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March 21, 2012
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  Finland held the unconscious bundle close to his body, offering the child some warmth in the snowy land he lived in,'How could anyone even have the heart to let a poor homeless girl stay in the snow?'

  The poor kid was all alone by a burnt home all by herself. He knew that someone had to have passed her and left her all alone. She couldn't have been no more than two or three. He didn't even know if her parents were even alive or if they just left her, not knowing if she was.

  He made it to the door of his house and opened the door a bit loudly. "S-Sweden...!? Are you home...!?" He didn't wipe his boots off or take his coat off as he usually did. Rather, he brought the girl to the couch and examined her face better in the light.

  He heard footsteps (followed by smaller footsteps) coming from up the stairs. Finland took little notice and saw the little girl had ash on her face and slight burns on her hands and arms.

  Sweden came up rather silently from behind followed by Hanatamago. The little white dog went up beside Finland while Sweden towered over him,"Who's that...?"

  "I-I don't know...I was just walking by and I saw her unconscious alone in the snow." He directed his attention to Sweden for a quick second,"I think her house might've burnt down." He eyes returned to the little girl's figure laying on the couch,"I couldn't just leave her to die."

  Sweden took a seat beside Finland, taking his coat off his shoulders,"I'm not mad..." He stood up again, hanging Finland's coat up and going upstairs for a moment. He came back down with two towels in hand.

  He placed one on Finland's head before wrapping the small child up and rubbing her shoulders to try and warm her up. "S-so now what are we gunna do?" Finland cried a bit,"I'm worried she might not make it...a-and-!"

  "She'll be okay..." Sweden mumbled a bit. "She's warming up a bit..."

  Finland nodded, blinking out a few tears from his violet eyes. "I'm going to change into something warm. Just make sure she's okay until I get back." He ran towards the stairs, Hanatamago barking at him in a state of confusion but Finland barely took notice and he calmed down once he was out of sight.

  Sweden picked the small girl up and sat down, holding her close to him and looking at her face. He brushed a few of her (h/c) hairs out of the way of her face, getting a better look. She had such a peaceful look on her (s/k) face which was a bit pale but was regaining it's rosy color.

  He placed pointer and middle fingers on her cheek, stroking it gently and causing her to open her (e/c) eyes a bit. He pulled his hand away, a bit too shocked to do anything else. She sat up a bit (with Sweden's help) and took his hand. She looked up to scan his face before locking eyes with his. He could tell she was tired and worn, but she still ended up crying a bit.

  Sweden, a bit confused with the situation to begin with just pulled her closer to him, trying to give her a bit more comfort than he offered before. "Do you have a name...?"

  She nodded a bit, wiping her eyes a bit with her small hands. Sweden wiped her eyes carefully with the edge of his shirt as she spoke a bit,"M-momma...*hic* a-and papa...*hic* a-and everything is gone...*hic* I-I'm scared..."

  He repositioned the little girl in his arms, putting her head on his shoulder and stroking her hair a bit as she clung onto his shirt a bit,"What's your name...?"

  "_-_________..." She said quietly, her body shaking a bit,"Don't huwt me...I-I'm sowwy...I didn't do anything..." Hanatamago jumped on the couch beside Sweden, whimpering a bit as Finland came down the stairs, noticing the girl crying into Sweden's shoulder,"I didn' do nufin..."

  Sweden nodded a bit as Finland approached them, watching the girl carefully and sitting down beside Sweden, taking Hanatamago and placing her onto his lap. "What happened Sve?"

  "She said something about her parents leaving..." He muttered, stroking the girl's hair once more,"Do your hands hurt...?" He pulled the girl away and she looked at him with watery eyes and nodded.

  Finland felt his heartstrings tug when he saw her broken expression. "I'll wrap them up so you don't hurt them any worse...we have burn cream in the kit, right Sve?" He nodded towards Finland as he went off to the bathroom.

  Hanatamago went beside the girl and sat down, looking quite curiously at her. She smiled a bit, petting her light and puffy hair, calming you down slightly in the meanwhile before Finland came back and opening the first-aid kit on the couch. He pulled out a little tube of ointment and smiled sheepishly at _________ before turning to Sweden. "Did she tell you her name Sve?"

  "_________." He said with his voice monotonic as usual.

  Finland smiled again and faced the girl,"I'm sorry, this might hurt a bit but I swear you'll feel better after, okay?" She nodded as he rubbed the cream together in both his hands before gently spreading it on her arms. Her eyes were full of tears but she bit her lip and went through without complaining.

  Finland smiled cheerfully at her,"That was the worst part, I swear. I'm just going to wrap your arms up to keep them from getting worse." Again, she nodded and he wrapped her arms and hands up carefully. She didn't seem to protest much or even show much pain from it at all.

  When he finished, he kissed her forehead,"You're such a brave girl _________."

  She nodded, yawning a bit and holding her arms out to him,"M-mommy..." He smiled and picked her up from Sweden's lap, placing her on his lap and supporting her head with his upper arm. "You're really nice..."

  "My name is Finland...and this is my friend Sweden." He explained with a cheerful tone in his voice,"We're going to take good care of you, okay sweetie? You don't need to worry about it."

  She nodded again before shutting her eyes and falling asleep in Finland's arms. He dried some stray tears that were on her face and kissed her forehead before handing her over to Sweden who seemed a bit appalled at first. Though he seemed to calm down after a moment.

  Finland went to clean up the kit but leaving it on the coffee table for later and then to the kitchen to feed Hanatamago. When he went back to the living room, he noticed that Sweden also had fallen asleep and laid himself out on the couch with _________ in his arms.

  Finland went over and sat beside them, running his hands through Sweden's blond hair a bit before taking his glasses off and going up to his room to grab a blanket and bringing it back down to place over _________'s and Sweden's shoulders before sitting beside them.

  __________ reached forward and grabbed a bit of Finland's light blond hair gently,"M-mommy..."

  He took her into his arms and smiled a bit sadly,"What's wrong _________? I thought you were sleeping with daddy..."

  "I want my mommy..." She cried a bit. "I miss my mommy..."

  He guided her head to his chest, letting her cry out on his shirt and trying to calm her down,"It's okay...please calm down and Sweden are your mommy and daddy and we aren't gunna let anything happen to you."

  She nodded in his shirt as she sniffled and hiccuped a bit. He tilted her head upward and wiped her face,"I don't want you loosening your bandages..." Picking her up, he carried her upstairs,"Let's get you something dry to wear and then you can go back to sleep, okay?"

  She nodded as he walked into his room. He found something for her to wear even though it was just an oversized tee-shirt she used as a nightgown. After he had gotten her dressed, he picked her off the ground, noticing her lulling back into sleep.

  He pecked her forehead as he walked down the aging and groaning stairs back to Sweden who was still asleep on the couch. But the time he had brought her back, she had fallen asleep.

  Finland shook his shoulder, waking him up,"Sve...?" His aqua eyes opened up to face Finland's innocent face staring back at you. "Do you maybe want to move to your room...?"

  He sat up, nodding as Finland guided him blindly to his room. Once he had laid himself down, he placed _________ beside him, wrapping her up in the blankets and kissing her forehead.

  "Do you want to stay with us tonight...?" He asked before Finland had a chance to leave.

  "Fine, just let me get your glasses-"

  "It's okay..."

  "F-fine. If that's w-what you want." He climbed in under the sheets beside _________ and felt a bit calmer. Sweden put his arm around both of them and shut his eyes to avoid further confrontation with Finland.

  After a moment, Finland calmed down and fell asleep himself, holding his new daughter close to him. That is until a random thought ran through him mind,'We're gunna have to tell the others...'
For the Spamano reader...
Plum out of ideas. ^^;
The play is getting to me. All of my creativity is like gone and this is the only thing I managed to squeeze out of it.
I need to start making single reader inserts.
Don't know about a part 2 here...

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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