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October 24, 2012
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  "___________, I shouldn't have pushed you this far..." Monika, your close German friend said softly while massaging your back. "We should've stopped when you began complaining about the pain..."

  "It's fine Monika..." You said softly, resting your head against your arms as her hand worked the knots out of your back. "It was fun while it lasted...even if I wasn't good at it."

  "You did better than I did the first time." She said, working at a certain spot until you breathed in release, the pain ebbing away. "Besides, it doesn't matter if you can't do a cartwheel. It won't matter in battle..."

  "I don't care...!" You pouted, hiding your (e/c) eyes in your warm arms. "Alice can do it! Sakura can do it! You can do it! Why can't I!?"

  She laughed, ruffling your (h/c) hair. "You'll get it one of these days. For now, I suggest you go shower off the dirt on you and put on a clean uniform. Maybe the warm water will relax your muscles frau..."

  "Oh ha ha." You muttered, knowing that the water will be ice-cold. "Maybe I'll tense up more..."

  She sighed, resting a hand on your shoulder. "Listen, I know these conditions aren't exactly...favorable...but we need to hold together. The Allies can't be having it any better than us. Besides, you're the one who wanted to learn how to cartwheel in the first place."

  You uncomfortably stand up, muttering a few complaints in your native tongue as you left. You went to your tent, grabbing a towel and a clean uniform to wear when you finished cleaning off.

  Stepping under the cold water, you felt yourself shudder and quickly wash the dirt off your skin and now wet (h/l)(h/c) hair. Yes, it was a bad decision on your part to try and learn how to cartwheel. Trust me, you'd not make that mistake again. It's just that all the other Axis could do something you couldn't and they learned it at a young age.

  Grumbling, you quickly dried yourself and dressed up in warm clothes, trying to heat is as you went back to your tent. Monika was in there, reorganizing your things as usual. She looked towards you as you entered before going back to her business.

  You quickly went to your sleeping bag and curled yourself within it, frozen to the bone. Again, she sighed before she climbed into the sleeping bag beside you, holding you close and rubbing your cold body. "Holy crap you're cold!"

  "No shit Sherlock!" You snapped, a chill running up your spine ceasing your snapping voice. "T-The showers are below freezing...!"

  Her arms spindled around you, pulling you to her warmth. She rested her head on your back and breathed out. "You're such a pain in the ass...meine gott you're freezing..."

  "Duh..." You nearly hissed, snuggling closer to her and didn't complain about it this time. "Don't leave yet, you're really warm."

  She laughed again and held you close, allowing you to steal her body heat. "I'll teach you how to cartwheel tomorrow if you really want. Although, I won't go easy on you."

  "I'm okay." You muttered, resting your head on her shoulder. "I don't need to know how to do one to get anywhere in life. When I become old and energetic like Julchen, then we'll talk-"

  She kissed your cheek, sending a blush across both yours. "M...Monika...?"

  "You're perfectly fine as you are..." She muttered under her breath, snuggling closer,"Ich liebe dich..."

  Your heart heated rapidly in your chest at her words. Germany rarely ever joked or lied about things like this. She was rather serious about things that needed to be taken seriously. " mean that...?"

  "Of course I do."

  You smiled and snuggled closer to her. "Ich liebe dich auch..."


  Julchen came into your tent early on the next morning, going on with something. "__________! You haven't seen schwester anywhere, have you!? She's not bossin' anyone around like-"

  The second she burst into the tent, she expected you to be half-dressed, scowling at her like usual. What she found was your arms wrapped around her little sister's, your head rested on her shoulder.

  Alice and Sakura came behind, peeking in as well. "Ve~ I think Germany told her Julchen."

  "Keseses~" She laughed in her interesting way. "She has my blood running through her veins! No one can keep away!"

  "Julchen-chan...I don't think she inherits any of your traits." Sakura interjected softly. "But she may have learned things from you."

  "Of course she did! I'm her awesomest role-model!" She combatted with that toothy grin of hers. "She looks pretty happy though. Maybe we should just leave here alone with her new frau."

  You rolled over, revealing bruises on your back (barely covered by a tank top) from your practice cartwheeling the day previous. The three woman cringed slightly before Julchen spoke up,"I never taught my sister about S&M...I didn't know she liked that kind of stuff..."
I guess it's sort of crack. I can't cartwheel and this was partially based off of my friend trying to teach me without with WWII thing and the showering/sleeping bag/confession thing(s).

So, I'm going to say this plainly.
I'm not homosexual or bisexual but I support every single one of you who are. I feel like this has been mentioned before though. ^^; But I love all y'alls no matter what~

Unless you hate.
Lolz, new favorite icon.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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Hehe nope~
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Fem!Germany: *blushing furiously* n-no! It's not like that!!!
Me: *blushing furiously* we could make it like that...
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mikmik121 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
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