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February 3, 2013
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 Your tail twitched impatiently as you waited outside his person's housing. 'Why isn't he back by now? He's been gone for almost 2 months now...'

 Iggycat, a rather handsome Scottish Fold who lived nearby your former persons left abruptly nearly 2 months ago. Every day you had come to see if he had come back but unlucky for you, not.

 Right as you were about to leave, a car pulled into the driveway. When the door open, you saw the tom emerge, looking around as if he hadn't been in this area before.

 "Iggycat!" You cried, quickly looking both ways before crossing to him. "Iggycat!"

 He looked over surprised, rushing to your side soon after. "___________! I told you not to leave the house-!"

 "You ass! Why did you leave me!?"


 "I've been alone! I didn't know where you went!"

 "My person had to go away!" He cried back in despair. "I've been stuck in a kennel for months-!"

 "You need to come with me right now!"

 "Go home-"

 "Come with me now!"

 Not wanting to upset you, he followed close behind as you continued forward. "Are you upset with me?"

 "Yes. Very."

 He was taken aback by the venomous answer. "What did I do?"

 "Everything." You growled. "Everything and anything. This is all your fault."

 "Listen, I'm sorry I left without telling. I didn't know myself-"

 "Just shut up!"

 He followed behind in silence, unknowing to what was making you so upset with him. Eventually, you sat down in front of a bush, waiting for the tom catch up. "I'll show you why I'm so mad in a minute. Hungarycat?"

 The she-cat poked her head out of the leaves, noticing Iggycat and purring. "They're all yours."


 Going under the bush, you led the tom to a large divot in the ground, covered by the leaves. Within the divot, three small kittens squirmed. You went over, laying down beside them as the tom entered and saw them.

 "I'm..." He took a step closer, slowly padding towards you. "Are they...mine?"

 "Why did you leave me?" You asked more painfully. "I-I had to leave my humans when I found out. I made this spot just before they were born and Hungarycat has been caring for them when I get persons would never accept me having kittens..."

 He came beside you, laying down and giving a gentle nudge against your forehead. "I...I didn't, I would've run away from my person if I would've known you were on your own...all of you..."

 His green eyes scanned the three small kittens laying beside you, sleeping peacefully beside you and cuddling close. "How old are they...?"

 "About a month..."

 Nudging your head lovingly again, he stood up. "Come on...we're going home."

 "Iggycat, I can't-!"

 "My person won't mind..." He concluded, looking at the little ones covered in dirt. "I can't leave you alone out here."

 "A-Are you sure...?"

 Quietly, he lifted up two of the kittens in his mouth and purred. Your (e/c) eyes lightened as you picked up the last remaining one. He waited for you and continued forward towards his person's home to offer his children some protection.


 Only hours after his arrival, Iggycat was once more relaxing in his home. He relaxed on the couch and watched you clean the squeaking kits. His person, seeing the dirtied kittens and mother quickly took them in and set up an old cat bed of Iggycat's for you to stay in.

 Iggycat jumped off his perch, his person watching as he went towards you and licked you're forehead. "You should all just allow your mother to clean your fur. All of you were so filthy, she's very good to you."

 You purred in delight, resting your head comfortingly knowing you would be safe for once. His person laid out a dish of food nearby you and sat down with a book on the couch. "Can you watch them?"

 He happily acquiesced, laying down as you did and curling up to protect the kittens. He rested his head, the little kittens swatting at his ears weakly. He purred as they did, amused at them. His prides and joy.

 Looking towards him, you noticed he was twitching his tail and letting the three pounce at it. His person came over and examined the three kittens. A look over suggested that you were nervous.

 "He's a good person." Iggycat tried to reassure. "If he attempts to hurt them, I'll be sure he'll regret it."

 His person took one of the three, a little tom who closely resembled Iggycat, disregarding the (e/c) eyes he had. Moving beside Iggycat, you could feel your anger getting more intense until you were literally growling.

 "Love, calm down..." He comforted, standing up and nudging his person's leg. The kitten was placed on the ground in front of him where he took it and placed him with his siblings. "He wants to name them. He just wishes to examine them is all."

 "For what?"

 "To be sure they're okay." He went beside you and rested his tail on yours as his person lifted the other tom, one that had mainly white fur, disregarding the small amounts of orange patches.

 Going back over to the other two, you watched keenly. He then proceeded to lift the other remaining one, the one who resembled you most. A little female who was very silent and still. She'd often times just sit around and sleep.

 "Oh dear..." The person spoke. "She seems to be...blinded..."

 Shooting up from your spot, you began pawing at him. It wasn't possible that she was blind. Your little child.

 Understanding, the person placed the kitten down by you. You licked her forehead, making her squeak silently. "You can't be...! My little one..."

 Iggycat lifted the kitten and put her back in place. "Don't you worry, everything will work out...just try and eat something, keep your strength up for them."

 Ignoring him, you rested with the three, looking at the she-kit. Iggycat nudged her closer to you, allowing you to keep a close eyes. "She'll grow up normally, I don't want you to fret..."

 "I can't help it." You stated simply, looking towards her. "I need to sort everything out in my mind."

 "I'll let you sleep then..."


 "I told you three to leave the person's things alone!"

 "But papa!"

 "No buts!" He looked back at the person's shoes, the plastic aglet chewed up and the laces pulled out of place. "Honestly, how can you three get into so much trouble is beyond me."

 "Oh now leave them alone." You purred, going beside them and sitting down. "Our person gave us food so go eat." As they got up and started dashing towards the kitchen, you added,"Mabel! Be careful!"

 "I'm not a kitten anymore mom!" She answered back, following her two brothers.

 "You need to relax too." Iggycat purred. "She's fine."

 "I just worry."

 "Mabel is smart." He continued. "She knows her way around the house and her hearing is impressive."

 "I know but still-"

 "Just relax."

 Doing as he said, you laid yourself down beside him. "I can't help it."

 "I know. But babying her isn't helping her."

 Silently, you looked toward the kitchen where she was standing around, shoving her brothers to the side to get to the food first. It was hard to imagine that her world was this dark place with noises and scents.

 When she began exploring, you followed her everywhere. You wouldn't let her out of your sight but she quickly learned to moved around on her own. It made you all the more nervous.

 "I know." You breathed out heavily. "I know."
This is based off one tha :iconmarshmallow-maraca: did a little while ago.
I'm going to do a parent reader with my guilty guilty GUILTY pleasure ship...
You'll see though. I love it but I ship one of them with Greece hard so it's not #1.
It's hetero btw, if you're trying to guess
No nyotalia

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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