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September 22, 2012
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  Getting woken up at late hours during this time of year was rather habitual with a 5 year old in the house. With hot, muggy weather came thunderstorms which would affright the poor child.

  Not only that, but being the only girl in the house, the young boy usually looked up to you as more of a mother-figure than a sister. Your mother passed away when you were 7, the day that Ludwig, your youngest brother was born.

  Since then, you and your older brother, Gilbert, having been helping your father care for the boy. Gilbert, who was 12 at the time, took more responsibility with household chores while you helped your father more in taking care of an infant Ludwig.

  Since then, Ludwig has grown rather attached to you. Not that there was anything wrong with that, you loved your little brother with all your heart. It's just that some nights when you're enjoying a nice, peaceful sleep, you'd like to stay in that nice, peaceful sleep.

  "__________, schwester, please wake up..." A loud explosion of thunder woke you up and sent him into hysterics, crying into your shirt. "P-Please wake up...!"

  Sitting up, you hugged him close and tried to calm him down. Gilbert's head poked into the doorway, looking at your shadows in the dark,"What seems to be the problem in here...?" He asked in a sleepy voice.

  Looking up, your (e/c) eyes met with his crimson ones,"Ludwig got scared again..." You half-stifled a yawn before continuing. "I'm okay though..."

  "Schwester, you need to get some sleep..." He muttered in concern, stepping into the room towards you,"This is the third night that Ludwig has woken you up."

  "I'm okay..." You said silently as Gilbert sat beside you. "He's still little Gilbert. I worry about him..."

  Someone else knocked on the door, making all three of you jump in surprise. "I thought all of you would be up..." Flicking on the light switch, you all saw your dad standing there, rubbing his tired blue eyes. "Ludwig woke you up again ___________?"

  "I'm fine..." You said, jouncing the sniffling boy in your arms,"I...I'm fine..."

  He gave you a questionable look, seeing right through your ruse. Picking up Ludwig, he calmed him down before forcing him upon Gilbert,"Go to my bedroom and lay down, okay?"

  Gilbert, now only holding Ludwig, saluted in response before leaving you alone with your dad. "___________, I know your not fine. Tell me what's bugging you."

  He sat down beside you, pulling you under his arm as he did when you were younger. The nostalgic feeling suddenly crushed you, tears began to fall and in no time at all, you were sobbing loudly into his shirt.

  He roughly rubbed your shoulder, coaxing a few of the sobs out of you,"Vati...I miss mutti...I miss her a lot...!"

  Hearing this, you were lifted onto his lap and cradled in his arms like a child should be. "You've been through a lot since mutti left, haven't you liebling...?" Unable to speak, you just nodded into his shirt,"It's okay, I miss her too...we all miss her..."

  You were lifted up in his arms, allowing you to rest your head on his shoulder,"You don't have to be the only one to take care of Ludwig...we're a family. If you're tired, you can just wake me up. Okay?" Again, you nodded into his shoulder. " stop crying."

  It took a while for you to calm down. You were tired, and add on that you've been caring for your brother and missed your mother, the fatigue was crippling for a 12 year old girl.

  Eventually, your need for sleep began to outweigh the need to cry out and you began to nod off in your dad's arms. He smiled and kissed your forehead, carrying you back to his room where your brothers lay nearly asleep. Their heads popped up when you entered the room.

  Your dad laid you down before bringing you under his arm. Ludwig moved closer to you, hugging your arm,"Schwester..."

  "Ludwig," Your dad picked him up and let the boy rest on his chest,"Your schwester is very need to let her sleep tonight, okay?" Ludwig nodded and fell asleep comfortably on his chest.

  Gilbert moved closer to you, wrapping you up in his arms and looking towards your father," she really okay...?"

  "She's just tired...she's been bearing a lot of the weight around here for a long time, she just needed to relax for awhile." He said softly, brushing some of your (h/c) hair gently,"Keep in mind that she's only twelve...just help you schwester if she looks like she needs it Gilbert."

  "Course. You think I'm gunna let my cute little schwester suffer?" He snuggled closer to you, laughing softly as he rubbed his cheek against yours.

  Your dad rolled his eyes,'Something is not right about that boy...'
I have no name for Germania.
He's dad.
Or pops
Or whatever.

I can't think.
No, just.
I'm gunna go cry in a corner.
Sempai, I respect you. You're such a tough character.

Back to description:
Yea, it's a human AU.
Mother died during childbirth.
Gilbert's like 16
You're like 12
Ludwig is 5.
Germania is an old fart because he's your dad.
(jk, he's like 30)

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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GOD this remeders me with my family but are dad passed away than my mom whos around still and great ending what germania said about gil
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Im sorry to hear about your dad though.
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