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September 29, 2012
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  "I don't need a man Hercules." You muttered to your lazy-as-hell cat as he jumped up beside you on the couch and meowed softly. A smile came upon your lips as he crawled onto your stomach and fell lazily to his side.

  "You lazy fatass..." You smiled as he ignored your empty words and continued to relax himself. He was a long-hair, really fluffy and warm when he snuggled to you like this.

  Wrapping your arms around him, you sighed contently. It was raining outside, nothing on TV was even mildly entertaining. Shutting the television off, you snuggled closer to him.

  He moved to rest at the crook of your neck, purring and wafting his fluffy grey and white tail right in your face. Still, he was such a sweet cat despite everything he did that annoyed you.

  It was actually a day like this when you found little Hercules.


  The rain was pouring on the umbrella over your head as you walked down the empty streets. Recently, you had begun to feel rather lonely all alone in your new home.

  Your boyfriend had recently broken up with you, he was apparently moving out of the country and couldn't deal with a long-distance relationship. Although both of you agreed on a mutual friendship.

  And if something came up and he came home, he'd promise to come back.

  Although, you doubted that.

  A small, pathetic meow caught you off-guard. Looking around, you tried to find the source of the noise. After a few moments of searching, you noticed a garbage can near an alleyway.

  Going over to it, you noticed a little grey and white kitten lay in it, its long fur dripping wet. The metal can was filling with water, almost reaching the small kitten's neck.

  Without second thought, you scooped the kitten into your arms and held him close. It was shivering and obviously near-starvation. Quickly, you began sprinting in the rain to get back to your house and protect the defenseless creature.

  The whole way home, it meowed softly, trying to remind you that it was still there. Every now and then, you would shush it gently, trying to help the poor creature calm down.

  Once you got into the house, you placed the baby on the couch, not even stripping your soaked boots or closing your umbrella before helping the kitten out.

  It began to cry out once more as you left. Looking back into it's olive eyes, you felt your heart breaking in your chest,"I need a minute cutie-pie...I'll be back..."

  You rushed to grab some towels and something for the cat to eat before it starved to death. Once the rain stops, you can re-stack on supplied. Luckily, you once had a cat so you still had the basics to care for a cat.

  When you came back, the kitten was curled up, shivering in either cold or fear from the short life it's had. Rushing over to the kitten's side, you quickly dried him off and gave him some warmth.

  It purred softly, probably not strong enough to do that for very long. Once the kitten's fur was dried, you could see it fluff up adorably. He was so small and fluffy!

  Sitting down on the couch, you watched as the baby came over and curled up on your lap. It collapsed once it found a comfortable position, too tired to continue walking.

  On the ground beside you, you found a can of tuna you grabbed beforehand and allowed him to eat something. He willingly began to eat which made you feel happier.

  Once it was finished, it rested itself again. You began nodding off after that, the warmth of a kitten resting on your chest. Stripping off your soaked boots, and rainwear, you laid down with the tom.

  "I'm gunna name you Hercules..." You whispered, kissing the kitten's forehead as it began purring once more. "You're a tough little guy, aren't you Hercules?"


  Hercules moved once more, now resting back on your chest. Sighing, you looked at the comfortably-resting cat. "You have such a tough life, don't you? You are exactly like my ex, silly..."

  The cat seemed to notice this and purred softly, trying to comfort you. "Yeah, yeah. Why don't you just go sleep like the lazy arse you are?" You laughed slightly, bringing the tom closer to you.

  He shifted, this time resting on your stomach. "I love you're such a sweetheart..."

  Feeling comfortable now, both of you nodded off into sleep.
"Let's all verbally abuse the cute cat," She said. "It'll be fun," she said.
Holy crap, there's a spider outside my window who has babies hatching from these sack thinggys...
There's so many from one and three haven't even hatched yet. Ewww! And my bed is like right next to the window >.<

Request for :I

I don't own you or Hetalia!

P.S. No new Kuroko episode today. :iconamericawhyplz:
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DoruDesux1 Feb 9, 2014  New member
so kawaii
2ollux-Captor2 Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
this is my relationship with spiders. i have no problem seeing them in my room, but when they disappear o.O
That's always terrifying.
2ollux-Captor2 Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
especially if you only looked away long enough to grab a shoe to throw at it or something XD
They're like little demon spiders I stg
2ollux-Captor2 Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
baby Claude's! baby Claude's everywhere! XD
wxzhenghoppytruffles Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i know!
there are so many spidey eggs and its discusting!
i feel bad for you, sleep near it...

but awesome story!
They're grody...
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