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October 7, 2012
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  It was easy to slip out from between the bars of the cage you were forced into. Your small body was already wracked with exhaustion and hunger. Finding your way out of the room you were in, you sought a place to exit.

  Quickly, you spied a crack, leading out to sunlight. Voices boomed behind you, followed by heavy footsteps. Rushing towards the crack, you narrowly escaped being trapped once more. You dashed away from the building quickly, hiding out in a bush and collapsing.

  Your old owners abused you and eventually, you were taken away only to be forced into a small box, maybe let out once a day to run free with other kittens your age. Other than that, you were on display, being squealed over by young children and having fingers reach in to grab you uncomfortably.

  Getting up, you began walking away slowly, knowing that you'd be in trouble if you stayed in one place. Truthfully, you were still in trouble either way, your body wasn't fully healed and rest had eluded you for the past few days.

  As you continued walking, you began loosing stamina, having to stop and rest various times. Eventually, you collapsed on the sidewalk. It wasn't safe to be sitting there oblivious to everything around you.

  There was a rustling, sending you to your feet weakly. It fell silent for a moment before two toms appeared from their, obviously fighting. You tried to get away but it seemed pretty inevitable that you'd get caught between the two.

  Another tom stepped behind you, quickly grabbing your scruff and pulling you away. You were plopped onto the concrete as all his hairs stuck up,"Will you two stop brawling like kittens and watch where you're going!?"

  The tom that had grabbed you was rather small in comparison to the other two. He had pale brown and white fur, short in hair. Around his neck was a piece of cloth which had light blue and white stripes.

  The two other toms were rather big and more built, although it was hard to see from the long-haired cat. His hair was darker brown with some white on his stomach and paws. Around his neck was a similar cloth with red and white.

  The other was a grey shorthair with white on his chest and partially on his face. His blue eyes were glaring over towards the two of you, a cut on his cheek now bleeding.

  "I'm sorry about them. Go on home to your mother before she worries..." The tom behind you suggested, nudging you to your paws only to have you collapse once more.

  Looking sorrowfully towards him, you lowered your ears,"I don't have a home..."

  He nudged you up to your feet, trying to help you move forward but seeing you in obvious pain stopped you. His teeth sunk into the scruff of your neck, lifting you barely off the ground. After a moment, he had to release you.

  "I'm, Denmarkcat," He called out to the other toms who were glaring towards each other. They looked over and padded closer to you,"Can one of you take the kitten with us?"

  "I don't know if our persons'll like that." The longhaired blond mentioned rather loudly,"I mean, we already got Icelandkit to take care of and I don't think Norwaycat is gunna like having to watch another one."

  The grey tom silently grabbed the scruff of your neck and lifted you up with ease. A bite you expected to be strong was actually gentle and soft. He carried you towards the direction you appeared from, crossing through various person's yards before stopping at a door.

  He placed you on the ground, roughly licking your ear before scratching at the door. You heard the two rustle through the bushes behind you, then followed by the sound of claw scratching against screen door.

   Turning your head around, you watching him as he attracted a person's attention. He lifted you up once more, raising you up higher as to show his owner.

  When the door opened, he slowly entered, placing you on the ground beside him. His tail wrapped beside your crumbled little form as he awaited expectantly.

  The person came back, timidly picking you up and carrying you into another room. This person had light hair and was rather short. His eyes were violet, holding a kind emotion within them.

  He brought you into the assumed living room where five others sat. Now feeling slightly more intimidated, you shrunk into the person's arms. You were handed over to a white-haired male where you began whining and crying immediately in fear.

  The male person stroked your (h/c) fur, trying to calm you down as you continued to cry out, scared. A fourth tom came up to the person, his blue eyes looking up towards you. He was another longhair, white colored fur.

  He jumped up beside you, looking curiously at you. "I don't remember you being here when I fell asleep."

  "I..I just got here..." You squeaked, backing up slightly into the person's stomach. "D...Don't hurt me..."

  "Calm down, no one is going to hurt you." He doted softly, approaching you further. The person who's lap you lay in took the tom away and rested him on the ground.

  The first person took you back, holding you close and brushing your fur. Again, you were passed to a tall, intimidating male. The grey tom was sitting beside him, along with the one that moved you out of the way from the two fighting cats.

  The person began to check you, looking to see if you were injured in any way with a gentle touch. The light-haired tom piped up,"I'm sorry we dragged you into this without much thought. How do you feel?"

  "Tired..." You purred in content as his assumed person scratched behind your ear. "I'm tired and scared..."

  "You don't have to be scared-"

  He paused when the person taking care of you nudged the one who's lap you were sitting on. "Berwald, she has a cut on her back."

  You had gotten that cut during your abuse. Since then, it has healed up well, hair grew back in its place. The male, Berwald, looked himself but brushed it aside,"It's healin'."

  The smaller tom looked towards you confused,"What happened to you...?"

  "They hurt me..." You squeaked, huddling closer to Berwald while the smaller person stroked your head comfortingly. "They hurt me a lot...then I was taken away and...and..."

  The grey cat came over, sitting between you and his person, comforting you. The other tom came over, licking your forehead comfortingly. The other two longhaired toms came over, staying on the floor but keeping a keen eye on you.

  "My name is Finlandcat," The gentle tom mentioned softly,"The big grey tom is Swedencat, but he's rather silent."

  The other two toms came up, looking towards you with worried eyes. "It's okay kiddo. We'll make sure nothing hurts you." The bigger, brown-haired cat began,"I'm Denmarkcat, king of this house. And this is Norwaycat, the queen-"

  Norwaycat stood up, shoving the cat off the couch before going over to you,"My little brother is sleeping right now, maybe it be better if you went and rested with him for now."

  "I...I want Finlandcat..."

  He picked you up, taking you away from everyone. Until now, you didn't realize how tired and hungry you were. Breaking free of Norwaycat's grip, you went off the the kitchen and spied a bowl of cat food. Going over, you began to stuff your face, satisfying your hunger.

  The tom came in, sitting beside you until you finished and then took you into another room. You limply hung, not even able to stay awake anymore. The second you were laid back on a warm, cozy surface, you didn't even dare to move.

  You could probably get used to living this way.
So I'll be playing White 2 for a bit.
So enjoy this.

Then I'll start the story with the whole heads./tails thing.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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Queen- female cat

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when people tell meh I'm a BITCH I say no I'm a queen :3
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"I'm Denmarkcat, king of this house. And this is Norwaycat, the queen-"
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Queen in cat language means the one who babysits/takes care/has  of the kittens
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