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July 7, 2012
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  For weeks, you have been living in Spaincat's home, getting used to all the commotion of people coming in and out. Mainly the same persons came in and out of the home.

  Your wounds healed rather quickly with your rest and Spaincat's comfort. Soon, you were running around as any cat should, only small scars where the big cat once sunk his claws and teeth.

  One morning, Spaincat proposed that you, him and Romakit to go outside for a walk, the fresh air maybe helping you further. You didn't feel so sure at first, the fear of being attacked again being an agent. After moments of arguing, you agreed.

  Apparently, his person allowed you out without much complain. Spaincat carried his little kitten in his mouth as he led you forward. You stuck close to him, not knowing what would happen.

  "Spaincat..." You looked around wearily,"Are you sure you know where we're going...?"

  He stopped, dropping the kitten at his feet,"Of course I do ___________...can you hold Roma for me?"

  Agreeing, you took the kitten in your mouth as you followed once more. You were in an empty field, many houses (including your own) surrounding it. The grass was tall but, enough to see over.

  As you continued to the heart, you saw shaped of other cats in the center. By the time you stopped, you saw a group of cats and kits either talking or playing around.

   "Mon ami, is zis ze little petite ____________ you were talking about?" A beautiful white tom gushed. "She is so beautiful mon ami."

  "Papa...?" A small kitten, similar in looks to the tom but with puffy fur rather than long, walked up beside him. It was a rather adorable and innocent kitten who was kneading his claws in the ground with nerves. "Amerikit keeps attacking me-"

  A kitten who, once again, held similar looks pounced on the small kitten. His fur at the neck and tail held a dark brown tone to it. Romakit wiggled out of your grasp and ran off with the other two kits,"Romakit-"

  "He's fine chica..." Spaincat cooed, calming you down immediately. "Sorry Francecat, she's still kind of...jumpy."

  The tom licked your forehead,"Zere is no need for worry mon cher. A lot of us are delighted to meet you. Spaincat has told us so much about you."

  Looking at the tom behind you, you saw his eyes were glistening over with excitement. "It's nice to meet you..."

  "Francecat!" Another tom came from behind, patches of brown on his beige fur and holding similarity to the second kit. "You promised you'd help me watch Canadakit...Amerikit keeps attacking him and-" He paused looking at you,"Who is the beautiful feline...?"

  "I-I'm ___________. Nice to meet you..."

  "Iggycat." His eyes softened slightly. Hearing both the kits from behind, he shot Francecat a look,"Lets go get them off each other you git..." Both of them began to pad off as Spaincat approached from the side.

  Looking around, you noticed all the kits playing together. Romakit was currently stalking a grasshopper with a few other kittens in a low patch of grass. His tail was twitching in frustration as the bug slipped through his paws.

  "Come on...I'll introduce you to some of them..." You followed wearily, still a bit on edge at all the new faces, especially since they were mainly keeping eyes on you.

  As you walked (well, technically limped) on, you felt something trying to swat at your tail. "Itakit! Please stop attacking her tail!" Turning your head, you saw a she-cat and her assumed mate approach you.

  The girl's fur was a creamy brown and pure white, a patch of brown over her right eye and consuming most of the back of her head. Her tail was a swirl of brown and white and in her hair by her ear, a small flower stuck out.

  The tom was mainly a dark brown shade, excluding his face and his chest which were a white color. Around his neck, he wore a red and white striped bandana and a small dot of black individually stuck on his fur below the mouth.

  The female took the kitten in her mouth, moving it away from you before plopping him of on the ground. "I'm sorry m'am...have we...met before...?"

  "I wouldn't think so..." You meowed softly,"Spaincat and his person took me in not too long ago-"

  "Oh, you're _________, aren't you?" The female gushed,"Spaincat has told us all so much about you. My name is Hungarycat and this is my mate, Austriacat. And this is our kit, Itakit."

  "You only had one kit in your litter?" You pondered at the small kit who was in between her front legs.

  "Our persons had to give away our other kits," She said smoothly,"We forced them to keep our little Itakit."

  "Itakit!" A grey tom called not too far off. Beside him was a black kit with white underneath his nose and dull brown eyes. "Come over here! Japankit found a moth!"

  "I'm coming Germakit!" The kitten cried back, scampering off to his friends.

  "He sure is energetic." You purred softly. "So what exactly is this place...?"

  "Well," Austriacat cut off,"A lot of us cats live nearby and meet here every now and again. While you were healing, Spaincat told us all about you. He is really close to you."

  "Of course my chica is," Spaincat's tail rested on your shoulder,"Ella es muy importante para me. And of course Romakit loves her as if she were his mother."

  "That's good to hear." Hungarycat mused. "I'm glad that Romakit isn't having any problem with you. He's such a tough cookie to crack."

  "Don't I know it." You rested your head on Spaincat's shoulder softly,"He can be such a handful sometimes."

  Romakit ran over to you with a moth in his mouth, it's wings barely fluttering anymore, a momentary twitch before it died down again. He dropped it at his feet and sat down,"Mama! Look at what I got!"

  You licked his forehead,"Good job. Now go and catch that fly over there." You used your tail to point to a fly that was sitting on a blade of grass. He bounded towards it, falling on his haunches when he approached.

  "Now you'll never hear the end of it when he can't catch it." Another cat responded as he came from behind. Looking back, you saw a white tom with scars and red eyes, immediately making you jump with fur sticking up at end. "What's with the frau?"

  "She's kind of jumpy...¿señora? ¿Estás bien?" Spaincat stood in front of you, examining the white tom,"Is it because of him...?"

  You nodded and cowered behind Spaincat. "I-I...I didn't..."

  "Frau, I ain't gunna hurt'cha..." He took a step forward, only to have the grey kitten weave through his white legs. "Germakit, go play with your friends..."

  "But vati-!"

  "Go." He stated simply, licking the kitten's ear affectionately before letting him go off. "Why is she being so..."

  "I'm sorry amigo...she had a bad experience with a stray." Spaincat moved beside you, his tail atop yours. "____________...this is mi amigo mejor...Prussiacat. He's not mean, just hot-headed."

  "Hey! I'm not hot-headed! I'm awesome!"

  You purred at his ego. "I-I'm sorry for being so...impolite..."

  "No problem frau." He meowed back, giving your cheek a lick. "I know a lot who can't handle the awesome when they see it." Hungarycat gave the albino a swift blow to the head.

  Throughout the rest of the day, you met numerous cats from nearby. By the time you were walking home, Romakit was sleeping as you carried him. You yourself were becoming worn after the day.

  "My friends really seem to like you chica." Spaincat said, his tail swishing in the air. Little Romakit didn't even seem to notice he was being moved. "You're going to come next week too, right?"

  He fell back and took the kitten from you, allowing you freedom to speak. "I'll come...all your friends seem really nice. But before that, I need some sleep..."

  You could hear his muffled purr as you both approached the house. Both of you slipped silently into the house, Spaincat's owner standing in wait. Near-immediately, you took back Romakit and curled up on a carpet, falling asleep with him.

  Spaincat came beside you and sat beside your sleeping forms. His tail swayed across your form before laying down himself and falling asleep.

To Be Continued...
Why do I love pointing out the tails? XD

So a lot of you have been wondering about the other cats...
Answered. All of them live nearby, some are cats, some are kittens.

Cute little Germouser kitten~ :iconamgtouchplz:

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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