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March 25, 2012
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  The next morning, you awoke to your own bedroom. Your mommy and daddy were asleep on the floor though, apparently as wiped out as you were when they got home and fell asleep on the floor after tucking you in.

  "Daddy..." You squeaked a bit shyly while getting out of bed,"I'm hungry..."

  He shifted a bit on the floor, propping himself up with his elbow and sighing a bit,"Guten Morgen __________..." He smiled a bit, standing up and kneeling beside you and kissing your forehead. "Do you vant to come vith me to get some breakfast?"

  Your eyes sparkled,"Of course daddy!" He smiled, messing your (h/c) hair up a bit before standing up, grabbing your mommy off the floor, slinging him over his shoulder and leaving you.

  Dressing yourself up in a cute little dress and sandals, you ran out of your room, ready to meet the spring morning with a bound in your step and a smile on your face.

  Your daddy was waiting for you and picked you up off the ground, smiling towards you,"So do you want zhose pretzels you like so much?" Nodding, you wrapped your arms around his neck. You felt him place his hand on your back,"Ich Liebe Dich _________."

  "I love you too vati..." He carried you to the car, sitting you in the backseat and smiling at you.

  He drove you to the bakery and immediately, you loved it. The aroma was so calm and cheerful while the air smelt like fresh food. Those who worked there seemed happy and relaxed.

  Your daddy carried you in, holding you close. He spoke complete German so you could barely understand one word, even though you were able to pick out one or two words.

  The woman in front walked away for a moment. Your daddy kissed the top of your (h/c) head,"Do you think ve should get anyzhing for your mutti?"

  "He can go to Mcdonalds!" You chirped and laughed a bit.

  He chuckled a bit,"Ja, but zhat's not very nice. Let's get somezhing for him too."

  You pretended to pout for a second but giggled, breaking the act,"Okay then. I think mommy needs to watch his weight too. He's been eating a lot of hamburgers and he's gunna get fat."

  The woman came back and gave him a brown bag which smelt like the sweet, delicious breakfast you loved so much. He thanked the woman, payed and left with you.

  He brought you home and you helped set up the table. "___________, go vake up your mutti."

  Nodding in agreement, you ran up the stairs to your parents' room, knocking on the door and opening the door a bit. He was asleep on the bed with the pillow in his arms,"G-Germany..." You stepped in a bit,'He's dreaming about daddy...?' Climbing onto his bed, you shook his shoulder but he didn't budge,"We were best friends..."

  "Mommy...wake up..." You said, pushing him off the bed and waking him up. He sat up in a start, looking at you worried and confused,"We have breakfast for you mommy!"

  He smiled, rubbing the back of his head and picking you up off the bed,"Okay, let's go downstairs and get something in your tummy." He lifted you into the air and rested you on his shoulders,"Come on! We need to hurry so you have the energy to beat the evil villain!"

  Giggling as your mommy ran down the stairs with you on his shoulder and into the kitchen, you felt as happy as you could ever be. You loved your family so much. Mommy went up to daddy and kissed his cheek,"Good morning honey~" He chimed, placing you on your seat.

  You went and grabbed a roll off a plate in the middle and managed to messily cut it in half to put butter in the middle and take a bite of the warm bread. Looking out the window to the crystal clear day, you smiled.

  Your parents sat down and started eating something themselves. When you all finished, you ran outside the back door and into the yard. Your mommy ran out afterwards, scooping you in his arms,"So you wanna go on an adventure with the hero?"

  Laughing, you nodded,"Alright! But you're the villain!"

  "But I'm the hero! I can't be the villain!" He tossed you in the air a bit, catching you as gravity pulled you back down but falling backwards onto the ground. Your daddy was walking outside now with a smile on his face,"So Germany~? Wanna play a game~?"

  "If you're going to ask if I want to be zhe villain, Nein." He sat down in the grass, looking towards the two of you,"It vant funny zhe first time und it von't be funny now."

  You and your mommy signed in defeat but decided to play tag instead. Both of you ran around in circles around the backyard but you felt bad about leaving him out so the next time your mommy tagged you, you ran to your dad and tapped his shoulder,"You're it."

  Worried he wouldn't do anything, you stood still for a moment before he poked your forehead and smiled,"You're it." He leaned over and whispered something into your ear. You pulled away, smiling and nodding towards him before running to your mommy.

  When he passed Germany, he sprung to his feet and tagged him,"You're it you dumbkopft."

  "W-wait...wasn't _________-!"

  "Nein. She tagged me before."

  All three of you ran around having fun for a few hours, changing games up every now and then until you were tired out. All of you sat down by a tree in the back while your mommy gently combed your (h/c) hair and lulling you into sleep.

  America sighed,"This reminds me of when we were little." Germany grunted in agreement,"You know, I was dreaming of that one day when we made that promise."

  Germany's interest perked up a bit and he lifted his balance off the tree,"Vhat do you mean? I don't remember any promises."

  "When we were little dude!" He smiled, reminiscing in the past,"We promised that we'd meet again...and though I missed you so much after that one day you left...I always clung onto that promise..."

  "I'm glad ve're friends..." Germany muttered silently. "Even if you are one of zhe most obnoxious people I've ever met...I'm glad ve're friends."

  "Hey, let's make a promise now." He held his pinkie out and Germany reluctantly did the same,"Let's never leave each other again...for _________'s sake."

  Germany nodded, pulled America's face closer to his own and kissing him lightly before pulling away,"Promise."
Seriously dudes, if you've never had freshly made German bread (especially those pretzels) you have yet to live. I LOVE THAT SHIZZ!!!

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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