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July 6, 2012
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  The next time you woke up-which was sometime in the middle of the night-you were awaken to rather loud noises. A new person, unfamiliar to you, literally threw the door open and woke the three of you up to a start.

  Once Spaincat laid eyes on the person, he calmed down,"Oh, it's just him. Relax you two." He fell back into a comfortable state, Romakit poking his head through your front legs.

  Turning your head to look at Spaincat, you gave a confused look. "He's a friend of our person. He makes a lot of noise and can be kind of mean but he's actually really sweet."

  "What-?" Without warning, you were lifted up into a pair of arms. The new person brought you up for closer inspection before resting you in his arms.

  "Since when did Spain get you...?" He doted silently, carrying you into another room. The person let you lay down beside him in bed, something your previous persons never allowed.

  Unsure of what was going on, you looked towards the door. The new person laid down beside you, lifting you onto his chest,"Stupid fratello...stupid potato bastard..." He mumbled complaints while stroking your fur, lulling you sleep rather easily.

  Back in the living room, Spaincat and Romakit were just settling back down together. " __________ staying...?"

  Spaincat gave the kitten a lick on the forehead,"Of course she's staying. Why, are you worried about her leaving Roma?" He purred in amusement, thinking he was embarrassing the kitten.

  "Yea..." Spaincat stopped purring,"I miss my mama...I never saw her...I don't know what she was like..." He buried his face in Spaincat's pelt,"I just want a mom damnit..."

  Spaincat licked his kitten's ear comfortingly,"I didn't know you felt like that Roma...why didn't you just tell me sooner...?"

  "I thought you'd make fun of me...jerk..." His body was trembling lightly by now.

  Spaincat nudged the kitten who responded similiarly. "Of course I wouldn't.'re so important to me...I wouldn't make fun of you over something like this..."

  Romakit lowered his head on Spaincat's side. "You don't need to be embarrassed you want to go sleep with ___________...?" Romakit nodded before getting picked up.

  The door to the room you were in creaked open, Spaincat padding in. The person was already sleeping at this point so you broke free of his grasp to meet the two.

  Spaincat jumped up beside you and gently placed the kitten at your paws,"Romakit was having a bad dream and wanted to come lay down with you."

  The kitten glared at Spaincat before laying down beneath you. You nestled yourself with the kitten and licked his forehead,"Don't give your dad such a hard time...he worries about you."

  "Sí mi tomate pequeño." Romakit snuggled closer to you as Spaincat lay down beside you,"Try to get some sleep mi familia."

  "Good night papa..." Romakit squeaked before curling up to you, resting his head against your stomach. "Good night ____________..."

  When he had fallen asleep, Spaincat licked your cheek softly. "I need to talk with you about something..." You looked towards him a bit worried,"It's okay, it isn't anything bad.

  "Roma told me that he was worried about you leaving...I think he looks up to you as a mother...probably because he's never had one..." You looked at the sleeping kitten and brushed your tail over him. "Just...of its not too much to ask-"

  "I don't mind." You purred, settling down with the small kitten,"I think it's kind of cute actually..."

  Spaincat purred happily,"Just don't say it out loud. He'll get all upset if you do niña."

  Shutting your eyes, you couldn't help but purr amused. The person shifted over and sighed,"You know your all being loud...I'm trying to get some damned sleep here..."


  Romano woke up early the next morning, looking over to the small family of cats clumped together. 'What the hell did they do to the poor ragazza though...she's all cut up.'

  He wanted to lift you up but decided not to disturb the peace. Getting out of bed, he ran into Spain in the hallway. "Lovino, you're here early." The Spaniard responded with charm in his voice. "What happened to spending time with your brother?"

  Romano crossed his arms and scowled,"Stupid fratello brought that idiot potato bastard back in his house." Averting his eyes, he sighed angrily. "Where did you get that other cat?"

  "She was attacked by a stray...Spaincat took care of him." Spain approached the younger nation, slinging his arm around his neck and leading him to the kitchen,"I'll let her go if she wants but, I think she really likes it here."

  "Maybe she just likes Spaincat..." He mumbled in a frustrated tone.

  "Maybe she does..." Spain pondered aloud. "Then maybe they'll have kittens...wouldn't that be adorable Lovi~!?" Spain started gushing,"Then your little Roma would be a big brother~!"

  Romano groaned as he took the arm off his shoulder,"You never shut the hell up, do you?"

  "Come on Lovi~! It'd be adorable and you know it!" Romano couldn't help but crack a small smile. "See! How about we go pick some fresh tomatoes so we can have some fresh sopa tomate tonight."

  Romano's personality returned to normal,"Yea. Whatever you damned tomato-sucking bastard..."

  Your eyes opened up, hearing the two persons outside the door. "They're so loud..." Letting your head fall back on the warm blankets, you tried once more to fall asleep with little success.

  "Mama...stop moving..." Romakit whined, stretching out before cuddling with you once more. "It's too early..."

  Your eyes softened at the first word he said. Mama. He had called you mama. Licking his forehead, you purred while he continually complained,"I can clean myself mama!"

  You pulled away and meowed softly,"Let me just wash you without complaining." Continuing, you licked the creamy fur on his side while he mumbled in protest. Moving away, you licked his forehead once more, messing his fur up,"There."

  "Mama..." He whined again, fixing his fur again.

  Spaincat rolled over, stretching his legs out and yawning. "What are you both doing up so early...?"

  "Your person woke me up." You stated plainly, getting up on all fours and being sent back down by pain in your shoulder.

  Spaincat approached you in a heartbeat, worry in his eyes,"Chica...?"

  "M-My shoulder just hurts..." His eyes moved towards the bandage which was turning red,"I-I'll be fine..."

  Spaincat jumped off the bed and looked down the hall where the two person's were walking away. Sprinting after them, he bit down on his person's pant leg, catching his attention.

  "What is it Spain-" Before he could finish, Spaincat took a sprint back to the house before looking at the two expectantly. They were going to the tomato fields. If they did, they'd be gone all day. "I think he wants us to follow him Romano..."

  Following their guts, they followed the cat, bringing them back to Romano's room where your wounds were now seeping blood through the bandages. Spain came to your aid immediately, pressing his hand softly against the wound,"Lovi, could you be a doll and get the first aid kit?"

  He rolled his eyes at the man but quickly came back with the kit in hand. Spain took the bandages off and started dabbing the wounds with rubbing alcohol once more.

  Noticing your discomfort, he scratched behind your ear,"You're okay siñorita...the bleeding stopped...I know it hurts but you'll feel better after this..." Romano sat beside you, stroking your head.

  When he pulled away, he smiled,"There you go...we need to be careful with that injury then...Spaincat, make sure she doesn't move around too much for the next few days."

  Spaincat meowed softly as you were picked up and carried into the living room where you were laid down on the couch. "Now listen siñorita, Spaincat is going to watch you and make sure you don't rip open that cut again...but you need to watch what you do too."

  You meowed in understanding, laying to your good side and breathing out a bit. Spaincat licked your ear and plopped down beside you. Romakit was off somewhere chasing a bug that had gotten into the house. The two persons left once more, leaving you both alone.

  "I guess you need to be careful...don't worry chica...I'll watch out for you..." His tail brushed yours and entwined with your own,"I'll be sure nothing happens to you..."

To Be Continued...
That last line...
You get it..?
He likes you~

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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