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December 23, 2012
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 Noises coming from downstairs awoke you from your peaceful sleep. With the smallest amount of hope, you got out of your bed and slipped silently out of the room, trying not to wake up any of the other girls asleep.

 Soundlessly, you walked down the dark hallways, creeping past the owner's bedroom door and going to the stairs to look down at who was in the large building. Down below, by the 6 foot tall tree stood Santa. But something was off.

 He wore the outfit Santa was depicted but without the jolly belly or the rosy cheeks. Rather, it was a younger male with blond hair holding the sack full of presents and putting them under the tree.

 "You're not Santa." You hissed through the silence, scaring him obliviously. He jumped in his spot, nearly dropping the present he held in his hands. "Either that or all the stories are lies."

 He turned to look at you, sighing,"I don't have time to explain kid...I need to get going-"

 "Why don't you give me a family for Christmas?" You asked suddenly, baffling him again. "No one likes me. They think I'm weird."

 Santa moved closer to the stairs, looking towards you with confusion. "Why is that? You seem okay."

 "I'm different." You stated simply. "I was found outside alone as a baby and I stayed like that for a long time. Then, overnight I turned to this age." You waved your arms dramatically.

 He stood there shocked, looking towards you innocently. "Did you happen to be wearing a silver bracelet when they found you?"

 "Mhm...'cept the mean lady took it off and smelted it." You whispered, climbing down to meet him closer up. "All I know is that 'Greenland' was carved into it..."

 Santa bent over and lifted you into his arms. "I'm gunna make your Christmas wish come true this year...I'll explain everything on the way home."


 "Yeah...home." A smile came on his face.


 On the way to your new home, you had fallen asleep. The person who found you ended up introducing himself as the country of Finland. Who is also apparently Santa Clause. But you were told just to call him Tino.

 Then he began to explain that you and him were alike as well. You were the representation of the country Greenland who was in the possession of another country named 'Denmark.'

 Not even halfway home and you were unconscious from all this overwhelming information. Once home, Finland took your small body and carried you into the house where four confused pairs of eyes met both of your forms.

 "M-Moi..." He mumbled, pulling you closer to his body. "I'll be back in a few minutes...then I'll explain everything..."

  No one spoke so he took it as a sign to carry you up the stairs. No one objected. He carried you to his room, laying you down on his bed and covering you with the blankets and kissing your forehead gently.

 Once he was sure you were okay, he left the room and soundlessly shut the door and crept downstairs. Again, everyone was looking towards him in confusion, a sigh escaping his lips.

 Sitting down, he tore his hat off and threw it to the side. "I have an explanation-"

 "If you have an explanation, then tell us!" Denmark suddenly burst out, throwing his arms up. "It's hard enough having two kids here on occasion but having one here full-time!?"

 "She's Greenland." Finland said firmly, silencing the other. "She was found with a bracelet saying 'Greenland' on it and had an abnormal growth rate of 1 to 5 overnight."

 "She's been missing." Iceland said in a softer voice. "It's highly unlikely that this girl is her."

 "I know it is." Finland retorted gently. "But I feel like she is one of us. Besides, she was in an orphanage. It's not like she had a family. She lived all by her lonesome."

 "I say we let her stay." Norway said, standing up to face the rest. "She doesn't seem...normal."

 The three others nodded as someone began to go down the steps slowly. All eyes turned towards you, rubbing your tired eyes and holding onto the railing which was taller than you. "I heard someone yelling..."

 Finland sighed, shooting an angered glare at Denmark before getting up and going up the stairs. He lifted you into his arms and brought you downstairs. "I just put you to bed sweetie..."

 Sitting down once more, he began brushing your hair. "But the yelling woke me up..."

 "I know. Because some stupid Dane was being too loud." His arms hugged around your warm body, jouncing you slightly. "Do you want to go back to bed ____________?"

 "Can I open one present...?"

 He chuckled, stroking your cheek. "Well, everyone here is one of your presents. ___________, this is Berwald, Mathias, Emil and Lukas...we're your new family from today on."

 "R-Really!?" Your eyes began to shimmer in excitement. "I have a family now?"

 "Of course you do." He allowed you to snuggle closer, hugging him around his neck. "I told you that you'd be coming home with me, didn't I? What did you think?"

 "That you'd leave me back there..." You whispered, snuggling into his chest. "I would go back when I fell asleep..."

 "Nonsense!" He bursted out suddenly, brushing your hair. "You're such a special girl. You shouldn't be living in there, you belong right here, with us."

 Nodding, you snuggled closer. "Here, can you hold her for a minute Lukas?"

 He obliged, coming over and lifting you in his arms but not sitting. "You're a pretty small thing, aren't you? Did they even feed you?"

 "The mean woman took all the money that was supposed to go to everyone for herself..." You whispered, snuggling closer. "She took away my bracelet and smelted it for value and barely fed us..."

 Berwald suddenly took you, protecting you from from the world it seemed. He didn't speak but just held you in his arms. His hand slid under your head, bringing it to his chest. They all crowded around you, just watching you carefully.

 Tears slowly spilled and everyone jumped at once. "H-Hey now kid...what's with all the tears kid...? You're okay now-"

 You clutched onto Mathias' shirt, feeling attached to him suddenly. He lifted you in his arms and gently began to stroke your back. "It's okay kiddo...take a deep's all better now..."

 Once more, you nodded into his shirt and relaxed in his arms. "See...? It's all gunna be okay now..."

 Tino came back in, smiling slightly at the scene he saw. Going over, he took you from Mathias and carried you to the kitchen. Sitting down with you, he began to feed you leftovers from Christmas Eve dinner and coaxing you softly as the others sat and spoke with you.

 You quickly devoured the food and once done, relaxed in Tino's arms. Many had quickly come to realize that you had a close bond to Denmark, asking him a lot of interesting questions. That suddenly brought up the question of whether or not Tino was right.

 After awhile, you had fallen asleep in Tino's arms while the rest spoke in silence. "How about I put her to bed...? It's really early and I think we'd all benefit from some sleep..."

 The group agreed, all going up to their rooms and quickly laid down. Before they could stop it, each member of the household-now including you-were fast asleep in bed.
I have a story for the next three days, including today.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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