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September 3, 2012
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  The water felt cool as it enveloped your body. You didn't try to fight it. You couldn't swim. Struggling would just waste your energy faster. Whoever pushed you off the edge must've been feeling really good about themselves now.

  Here's the story: you got a letter in the mail that was seemly written by your best friend and long-time crush Gilbert Beildschmidt. The letter told you to meet him at a cliff, overlooking the ocean.

  Thinking he was going to admit he had feelings for you, you went. While waiting for him, you sat on the edge, watching the waves hit against the rocky edge.

  Someone came up from behind you, making you turn only enough to see a female face with a grin before you were falling into the ocean. Now you rest in the ocean, your watery grave awaiting.

  A wave pushed you forward, slamming you into the side and knocking all the remaining air in your body out. Trying to swim upwards, struggling for air, you tried swimming upwards once more. 

  The world started fading into black, you choked in water accidentally. Everything felt numb around you, everything so calm. Until something grabbed your arm, pulling you upwards until you broke the surface. Then, everything. went blank.


  Outside where you lay, something smashed loudly, jostling you from your peaceful sleep. The one noticeable thing you caught first was that you weren't in your room. Upon further inspection, you were able to concur that this was Gilbert's room.

  Second, you noticed that you weren't in your clothes but rather, someone else's baggy teeshirt. Again, you were quickly able to figure that it was one of Gilbert's old shirts. Realization hit in a second when you figured someone had to take the wet clothes off of your forlorn body.

  "...Vhat if you voke _________ up-!" The door flew open to Gilbert's younger brother, Ludwig. Gilbert poked his head in, looking towards you before pushing past his brother and going to your side. "Bruder, leave her alone-"

  "I-It's fine Ludwig..." You said in a low voice, croaky and sticky. "Gil...what happened...?"

  "Someone pushed you of ze vas one of popular girls. I vas coming over und I saw zem push you over and I jumped down to save you." He leaned forward, engulfing you in a hug. "I vas vorried...don't ever do zat to me again..."

  You brought your arms around him, resting your head on his shoulder despite the pain coursing through you. Looking towards Ludwig, you saw him smile before leaving you both alone.

  "Gil...calm down..." You whispered softly, rubbing his back weakly,"I'm...I'm fine...please calm down...i-it's not awesome..."

  He let you go, chuckling at your comment. "Sorry __________, I lost mein awesomeness for ein minute." He rubbed the back of his neck nervously with a smile. "I vas scared for avhile, you know?"

  Taking your hand, he sat beside you and massaged it softly. "Are you hungry? Do you need anything?"

  "Did you call my parents...?" You asked in a soft voice, looking over towards him again. He nodded again, letting you relax. 

  "Bruder call zem und told zem vat happened. Vest also took care of zhose other girls for you so don't vorry."

  Resting your head on his arm, you smiled. "Thank you Gilbert..."

  He kissed your forehead, taking you completely off-guard. Both of your cheeks flushed at the contact, forcing him to pull away in shock. The room fell into an unsettling silence. Hoping to break it, you muttered something in a low tone.

  Gilbert looked over curiously, one eyebrow raised. "Was?"

  "I-Ich...ich liebe...dich...Gil..."

  He responded quickly with a laugh, hollow and dry,"I...I knew you'd say zat...vhy...?"

  Your eyes widened in horror, a knot twisting in your stomach. "W...What...? I-"

  "___________, I almost lost you..." Moving away, Gilbert refused to make eye contact. "If I vould've been zhere five minutes sooner...zen..."

  "Gil. Stop..." Getting up, you shakily moved towards him, quickly throwing your arms around him in a hug. "If you were there five minutes later, I would've died...I could've died Gil..."

  He nodded, grabbing you and pulling you up into a kiss. It lasted a second but it was sweet. When he moved away you saw tears staining his eyes but a smile on his face. "You really are ze most awesome girl I've met liebling...ich liebe dich auch..."

  Your knees buckled, forcing you to fall only to be picked up in Gilbert's arms,"Keseses~ Can't stay out of mein arms, can you frau?"

  Smiling, you snuggled closer into his shirt,"I guess not Mr. Awesome Pants..."

  Again he laughed his usual laugh and laid you back down in bed, jumping beside you and holding you close to him. "Vhy don't you try to get some sleep liebling. It's been a long day for you."

  You nodded, wrapping your arms around him and burrowing your head in his chest. "Gilbert...?"

  "Hm? Vhat's wrong?"

  "You smell fishy..."
I don't even know about the last line.
I derped, okay.
I'm a derp cake.

Commish for :iconclouds-kid-1:

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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:iconprussiaderpplz: Derp Prussia is an awesome derp. XD I loved this and I thought it was written very well! ~
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Zat last line sounds exactly like somezing I vould sayXD
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Awsome ^-^ (True Story)
The German words were funny (yep im German)
Did you translate them by yourself? Or with Google Translation ♥?

xoxo Chibii ♥
mikmik121 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
Some by myself, some by google. ^^; I'm not German and my mom tried to teach me when I was little but I didn't exactly learn.
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I love the way you portray the Awesome One! :iconhappytearsplz: It's just so touching! :icontouchedplz:
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i read the last line and bursted into the library XD i got kicked out......LOL good story
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I'm sorry. XD
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