anytime soon..."

 He smiled and looked up slightly. Gently, he tilted your head upwards and gave you a gentle kiss on the lips. You smiled, kissing back just as carefully. "Mistletoe..." Romano breathed, kissing you again.
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