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October 14, 2012
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  Ludwig woke up the next morning, dragging his feet behind him. His brother wasn't in his room so he went into yours only to see you snuggled comfortably up to his brother.

  Smiling, he climbed up beside you both and snuggled in between you, shutting his blue eyes again. Your arms wrapped around him and you breathed out slightly. When he entered, you had arisen from your sleep.

  "What's wrong Ludwig...?"

  "I was looking for mein bruder..." He said stubbornly, crossing his arms in the meanwhile. You laughed slightly and hugged him,"Why are you hugging me...!?"

  "Because you're so cute and cuddly~!" You said in a happy voice, sleepy tone dripping from it. "Why won't you let me hug you?"

  "I'm guessing you slept good frau...?" Gilbert said softly as he awoke as well. His arm was around you in a second. "You seem really happy this morning..."

  "Thank you Gilbert...for last's been so long..." You snuggled up closer, unaware that Ludwig was hearing everything and processing it much differently.

  "Gilbert, did you have sex with __________ last night?" He asked plainly and watched both your faces get beyond brick red.

  "Nein! She was having problems sleeping so I stayed with her until she could...!" He spoke, embarrassment weaved in. "Who even told you was sex was?"

  "I heard it at the lab." He said simply before breaking from your loosened grip. "Can we have breakfast now?"

  "Go down. We'll be out of bed in a minute..." Gilbert said, sighing as his brother walked out of the room. He was going to tell you today that even though they've known you for a few days that he's gotten really close to you.

  Okay, maybe it isn't exactly along line. No, it was more along the line of him imprinting* on you.

*Imprint (on)-come to recognize as an object of habitual trust. Usually characteristics gained from a parent or suitable mate.

  You snuggled closer, trying to settle back into a nice rest once more. "I didn't have a nightmare after you came in last you mind coming in again tonight...?"

  "Nein..." He said sweetly with a smile. As he went in to kiss you, your body shifted and caused his lips to kiss your cheek. "How about we go downstairs before Luddy think's we're messing around again."

  Both of you smiled towards each other before getting up. Mentally kicking himself for not making his move, Gilbert went downstairs to greet Ludwig eating at the table.

  The two of you sat down and started eating as well. Gilbert kept looking towards you, his tail swishing and his ears twitching. Ludwig easily noticed but decided not to get involved.

  "Hey, Gilbert-?"

  "I haven't been staring at you!" He said loudly, quickly covering his loudmouth.

  Ludwig sighed and pushed his chair away,"Smooth one...I'm gunna go outside and play with the strays."

You blankly looked at Gilbert, no even acknowledging that Ludwig had left you both alone. "Gilb, are you feeling okay today? You've been acting kind of off since you woke up."

  "I'm fine. Fine." He said with a grin. "The awesome me is feeling as awesome as ever, why do you ask?"

  "Well for one," You said softly,"You just yelled that you weren't staring at me. You know you can tell me anything if you need to've been really sweet since you've gotten here you know."

  "I...I...can't tell you..." He stuttered, causing his mental self kicking him in the rear once more.

  On the other hand, you looked rather confused and hurt. You leaned forward to grab his hand only to have his lips smash passionately into yours. Your body froze in place as he pulled away, a shocked look on his face as well.

  Both of you looked at one another for the longest time before Gilbert bolted out of the room. You got out of your seat but stopped, not really trying to stop as he left.

  Your heart was racing in your chest. A hand rested to your pounding chest and a weak cry escaped your lips as your knees buckled. Blush took up most of your cheeks and your fingers traced your warm lips.



  "Bruder, you're an idiot." Ludwig said stupidly, watching as his brother cowered in a tree within the grounds. "Obviously she's gunna be expecting you to stay with her tonight."

  "I'm leaving Luddy! No turning back! No regrets!" He yelled, preparing the scale the wall. "Be good for __________!"

  "Bruder stop this!" He yelled, now gaining his attention. Using alligator tears, he managed to get his brother down and beside him in an instance. "I don't want you to leave bruder...I need you..."

  Gilbert lifted the child up, not able to see the glint in his eyes. "I won't leave about we go back inside before __________ starts to worry about us."

  "Danke bruder..." He said in his best whimpering voice he could muster. "I don't think I could go on without you."

  Now, it's not to say that Ludwig doesn't feel this way (mainly because without his brother, he would've starved to death), but Ludwig knew his brother wasn't the brightest apple in the bunch. And since Ludwig seemed to have a higher IQ, he was easily able to figure out how to toy with his brother to do anything or to keep him from leaving. Ludwig was a sweet kid, very smart but embarrasses easily, especially around girls.

  As Gilbert carried him back to his room, he made sure to inspect every hall to assure you weren't coming. Ludwig was becoming less tolerant at every stop. "You know, it won't kill you if you run into her bruder..."

  "Ja! But I don't want to...! I really like her und I messed up badly...!"

  "Well, she expecting you to sleep with her tonight." He gently reminded his brother, noticing him freeze in place. "So you're gunna have to deal with it one way or another."

  Gilbert got pale, even more pale then he already was. His little brother was right, he wouldn't let you have another terrible nightmare again, he wanted to make sure of that. But now things would probably be awkward between you both.

  "I'm such a dumbkopft..." He muttered, hanging his head.

  "Yes you are." Ludwig said softly, giving his brother a questionable look,"Just talk with her. What's the worst that could happen?"

  "I die."

  The room fell silent, Ludwig was questioning his brother's sanity (...again). "It'll be fine bruder." He said silently, resting his head against his brother's. "Just try not to be an idiot, okay?"

  The rest of the day, Gilbert made sure to avoid you, even coming late to eat when you had left. By the time he was assured you went to lay down, he slithered in the room. Hearing the door open, you looked over towards him.

  You watched as he quietly followed the wall until he climbed into your bed and turned the other way. "Gilbert-"

  He shouldered your hand away as you went to touch it. "Gilbert...about this morning..."

  "Nein, I wasn't in the right mindset..." He muttered, pulling the blanket over himself. "Just forget it happened..."

  "But I don't want to forget that it happened..." His head turned over, looking towards you. His ears flickered as though they misheard you. "I really like you Gilbert..."

  Now, he completely turned to face you. It took a moment for the information to process in his mind and once it did, he was hugging you tightly. Your arms slowly made their way around you and you felt warm and safe once more.

  "Ich liebe dich liebling..." He said, hugging you close to his body and resting his chin on your head. Tucking your head in, you blushed and smiled.

  His arms wrapped protectively around your body,"I love you too lovable cat..." You reached up, stroking his hair as though he were a cat. A purr sounded from him which he quickly stifled as you laughed. "You're too cute..."

  "I'll wait for you..." He said, changing from the previous conversation. "I don't care how long I have to wait, I'll wait until the end of time for us to be together. I really like you..."

  You smiled, cuddling close to him. "Are you sure you can wait that long Gilbert...?"

  "For you," he said softly, kissing your forehead,"Yea, I think I can."

  Cozying yourself with him and now falling asleep, you breathed out happily. "Good..." A smile stuck on your face that entire night.
Don't ask.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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 onion head "shock" "I haven't been staring at you!" He said loudly, quickly covering his loudmouth.

Yawn "Smooth one...I'm gunna go outside and play with the strays."
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"Nein! She was having problems sleeping so I stayed with her until she could...!" He spoke, embarrassment weaved in. "Who even told you was sex was?"

"I heard it at the lab." He said simply before breaking from your loosened grip. "Can we have breakfast now?"

Luddy just thought like it was nothing! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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