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January 26, 2013
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 Gakuen W, one of the most prestigious schools located in the world. Going to this school meant a bright future to whoever went to study there. Some children were put in the boarding school due to wealthy families. Others, such as yourself, had some sort of talent. Arts, grades, sports and other aspects were put into play for admittance to this school.

 How did you get in this school then? Sports actually. Soccer even more specifically. In middle school, you had brought your team to the top junior national level in the sport.

 Three years in a row.

 Seeing this, you were invited to move from your humdrum town in (home country) to move to Japan. There, you would play for their team and learn under their higher education.

 You quickly learned that most of the girls in the school in the school found you attractive. You also learned that you were attracted to someone yourself. Not a girl but a young Italian man you met through the team captain, Antonio. His name was Lovino Vargas.

 There was nothing special about him. Lovino was a very angry boy, gets flustered and annoyed rather easily. But something told you that he was much different beneath the surface.

 "Oí ____________!" You turned your head to have your face impaled by a soccer ball, knocking you to the ground. The girls on the sideline (who always compiled after school to watch you play) squeaked in surprise, calling your name out as Antonio came over. "Honestly! You need to pay more attention amigo!"

 He held his hand out, allowing you to take it and helping you up. When you did, though, you felt something dribble down from your nose. "Oh dios mio...can someone walk ____________ down to the infirmary!?"

 Bringing your hand to your nose, you could feel something dripping like mucus. Pulling it away, you saw crimson blood staining your hand. Antonio looked at you, confusion in his eyes. " look really pale..."

 "I-I'm fine." You muttered, beginning to feel lightheaded.

 "I'll take him!"

 "No! I'll take him!"

 On the side, the girls had started arguing over who would take you but you had barely noticed. Antonio grabbed one of your shoulders, shaking you gently. "I'll bring don't look too hot..."

 Nodding, you allowed him to help you back towards the school where Lovino appeared. "Here, I'll get him there you idiota. Go back to your damn club."

 Antonio smiled, running back outside. Lovino held up your weight, walking you down the halls. "You're such an idiota...what the hell are you doing out there, daydreaming and shit?"

 "Lovino...I-I need to sit down..." You groaned, nearly collapsing. He complied, bringing you to the side and sitting you down. "Thanks..."

 "You look like shit." He examined, kneeling in front of you. "Do you want me to get a nurse down here?"


 Lovino looked at you for a moment before relaxing. "You look really shaken...I take it you don't like blood or something?" Pulling his handkerchief, removed your hand and covered it, holding it beneath your nose.

 "When I was young," you started, leaning your head back,"I got stuck in a hostage situation when I went to the bank with my father. He tried to stop them but..."

 Lovino contemplated putting a hand to your shoulder. " shot right in front of me. I-I remember everything so vividly...I feel sick when I see blood, I can't handle it..."

 He pulled you slightly under his arm, rubbing your shoulder gently and seemed to be protecting you. Those were the hardest years or your life, you weren't even stable enough to go to school. When you went back in middle school, you played soccer, your father's favorite sport, to get your mind off of it.

 "Don't one will learn that from me..." You nodded, resting your head on his shoulder. "Do you want me to get the nurse now...?" Again, you nodded.

 He helped you sit back up, handing you the handkerchief to cover your nose and kissed your forehead with a blush. "J-Just wait here...I'll be back damnit..."

 Nodding, you put your hand again your hand where he just kissed with a blush of your own. "T-Thank you Lovino..."

 "No problem." You couldn't help but smile. "J-Just don't go around telling people damnit..."

 "I won't."

 With that, he ran off towards the infirmary. Smiling, you let your eyes slide shut and fall asleep right on the spot. 'Lovino...'


 "___________ damnit! Wake up!"

 "Lovino calm down! He's tired and fell asleep is all!"

 "He's been asleep for hours now Toni!"

 "He's exhausted-"

 "Shut up! Damnit j-just shut up!"

 Someone grabbed your shirt, holding the fabric tightly. Then you felt water drip on your face. Opening your (e/c) eyes slowly, letting them flutter open, you noticed Lovino over you, his eyes tightened and tears falling. "I-I don't want to loose him...! H-He's the only one who never u-used me to get to Feli or even compared us...I really care for him...damnit just wake up..."

 "Lovino, calm down!" He was torn off of you by Antonio. He quickly turned around angrily and struck Antonio. "Lovino!"

 "I don't want your sympathy!" He snapped, wiping his eyes. "I don't need any human more than I need him! He's the first one who's ever treated me equal to my brother! Even you like him better! I see you hanging out all the time you fuck!"

 Reaching over, you grabbed Lovino's blazer sleeve. "L-Lovino, stop it. It's not Antonio's fault..."

 His shoulders slumped back and his expression went quickly from angry to calm to sadness. Sitting up, you watched as more tears began to spill over. "I...I just..."

 He fell to his knees, trying to hide his face. "'ll all be okay..."

 Getting out of bed, you knelt beside him, hugging him to your chest. "Calm down now..."

 "T-Ti...ti amo..." He whispered, nestling closer. "I-I know i-it's fucking weird...I just never felt so...close to a're everywhere I go and I feel fucking weird all the time all around you. L-Like all warm...and fuzzy..."

 "You're such an idiot." You mumbled, hugging him tighter. "You're awkward and have anger problems but...I think I love you too..."

 He lifted his head up to have you kiss his cheek. "W-Wha...?"


 During school the next day, Lovino walked beside you, secretly holding your hand and staying pressed to your side. "Don't look at anyone. Don't talk to anyone. Just walk slowly beside me and stay quiet."

 "'s fine..." You whispered, rubbing his hand comfortingly with his thumb. "I'm not even going to think of leaving you right now. You should know that by now."

 "'re mine..." He murmured, blushing brightly. "Mine..."

 "You have to share." You chuckled, tightening your grip on his hand. "I belong to the soccer club too. Maybe you can become friends with the fangirls who watch me play soccer!"

 "A-Absolutely not!"
In anticipation to the next two new episodes.

I don't own you of Hetalia!
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