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February 5, 2013
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 "P-Pa..." You whimpered quietly, shaking the man's shoulder gently. "Pa...I'm s-scared...! P-Pa, wake up...!" An explosion outside made you cringe and throw yourself at him in hysterics. "Pa! Wake up! P-Please wake up!"

 The man shifted, groaning slightly as he reached over and tried to turn the lamp on his nightstand on. It didn't come on. Noticing this, he sat up to look towards you crying on his lap.

 "What's wrong...?"

 Looking up, you threw your arms around his neck and snuggled close. "I-I got scared f-from the storm a-and when I tried to t-turn the lights t-they didn't turn on...! I-I'm scared p-pa!"

 Lifting you up into his arms, he gently began to rub your back. Your 'pa' was a young Dutch man named Tim, a very quiet and reserved man who adopted you months earlier. You were rather shy and timid yourself, not wanting to live with some stranger for the rest of your life.

 But regarding the circumstances of a thunderstorm, you quickly ran into his room to find some source of comfort. He buried your face in his shoulder, trying to hide you from the storm. "It's okay...just a storm..."

 "B-But the lights...!"

 "Don't worry..." He mumbled, walking you out of his room as thunder boomed overhead. He went into the kitchen, going through drawers and pulling something out.

 Once done, he began carrying you back and threw the sheets of both your heads, sitting up. He turned on a light, keeping you under the sheets as he went to grab something.

 When he came back, he went beneath the sheets with you, holding his rabbit in his arms. You gave a questionable look until you noticed the creature shaking as well. "She gets scared too..."

 Reaching out, you began to softly let her fur, only wanting her to calm down. Noticing your care for the creature, he smiled and calmly laid the bunny on his sheets, allowing you to pet her. Tim stroked your (h/c) hair gently, making you lay down in his arms as you stroked her fur.

 As you calmed down and began to fall asleep, he took the small bunny and rested on his pillow, turning the flashlight off and laying you down on his stomach. Brushing your arm, he listened as your breath shallowed and you fell asleep peacefully in his arms. He allowed himself to smile as he fell asleep as well.


 The next morning, you found yourself alone in bed. Panicked, you shot up and looked around. On the pillow, the bunny still lay asleep, curled up in a ball and it's breaths coming in and out. "Pa...?"

 After a moment of silence, you climbed out of bed and rushed through the halls. You quickly tripped, falling face-first on the floor. For a second, you lay there before sitting up and putting your face in your knees.

 Tears fell from your eyes and suddenly cries escaped you. Someone came towards you, lifting you up and massaging little circles in your back to calm you down. "P-Pa...!"

 "Don't worry..." He grumbled, going back to his room and sitting down with you. Gently, he began to wipe your tears away and pressed a kiss where a bruise was starting to form. "Wanna help make breakfast...?"

 Nodding, you stood up and allowed him to lead you down the hallway slowly, waiting if you slowed down any more. When you went in the kitchen, he sat you on the counter and started pulling out ingredients.

 For the rest of the morning, you spent making pancakes (and a mess) and spending time together. He calmly cleaned up any messes made, giving a small smile as he did and patted your head.

 Once finished eating, you sat down in the living room and curled up, watching as his rabbit scampered around the room. When Tim came in, he noticed you looking towards the corner and noticed the little ball of fluff.

 He went towards her, picking her up and bringing her over to you. You stoked her fur as she nestled in your lap, quickly settling herself and falling asleep. Leaning on Tim's side, you looked up and smiled to have him stroke your (h/c) head.

 Shutting your eyes, you began to fall asleep once more. "'m glad you're my daughter..." He mumbled, letting you flop on his lap and fall asleep.
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