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July 8, 2012
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  Hungarycat padded beside Spaincat, worry glistening in her green eyes. " has ___________ been...? She hasn't come out here for awhile now..."

  Spaincat purred, his tail swaying enthusiastically,"She's alright chica. Just a cold, doesn't want to aggravate it any further than she needs to is all."

  Her eyes still held a bit of uncertainty within them. "But...are you sure she's feeling okay...? I'm really worried about her..."

  "Trust me chica, there's nothing to worry about." It took a moment before the persistent she-cat padded off to her own mate. He watched with lighter eyes as they snuggled closer to one another.

  Looking back towards his person's house, his paws itched slightly. He really didn't like leaving you alone with them for a long period of time, especially with the way his person could be.

  He turned his head slightly, looking at his own kitten, growing to be a much bigger young cat. Currently, he was following Monacokit from behind, trying to put the moves on her.

  "Roma!" The young tom turned his head to look at his father,"Come on, we're going home quick!"

  "Are you kidding!? I don't wanna go back yet!" He hissed back.

  Spaincat shook his head slightly, his tail twitching in agitation. "Fine. Can I trust you be by yourself for a little while?"

  "Yea, whatever." He rolled his green eyes. "You're more paranoid than she is..."

  Ignoring the last comment, Spaincat left, walking back towards the house by himself. He knew Romakit was more than capable of being by himself for a few long minute but still felt sour.

  By the time he was back home, he was feeling bad about leaving his child by himself. He scratched at the door until his person came and opened it for him, quickly rushing to where he knew you were.

  Sure enough, you were sleeping, three fluffy kittens napping beside you as well. "Chica..." He used his paw to shake you slightly. "Chica...wake up..."

  You rolled over, opening your (e/c) eyes to look at him,"Why are you back so early...? And where's little Roma...?"

  " you want to go outside with them...?" Spaincat suggested, resting from his short trip. Your eyes held uncertainty, looking at your little kittens,"Chica...they'll be safe...I promise..."

  "But...they're so little..."

  "I brought Romakit there when he was this age...besides, everyone thinks your dead." Sitting up now, he nudged your cheek. "Come on..."

  Getting yourself up, you sighed,"Fine...Perukit...Mexikit...Paraguaykit..." You nestled up each individual of the three, easily taking the two closest to you by the scruffs of their necks.

  Spaincat took the one straddling kitten and padded towards the back door. The three small kittens were meowing in protest, wanting to sleep off the afternoon.

  By the time they were carried outside, they seemed to stop their complaining and took in the sights. They all seemed to take interest in the smallest things, the first time outside in their short lives.

  When you approached the others, the three spoofed their (half-) brother near-instantly and broke away from you. As soon as Romakit saw his younger siblings, he groaned as they pounced. The other cats watched curiously as the new kittens attacked him so happily.

  "Spaincat, you're such a liar!" Hungarycat hissed, coming up to the two of you. "I thought she was dead!"

  "I'm not dead. Just tired out from them." You watched as the three began to run off after a bug. "You three! Stay here where I can see you!"

  Romakit ran after them, rounding them up and bringing them back where they began to chase Itakit. "I'm watching them! Geez, you two were made for each other..."

  "I-I don't want to keep them out here too long..." You stated softly. "I mean they're still so young and all-"

  "Oh, they're fine." Hungarycat convinced you,"The sooner they get used to being outside, the more street smarts they'll get. Trust me, they're old enough. So which one is which?"

  You pointed to one who was alone trying to pounce on Romakit's tail. It was a girl with creamy beige fur, a single brown spot around her left eye, shimmering a beautiful (e/c). "Well, that one is Perukit...she's the oldest of the three and tries imitating her older brother. He doesn't seem to mind usually."

  The next one you pointed to was a little tom, was near entirely brown save the white fur that ran down his chest and tipped his right ear. His eyes were green, much like Spaincat's. "He's Mexikit...energetic little thing he is too." Both of you watched as he knocked Amerikit (and all his loveable 'fluffy') over.

  The third was another tom, crouched down and watching Itakit's tail twitch anxiously. His fur was much like yours, (h/c) except for a spot on his back which was a chocolate brown coloring. "And that one is Paraguaykit...between him and Mexikit, I have a handful."

  Hungarycat purred softly,"And how long has it been since you have gotten a break...?"

  "Um...since they were born...I think." You pondered in a low meow. "They're just a handful, you know?"

  You heard Romacat scolding Perukit about attacking him, causing you to look up. Sure enough, he was scolding the three for acting so immature. "I'm lucky Romakit's been being a good brother...he usually keeps them in order."

  Hungarycat purred,"I'm surprised he eased into it so easily."

  "Trust me, he didn't like the idea of having younger siblings at first." You explained,"Besides, he was the oldest of his litter already. I guess that's why he fit the role so well."

  "I kind of understand." 

  You watched at the three scattered off, causing the already upset Romakit to start hissing at them, chasing them all around. "And this is the energy they have when they're tired..."

  "Maybe you should make Spaincat watch them for a bit," Hungarycat suggested,"I did that when I had my first litter. Not only is it relaxing but it's fun to watch."

  "It wasn't fun." Austriacat stated coldly, coming close to the three of you. "My own children...jumping around like monkeys."

  Looking towards Spaincat, you held joy in your eyes. He knew that was an oblivious bad sign. "Maybe you can watch them tomorrow so that I can't rest my paws for once."

  "Oh...Dios Mio..." He groaned to your pleasure. "Fine chica..."

  "Mama!" Perukit bounded over to you,"Mama! Mexikit and Paraguaykit were being mean to me!"

  "How were they being mean to you...?" You asked softly.

  She lowered her head. "T-They were calling me names and t-they knocked me over when I was chasing a-a butterfly..."

  You licked her ear softly,"Just ignore them. They're just jealous because you're older and better at hunting than them."

  Romakit came from in front and licked his little sister's hair lightly,"Come on you, we're sorting this out." He looked up at you, a glint of wanting in his eyes before picking the kitten in his mouth.

  You licked his head softly,"You're such a good boy Roma." His head lowered in oblivious embarrassment before padding off to the other two kittens where he proceeded to scold the two.

  "He really is a good kit, isn't he?" Spaincat purred, licking your cheek softly,"All of them are...our beautiful children..."

  You leaned your head slightly on his, purring softly as you watched the four play. "I'm still making you watch them all day tomorrow, you little sneak..."


The End.
I'm done.
I finished 3 requests but idk when I'll be on again today sooo~
You'll have to wait~

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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