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July 9, 2012
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  "Prussia! Quit squirming around!" You snapped as you tightened the white bandages on his forearm.

  The second you did so, the albino jumped. "So unawesome! You need to be careful with the awesomeness ___________!"

  "Shut up." Looking at the various cuts and bruises you have yet to tend to. "So Gilbo, who did you piss off this time?"

  "Russia~!" He exclaimed, bare chest slightly puffed out and a cocky grin on his face. "Couldn't handle my awesomeness! Knocked him out with one arm behind my back!"

  Sick of the man's cocky attitude, you tugged painfully on a strand of his white hair. "Ow! Hölle heil frau! You have some muscle on you! Almost as awesome as mine."

  You watched with a poker face as he started flexing in front of you. "You know I don't have to take care of you, right? I'm just here to help your brother out."

  "Pffff! Screw Vest." His raised his eyebrows suggestively before bringing himself closer to you,"You know you vant mein awesomeness-"

  As he said it, you hit him right where it counted and walked away with a content smile. Going to another room, you poked your head in to see the albino's little brother sitting at a desk engrossed in his work.

  "Mr. Ludwig...?" The blond turned his head to face you, a small smile on his lips,"Do you need anything...? Anything at all...?"

  "Nein, danke." He turned around, getting back to his work. Before you could slip back out of his study, he spoke up again,"Vait ein minute..." Bringing yourself into full view, you waited. "Just...give mein bruder some company."

  "Ludwig! I've been trying! He's-"

  "Ja, ja, I know." Germany cut off, turning around in his office chair and standing up. He came up to you, placing a comforting hand on your shoulder,"He's a good man...a bit hot-headed und obnoxious but, he means vell."

  "But Germany, I-"

  "I know, I know!" He snapped, shutting you up again. "I've been vorried about him. He doesn't tell me anyzhing anymore. I'm vorried about him..." You lowered your head a bit,"Listen, you're ze only one he talks to und trusts...just give him some time."

  Looking to the ground with feet shifting, you sighed. "Fine..."

  "Danke. Now scoot." Ludwig moved you out of the room, giving you a slight push forward. The door shut behind you and you knew you'd have to get back to the Prussian.

  When you got back to the living room, you saw the Prussian wrapping his own wounds, tears falling off his face. Worry suddenly filled you, making you rush to his side and pull his face up.

  His red eyes widened seeing you there with such concern. "G-Go avay...I don't look awesome enough-"

  "Shut up." You mumbled, wiping the tears away from his face. "What's the matter with you...?"

  He pushed himself away from you, wiping his face feverishly. "Prussia...?" He shook his head, ignoring you.

  Knowing you weren't cracking the surface anytime soon, you continued to disinfect his cuts and wrapping them while he worked on calming down. You brushed your hand through his hair until he flinched.

  Sighing, you pulled his head up again to look in his red eyes,"Did Russia hit you over the head...again?"

  He didn't say anything, just lowering his head. "You know I won't think you're a weakling if you-"

  You were halted as the albino wrapped his arms around you, crying into your shoulder. "Gilbert...?"

  "I-I feel veak...I used to be such a powerful empire...und zen..." You wrapped your arms around him as well as you could. "Zen zat stupid Austrian took Hungary avay from me...I feel so alone...! I feel alone!"

  "Prussia! For God's're a grown some..." Stopping, you held him closer. "Just calm's's're not alone."

  He lifted his head off your shoulder, looking at you with watery eyes,"I'm not...?"

  "Of course have your little brother...a-and Kiku...and what about Spain and France? They're all your friends!" He lowered his head again, his chin resting on your shoulder. "A-And you have me..."

  "Hm...?" He lifted his head again, looking at you. "Y-You mean it frau...?"

  "Well, you and Germany kind of own my soul..." You gave a nervous laugh and changed back into a serious mode. "But...if you need someone to talk to...I'm right here..."

  "I feel so pathetic..." He whimpered. "I'm not awesome...everyone hates me..."

  "No one hates you..."

  "But no one loves me either..."

  Moving away slightly, you looked at his face. "You don't know that for sure though..."

  "Ja, I do..." He whimpered.

  You pressed your forehead against his. "You're such a know that right?"

  Before he could ask, you pulled in for a gentle kiss. Your face burned a dark red by the time you pulled away. His face held utter confusion, the tears ceasing to spill. "You don't know that for sure..."


  Taking his face in one hand, you used the other to clean off some small scratches. " me...?" You buried your face, burning even more,"Oh my God! You like me!"

  "S-So what if I do...?" You stuttered, trying to hide your embarrassment.

  "You think I'm awesome!" His lips smashed into yours once more, all sad vibes gone. He bent you back a bit, putting more passion into the kiss before breaking off. "Say it...tell me I'm awesome."

  A small smile dawned,"'re awesome."

  He pulled you back up to his lips, giving you another kiss feeling so much better.
Hurhurhur- //shot
Requested by :iconbluerose269:

So...I'm up to my 6th request...I'll post some of the others later...
The Russia one is so short though! And it was fuled on thunderstorms again! :iconragefaceplz:

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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Prussia is the king of awesome and I am the queen of awesomeness

they are two different things!

I am also imagining Prussia being like :iconprussiabushplz::iconfanplz:
Blakemckayla Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014
Oh my god those gifs are perfect together
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I know! They are meant to be next to each other!
Elisavetaawesome12 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Student General Artist
I AM SO AWESO-//shot by that Prussian
SamanthaBowman28 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013
ERMERGERD! This was really good!!! Can you do a England X Reader one? PLEEEAAAASSEEE!!!!! With a cherry on top!
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I'm not taking requests right now, sorry. ^^;
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"Danke. Now scoot."-Germany
Funniest line ever!!! Reminds me of when I tell some of co-workers/friends to Scoot da boot!
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So cut we~
ichigosakura17 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013
XD umm i know this is a weird question but are you really a parent?
mikmik121 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013
A parent? Like do I have kids?
No, no I'm not. I'm too young to have my own family :iconsweatplz:
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