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July 5, 2012
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  It hurt to walk, to keep pressing forward. But you knew you'd have to stay strong until you could have a night's rest. Earlier this morning, you ran out of your person's home to never return. They had gotten a kitten not too long ago and have been neglecting you since.

  Peering into an alleyway, you were met with a pair of eyes. One eye was a dark green and the other was blind. As he stepped out into the light, you could see all the scars underneath his shaggy, unkempt grey pelt.

  His eyes narrowed seeing you standing there. "Hey there pretty kitty. You have some nerve stepping on my land." Now his one working eye danced with amusement. "Maybe you wanted to stay awhile..."

  Your (h/c) fur stuck up at end. Something was definitely off about this tom and you didn't want to stick around to find out what. He started coming towards you, his stubbed tail twitching. "Go away! Don't come close to me!" You hissed empty threats towards him.

  When he stood in front of you, you swallowed in fear. He was much bigger and stronger than you. All you had to one up him was your lean and agileness to dodge. Unsheathing your claws, you gave a claw to the face before sprinting off.

  Looking back behind you, you saw the tom running towards you, slower than you were, that's for sure. His eye held such anger in them, he wanted your blood for sure, the thought making yours run cold.

  Seeing a corner, you took a quick cut, diving into a pile of trash and peering out of a small crevice. The tom came into view, his nostrils flaring,"Where the hell did you go you little twerp..."

  His nose was lifted into the air, sniffing you out. Your body tensed up as he began to approach where you lay hidden. Looking desperately around, you spied a person's home. It was the only chance you had.

  As soon as the big tom's nose was near the one crevice, you reached out and scratched it, dashing off and through the fence, going to the back of the person's home where you hid in a bush.

  The tom was howling in anger at this point, him now knowing you were at this person's home. "Chica!" Poking your head out of the leaves, you saw a tom inside the person's home, a screen door separating him from the outside. "What's wrong-!"

  As he said that, the stray tom entered the back and spotted you quickly. In fear, you dashed up to the tom inside,"You have to help me! Please!" The tom watched in horror as the bigger tom jumped you, digging his claws into your back and dragging you off the steps and onto the grass.

  You could feel the blood on your haunches raising up as soon as the claws retracted. Not even a second after, you felt his teeth bite into the skin once more. Your attempts to claw him were in vain, he didn't even seem to notice your attacks.

  When you got a clear shot, you scratched him in the only good eye as fast as you could. He released you, shaking his head. You took the second to back away, only to collapse on the ground. The tom's eyes opened and gave you a deathly glare,"I'm going to kill you!"

  "To hell you are!" The tom from inside sprang out of nowhere, knocking the stray as he sprung towards you. The smaller tom easily pinned the giant stray on the ground. "Chica! Go inside!"

  At the moment, you felt weak as could be. Looking towards where the Tom once sat, a person waited. In front of you, there were two toms hissing and brawling one another. "Go!"

  When he hit a crescendo, your legs automatically sent you inside the person's home where you crashed to the floor in pain. The person rushed to your side, taking you in his arms before going back to the door and crying out for the other tom.

  Hearing the okay and as if acting in sync, he slithered into a small crack of the door while the person shut the door on the stray, shooing him off by hitting against the screen. Once gone, the person carried you into another room, laying you down on the couch.

  The tom that saved you jumped beside you, licking your ear softly. "Are you okay chica...?" Both of you looked towards the bloody wounds,"My person will take care of those, don't you worry."

  You rested your head,"Thank you...I owe you and your person my life..."

  The tom purred in amusement. Looking towards him, you looked at the mainly light-beige fur with only a strip of brown stretching from the top of his head to his tail. He wore a red collar with a cross at the end of it. He now wore minor injuries, little scratches compared to your own wounds.

  The person came back in and began tending to your wounds. What the person used stung a bit but, the strange new tom kept you comfort. "My name is Spaincat by the way. I never caught your name chica..."

  "I don't have one..." You muttered,"I was left behind by my persons when they brought a kitten..."

  You were nudged lightly,"It's okay...we'll take good care of you..."

  "Papa..." You hear a soft meow from below. A small kitten, similar in looks to Spaincat, save the one hair that stuck out, was looking up towards the two of you.

  The person noticed the kitten and brought it up to you. He gave you and unsure look and hid behind Spaincat,"Shhh...shhh Romakit...she's a nice cat...some stray just caught her..."

  The kitten poked his head out, giving you a deathly glare before stubbornly putting his head on Spaincat's waist, still keeping a keen eye on you. "Is he your kitten Spaincat...?"

  Spaincat gave the small kitten a lick to the ear,"Yes..."


  His eyes dampened a bit. "I used to a stray before my person found me. When I lived on the streets, I met the most beautiful girl. Both of us fell deeply in love..." The person finished cleaning your wounds and began wrapping them up,"She found out that she was going to have my kits, only when she was having them, something went wrong after Romakit was born..."

  The kitten crawled into his dad's lap and snuggled, still watching you. "I tried to help her but in the end, I couldn't save her. I took Romakit away and cleaned him off before trying to find some shelter." You winced in pain and the person wrapped your wound too tightly. "I traveled for hours but I couldn't find anywhere. I thought I was going to loose the last piece of her I had.

  "While I was giving mi pequeño some time to rest, my person found me. At first I couldn't trust him, scared that he might try to hurt mi Roma..." Ignoring the person, you went up to Spaincat and nudged his cheek,"Gracias..." The person continued to wrap your wounds. "I knew that if I didn't do anything, he would die. So even if he meant harm..." The cat shook his head, trying to get the thought away.

  "He brought me and Romakit back home with him. Immediately, he gave Romakit the food he desperately needed. If I didn't trust him, I might've lost my only child..."

  Your (e/c) eyes softened and watered up slightly,"I'm so sorry about your mate..."

  His eyes sparkled slightly,"It's okay chica...I'm glad she left me my little Romakit...isn't that right Roma?"

  Spaincat licked the kitten's ear roughly, making the kitten whine in protest,"Papa! Stop licking me! I'm not a little kit anymore!"

  You couldn't help but purr in amusement at the two. Spaincat looked towards you once more,"I'm sorry about him. He's a bit of a stubborn one. You must be hungry, how about we get you something to eat...?"

  "Yes please..." You meowed softly.

  Spaincat stood up, the small kitten weaving through his legs and laying down beside you. Looking up at his person, he meowed softly, receiving a laugh and a stroke of the head.

  The person began to walk off, Spaincat padding behind. "Follow me."

  Nudging the small kitten off you, you followed the tom, the small kitten running past you and to his dad, weaving under his body. When you made it into the kitchen, you found a bowl getting filled with fresh food.

  The three of you started digging into the food. Spaincat allowed you and his kitten to eat more than himself. When you had finished, you sat beside Spaincat, your tail brushing his.

  He gave you a lick on the cheek, his tail intertwining with yours. "How do you feel chica...?"

  "My body just hurts..." You muttered,"I'm sorry if I'm causing you and your person any trouble..."

  "It's no trouble at all. Why don't you go lay down in the living room so my person can watch you." You agreed and padded out of the room, returning to the person who had saved you.

  On his head were curly locks of brown and his eyes shined a magnificent emerald green. His skin was kissed by the sun and a beautiful tanned color. He lifted your form off the ground and placed you beside him, allowing you to rest your weary legs and fall asleep.

  The person stroked your (h/c) fur, remaining weary of your bandages. You began to purr in content as he did so. "So what am I going to name you siñorita?"

  You meowed in response, shifting in your spot. "How about __________...? Is that a good name for a little lady like yourself...?"

  Licking his fingers as they danced across your fur, it confirmed your new name. Spaincat re-entered, his kitten's scruff in his mouth.  He jumped up beside you, letting the kitten go.

  To your shock, the kitten curled up by your stomach, his head leaning on your front legs. Spaincat plopped down beside you, his arms folded under his body,"I like your new name chica...____________..."

  Laying your head down, you fell asleep right beside them.

To Be Continued...
So I guess this will be a series. XD
I wanted a little Romano, I thought it'd be cute to have.
Especially after I saw this:

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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