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September 24, 2012
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  It felt like the entire world was on fire around you. A burning inferno surrounded you with no chance of escape. As it backed you into a corner, you felt as though all chances of survive had gone.

  Smoke enveloped you, making it near impossible to breath. Above you, the floorboards groaned pitifully, sending a wooden pillar down on top of you and rendering you useless. The rest of the house crashed down in suit.

  Your body ached painfully as everything around you fell quiet. Flames burned out to embers. Wood turned into soot and ash. Persons could be heard dispersing, probably giving up hope that there was anyone or anything there.

  Climbing through the darkness, you started desperately crying out for any source of help. Slowly advancing your way up to the only source of light you could see, you tried crying out louder. Outside, it felt so crisp and cold, you could see what little breaths you were able to exhale.

  By the time you had made it to the top, you couldn't break free of the wooden boards. You cried out again in pain and fear being trapped alone. A moment's notice made you realize that your body was freezing now.

  Crying out once more, you felt like you were wasting energy with no success until a shadowy figure loomed over you. A person. You continued whining until the person started pulling the boards away from over you, revealing sunlight.

  Unable to even stand anymore, you collapsed, nearly falling back down of it weren't for the person picking you back up into the sunlight. He smelt bitter and gross but was warm and inviting at the same time. Taking a breath of air, you coughed out the toxins in your lungs, the pale male person massaging your back.

  His hands grazed over your cat collar, looking at the golden tag hanging off the end. "__________...don't vorry little frau, I'll make sure zat you'll be taken care of..."

  He continued on but you began to fall asleep in exhaustion. Snuggling closer, you took in all the warmth you could from this friendly person and drifted off into unconsciousness.


  Coming to, you could feel pain in your haunches and the pads of your paws. At the moment, you were laying in a person's green jacket with the sleeves slung over you to keep you warm.

  Patches of your fur were missing by the feel of it but those parts were covered by white stuff. Climbing out from your spot, you planned to take a look around the house.

  It hurt with every step you took, your body wracked with pain. Every time you made it to a corner, you peeked around to be sure that you'd be safe. Following your nose, you found a person cooking something. This wasn't the one who had saved you, he was much larger and much more built with blond hair.

  As your stomach gnawed with hunger, you let out an instinctive meow, causing the person to look over towards you. Instinctively, you hid yourself, unknowing as to why you did so.

  The person didn't come near you but rather, took a bowl of food and set it nearby you before going back to what he was doing. Cautiously, you limped in and started eating the food. The blond didn't seem to notice you as you continued to make you feel stronger.

  You finished up, slipping silently out of the room and trying to find the person who saved you. Traveling around the house, you were eventually able to find him asleep on his bed with a while cat sitting in watch, his tail twitching.

  From where you sat, you could see he must've been a stray. A scar showed brought out a blind eye and smaller cuts could be seen. "Frau, I can see you looking in ze door."

  Padding in, you felt all of your muscles tensing as you neared him. "You should be sleeping right now frau. It's not good to be valking vith zose injuries." He swatted his person, forcing him to awaken. Jumping down beside you, his person seemed to get the idea and got out of bed, taking you in his arms once more.

  Moving back into his bed, he allowed you under the sheets beside him to relax yourself. The tom moved over beside you, resting himself beside you and licking your ear,"Don't vorry about moving around to much. Ve've been vorried since mein awesome person brought you home last night."

  Nuzzling his shaggy fur, you found a comfortable spot and felt yourself calm down. "Thank you..." He seemed reluctant to rest his head on your (h/c) pelt, probably still realizing that your body wasn't stable and still weak from exhaustion and pain.

"It's okay..." You purred softly, feeling comforted with the other cat beside you. "I feel okay when I'm laying down."

"Just vanted to be sure you're okay." He comforted, licking you ear confortingly before resting his head once more. "So how did a pretty fraülein like you end up in ze awesome me's house? Ze only zing I saw vas mein awesome person bringing you in."

  Moving your head slightly, you thought about what to say. You still didn't want to think about it, being trapped in with no way out, no assurance that your own persons were alive. At this point, you accepted you won't ever go home, never see the stray tom outside again.

  "I shouldn't have asked." He said softly, resting his head on the sheets with red eyes shut,"Are you okay? Do you not vant to sleep? If you vant, you can go spend some time by yourself. It always makes ze awesome me feel better."

  "I'm okay." You replied, monotone and sullen. The thought of being alone scared you suddenly, a fear now gripping at your chest. "Please don't leave me alone."

  "If zat's vhat you vant." He moved closer to you, resting peacefully beside you as requested. "Don't vorry frau, I'll be sure no one hurts you any vorse."

  You were thankful for his kindness and tried to fall asleep once more. Only thing time, you found yourself tossing and turning in discomfort, probably bugging the tom beside you with your movements.

  "Do you vant to go back to vhere you were sleeping before?" The tom asked a few minutes after your useless sleep. "I could bring you back if you vant-"

  Getting up, you ignored him and jumped off his person's bed with a painful thud, your paws unable to support the weight of you jumping down. The white tom was quickly at your side, nudging your lip form and trying to get you up.

  Pushing him away as best you could, you got yourself off the cold floor and tried to move forward once more. When you collapsed on the ground once more, you decided to give up completely and try to sleep where you lay.

  Again, you felt the albino cat prodding at your shoulder. "Frau, come on."

  The cat's person scraped your limp body off the ground, carrying you back to where you were laying earlier. All you wanted to do was go for a walk, to just figure out where you were.

  "You shouldn't be doing stupid stuff like zat." A new voice played in your head, causing you to turn to meet the source. Another tom with grey fur and stunning blue eyes approached you carefully. "Und mein bruder isn't much help..."

  This tom was slightly bigger in stature and build than his brother. Resting your head, you decided you weren't in the talkative mood. "I know it's a lot to take in frau but it'll all vork out...I assume you wanted to see the layout of the house?"

  "...yea..." Hearing you, the new tom helped you stand up on your aching paws and slowly began to guide you around, telling you what each room was. As you suspected, the blond person from earlier was his. They had the same air about them.

  You learned both names and their story, that Germouser and that the other tom, Prussiacat, we're strays with the same father and different mothers, hence the differences in appearance.

  After their other siblings were taken, Prussiacat only managing to protect Germouser from the people who separated the rest of his family. His blindness was caused in a scrap with a tom, trying to protect his little brother. Apparently, he was strong enough to hold his own.

  Eventually, you needed to stop to rest. You were tired and worn from just this little bit of walking. "Vest, I'll take care of her from here. Your person left out some food for you. ___________, I'll bring you to ze ozher room."

  Now following the albino back to the living room, you made slow steps and fell behind him. Every now and then, he'd slow down and walk beside you, only to move ahead after you assured him you were fine.

  "Listen frau...I'm sorry I got you mad at me earlier..." He murmured up ahead, almost too quiet to hear. "I didn't mean to keep poking at you und..."

  "It's fine Prussiacat...I'm not mad." Trying your best to catch up once more, you found you could only stay at this distance. "I've been thinking...I was being restlessly reckless...I...I'm just scared and nervous. I miss my family and my neighbors...that tom that lived outside-"

  "Tom? Was he your mate or something?"

  "No," you replied back as you fell limp on the carpet of the living room. "He was just a friend. Would've been nice though. Really nice tom he was too."

  Prussiacat came over and curled up beside you to offer you some warmth,"Well then lets hope he's okay then."

  "I know he is," You stated confidently, letting out a deep breath of air. "You remind me a lot of him. Except he was much more...meek than you are." Seeing the cat's shocked reaction, you couldn't help but purr in delight. "But I like you too."

  "Of course you do. I'm awesome!" He sprung to his feet, obviously feeling good about himself again. He moved closer once more, making sure you were okay before resting himself beside you once more. "I meant vhat I said. I'm going to make sure that you're und bruder'll take good care of you."

  "Thanks..." Resting your head, you started drifting off to sleep peacefully,"I'm happy to hear that..."
I've had this idea for awhile.
So here.
Take it.
Goin' to sulk again.
I knew this would happen if I read the manga.
I knew it.
But 1 day, I've had 1 day to reconnect to society before I have to see Aomine and Kise's game again.
But this time in manga form
And then I read what senpai said before the game.
I forgot.
I forgot that he became captain after seeing his senpai's cry.
Omg, I'm gunna go hide in a hole for 3 days.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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That awkward moment when you think that England is Prussia singing while you are reading comments...and then a very sad song starts up like it is gobing 'You are terrrible'

But the song isn't really sad...It's Bad Apple,but it has some sad lyrics,so I dubbed it sad.
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