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December 9, 2012
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 Once more, you watched as Prussia slipped out of the house. Christmas Eve and all that man could do was leave everyone to their own business. Sure he was used to being alone but that didn't mean he always had to be.

 Going to the door, you grabbed your gloves and scarf before rushing out the door after him. 'Stubborn nation...' you thought quietly to yourself, finding his figure in the distance, blending in with the white of the falling snow.

 Chasing after him, you felt your mind dizzying. What could he possibly be doing for the umpteenth time for the night that caused him to leave his family and friends behind on the holidays?

 You stayed near behind, watching as he walked along the snowy streets of Berlin. Not many people were out, a car or two rushing by as you followed quietly behind him.

 After awhile, he stopped at a cement wall, no specifics behind it. There was graffiti littering it and the age obviously showed. Parts were broken and torn away from the original structure.

 You watched as he paused in front of it, putting a hand on top of it and slowly walked along, his fingers brushing against it. Still being a young nation yourself, you saw no significance of this at that point.

 Walking closer to him, you could hear nothing of the outside. His head turned towards you as you came closer. He didn't seem fazed but he paused and waited for you to come over.

 As you came nearer, you could see a grin on his face. "You shouldn't be so worried about me. I bet everyone is wondering where you went by now."

 "What about you Gil?" You noted softly, stepping beside him. "I bet your brother gets worried when you leave like this..."

 "He gets me." He muttered with an unenthusiastic smile. "No one understands me better than him..."

 Both of you stood in silence, looking towards this wall on concrete. "How many stories have I told you kid?"

 "A few..." You whispered, looking towards him. "A fairly good amount actually about how 'awesome' you were when you were little..."

 "I never told you any of my struggles." He breathed. "'re still young. You may looks at least (age) but you still have a lot of experience on your back because of us older nations. But you might not be able to understand the pain some of us still carry.

 "We remember all of our country's history like the back of our hands." Without warning, his took his shirt and ripped it off, showing you scars. You pressed your hand against his back where it looked like someone lashed him. Long, thin strokes reached all the way down his back.

 He chuckled slightly, not bothering to do anything else. "The Berlin Wall...hey, you ever hear about what happened to Germany after the Second World War ended?"

 "We'll yeah," you said, tracing the longest scar on his back,"Germany was divided between America, France and Britain and the Soviet Union."

 "Ja, and which side was given to the soviets?"

 "The East...side..."

 Looking at his crimson eyes, once so full of life now dulling. " weren' know..."

 "Those were the longest years of my life." He said gently, taking your hand off his back. "During those times, you can't expect us to be the same. Our bosses can manipulate us. One country can turn on another. For all you know, West could declare war on you in a day's time."

 He sneeze, making you realize that he was frozen. "Prussia, put your shirt back on before you get sick..."

 Once again, he chuckled and put his sweatshirt on, holding himself for warmth. "Sorry if I'm boring you. I'm an old man, it just kind of happens sometimes."

 "Not at all..." You whispered, wrapping your arms around one of his. "Who was the one who..."

 "Russia." He nearly spit. "He was very violent back then. I was locked up and chained to the wall. Every day, he'd come down and punish me. As you saw, sometimes it was more severe than others.

 "The only thing that got me going was Christmas Day. The first Christmas after the country was split. Russia let my brother visit me. Even then, I probably looked head already had to be wrapped...a hard hit to the head.

 "I remember West looked better but not great. It took him awhile to heal...but when he saw me for the first time in months, he broke down and cried. The strong man I knew him...reduced to my little brother once more.

 "I got taken off my chains for the first time in awhile." He took your hand gently and squeezed it. "I didn't spend a lot of time with him...but I told him to keep going on. That I'd be back for him. That's what kept me going.

 "I remember when the wall fell. I was so weak back then and yet I was with the other East Berliners tearing down this damned thing. I remember my hands were bleeding...I think I might've lost a nail tryin' to tear it down.

 "When I saw West in the middle of the crowd on the other side, I pushed past everyone to just be with him again. He wrapped his arms around me and I nearly passed out. Then he told me...he told me that..."

 "You didn't know your country disbanded..." You finally whispered.

 "I became Russia's property only a few months after the war ended. He never told me. He knew but he never told me." His voice softened. "1947, Prussia disbanded while I was locked away. And yet, I never vanished.

 "I can go at any time. And I want to spend time with everyone before I do. But I'm confused..." He paused, biting his lip until blood surfaced. "If I put good memories in their minds...I don't want anyone to suffer anymore. Suffer because of me."

 Releasing your grip on his hand, you hugged the midsection of his body and rested your head on his shoulder. "They'll only suffer more if they know though...if they knew you had the chance to spend time with them and you didn't."

 "You're probably right..." He said silently. For awhile after, you stood in silence, listening to only the wind blowing as snowflakes fell. "How about we get back. You're getting really cold."

 "A few more minutes..." You said silently, just reading the words on the walls. "No one'll mind."

 His fingers laced with yours, giving your hand a soft squeeze. "I'm still pretty damn awesome, right...?"

 Giggling, you nodded. "Of course you are...just don't leave us're really important to more people than you know."


 When you both stepped back in the house, you were met with a group of relieved faces. Germany pushed past all of them, hugging his brother and whispering something in German to him.

 His blue eyes darted towards you and a small smile fell on his face. He lipped the words 'thank you' before pulling away and clearing his throat. "You two should know better than to wander off on Christmas! Everyone was wondering where on this planet you both disappeared off to!"

 Prussia grinned and slung his arm around his brother's neck. "West! You gotta chill out man! We just went out for a lovers walk! Come on ________! We gotta find us some mistletoe and dance the night away!"

 Your face burnt red as he pulled you closer, his face showing lust but his eyes showing thankfulness. "When you get tired, I'll let you lay in bed with me if you want...!"

 He winked but you didn't know if he was kidding about what he was saying to go along with what he did. His lips gently pressed against your forehead before he pulled away.

 The hours passed quickly. Prussia didn't leave your side that entire night, holding your hand tightly and drinking heavily. You laughed together and drank together.

All in all, that must've been one of the best nights that not only you, but ever nation that attended had for a long time.

 The Prussian danced around with you, assuring about every three seconds that you were having a good time. He held you close and spun you around in circles happily.

 He gave you a sip of his beer every now and again, telling his friends about how you two were going to start dating and gently kissing your lips. If he felt like he needed to go out, you'd step out with him and assure him he wasn't wasting his time with anyone.

 As the hours rolled by, you noticed other countries beginning to fall asleep or passing out everywhere. When you began getting tired, Prussia smiled and laid you down on the couch, laying beside you.

 He wrapped your fingers gently around the iron cross of his, giving your hand a quick kiss. "Ich liebe dich __________..." He said with a small smile.

 Shutting your eyes, you slowly drifted off in his arms as well. "Ich liebe dich auch..."

 You remember falling asleep beside the Prussian, holding his pale hand gently as you snuggled against his chest. The next morning when you woke up though, the only thing there was his iron cross necklace left in your hand.

 Shooting up, you looked around to see if he was anywhere. All those in the house lay asleep. Going around the house, you held his necklace clutched to your chest. When you went back into the living room, you noticed people starting to stir.

 Germany sat up, his head most likely throbbing from a hangover. But it didn't take long to notice the tears in your (e/c) eyes. Before he could ask, you shook your head.

 "He knew he was leaving last night..." A small cry escaped your lips. "He knew he wasn't going to be here today...

 "Germany. dead..."
On the ninth day of Christmas
I give you 9 ladies dancing.

So guys...
Did I do a better job this year in comparison to the Germany insert from last year?

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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ShadowVampiress Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The story is great though TTvTT
mikmik121 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
Thanks. ^^
madame-North Featured By Owner Edited Jul 27, 2014
This one was a good one. Danke for your time and hard work for our fandom. The message was very clear. No one, and nothing last forever. Whether it be HRE or mein bruder Pru, nothing lasts. The feels were amazingly done. I know I may be cold and heartless at times, but that made me remember that the world is a wonderland full of feelings and life. Before I start bawling out the oceans, I want to personally say from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Grazie. Danke. Xiexie. Merci. Arigato. Gracias. However you say it is fine with me. Keep up the good work! If possible, can you make some more of that wonderful stuff?
mikmik121 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
Ah what a nice comment! I'm really glad you enjoyed the story and I've been trying my hardest to continue writing although sometimes it's...difficult as weird as it seems. Thank you for reading!
Also I'm assuming since you're going to cry oceans, you might want some tissues to dry them up. ^^
RoKurosawa Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Student Writer
*sobs uncontrollably* why did you die Prussia? (Good story by the way, though it did make me cry)
mikmik121 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014
shadowzluver4ever Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
dang! I mean you made me so happy and then broke my heart all in the same story! and it was absolutely brilliant. like honestly sometimes really dramatic and sad endings are fitting. I love you so much for this!! 
mikmik121 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013
Awww thanks~
Pika-PikaCuteness Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013
sakuramelodysong Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Student
*crying non stop* so sad TT ^ TT. But this was beautiful. Great job making this
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