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September 7, 2012
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  Antonio entered the house early, a sleeping Lovino resting in his arms and a luggage still waiting in the car. Climbing up the stairs, he approached your room, entering to see you asleep with a similar child in your arms.

  Smiling, he lay the child down next to his brother and went to fetch his luggage back in the car. The silent house seemed so much more peaceful than he remembered it being.

  Going back upstairs, he threw his shoes off and got into bed beside all of you and falling asleep for the time being. What felt like an instant later, he was being awoken by you. You had arose to see the Spaniard's peacefully sleeping face, along with one seemingly identical to Feli's.

  "Should we wake them up...?" You whispered, looking towards the two peacefully-sleeping children. "I think they should be reunited now..."

  Antonio agreed, grabbing the newly introduced child in his arms and jounced him gently, trying to coax him from his sleep. Taking Feli in your arms, you did the same as Toni did.

  Both boys woke up with ease,"Feli...I found your fratello..." At the same time, you stood up the drowsy boys to look towards one another. For a moment, the room was silent enough to hear a pin drop.

  Without warning, the two slowly went towards each other, almost mimicking motions until they threw their arms around each other and began to cry. Both you and Toni watched as the two held each other close, showing no signs of separation soon.

  Lovino pulled away, licking his finger and wiping away dirt on his brother's face. You almost forgot that you never gave him a clean bath or cloths. "You're a mess Feli...I'm gone for a few days and this is the mess I come back to...?"

  Feliciano smiled through tears before clinging to his brother once more in tears. You went to give a comfort to the child but the second you extended your hand towards his back, his brother hissed.

  "Who's the ragazza!? Has she hurt you fratello!?" Lovino snapped, glaring at you darkly. "I swear, if you hurt my fratello-"

  Antonio lifted Lovino in his arms,"Lovi, calm down. This is my girlfriend ___________. She's been watching Feli for a few days now."

  Feliciano moved close to you, grabbing onto your night shirt as if about to fall,"A-Are we gunna be separated again mama...?" Lifting, Feliciano in your arms, you brushed his hair. "Mama..."

  "No Feliciano...Toni is going to be your papa...both of you can stay as long as you want..." Hugging the child close, you could feel his fingers gripping tightly onto the fabric. "No one will take you away from us now."

  "Mama...I want to stay with you too..." He said in a soft voice, burying his face in your shirt. It seems as though Toni was having the same chat. "I like it with you..."

  "Don't worry about we clean you up?" You went to stand, only to have Lovino grab your pajama pants and halt you. "Lovino...? What's wrong sweetie?"

  "Don't take fratello away..." He said softly, looking up weakly. "I don't want to loose my little fratello again."

  Smiling, you scooped him up too. The boy's face grew red instantly, quickly trying to hide it. Antonio and you shared a laugh before carrying them both to the bathroom. You turned on the warm water, letting both of them determine if it was a good temperature.

  "Toni...can you go out and grab them something proper to wear?" He pointed towards himself shocked. "Yes you. You're a boy, you know what they like. I'll pay you back just..."

  He nodded, coming beside you and kissing your lips softly. "Don't worry chiquita...I'll be back in a short while. For now, just give them small shirts." You nodded before he left.

  You quickly ran to your room, grabbing two shirts that might fit the boys before leaving them to wash up. They cleaned off quick and came out dressed adorably.
  Seeing that the two were still sleepy, you allowed them to relax together for awhile while you cooked something up for breakfast. "H-Hey..." Turning around from the stove, you saw Lovino peering from the corner. "Thank you...for taking care of mio fratello idiota..."

  You approached him, picking him up and kissing his forehead. Once more, his face became red and he quickly hid it in your shoulder. Laughing softly, you carried him back up to the other room and laid him down with Feli,"Just relax honey..."

 His eyes shut as he scooted towards his brother. The last thing you heard before you left was,"Thank you...mama...."


  About an hour or so later, everyone was sitting at the table and eating. Feliciano and Lovino were both droopy-eyed with execution but together, and that's all that mattered.

  Antonio returned sooner than expected with about 5 bags of clothes. You'd have to thank him dearly for that later. Turning your head, you gave him a gentle smile which he returned.

  His hand went over yours, the feeling warm to the touch. Toni worked for a big incorporation and often times was away for days on end in far reaches of the world for meetings.

  It was nice sometimes to have a calm house, but on occasion, you hated being alone. Resting your head on his shoulder, you couldn't help but blush. It's been awhile since you two have been together.

  "Listen ___________, I need to tell you something..." Antonio spoke, his voice off and cracking. You moved away slightly to get a better look, only he turned his face away. "Boys, can you go for a few minutes..."

  Both of them nodded unsurely before leaving you both by yourselves. "I...I don't think this is working out..."

  "But you promised-!"

  "I can't do this anymore. I've been leaving you by yourself and it's not fair. Besides...I go transferred." He grabbed onto your hands, tears already spilling from your eyes,"That's why I don't want you to be my girlfriend anymore."

  "But Toni-!"

  "I want you to be my wife!" He spit out suddenly, sending you both into silence for a moment. "I...want to marry you. You can move with me...I have a beautiful little home in Spain picked out...the boys will come with us and we can start a family. "

  Tears spilled, your mind buzzing and the room spinning. He wanted to marry you? Not break up but, marry. Throwing your arms around him, you began to sob into his shirt, repeating your answer over and over.

  "Yes, yes Toni...please don't ever scare me like that again...yes..."

  He held you, laughing at your reaction softly. Feliciano and Lovino came in, hearing your voices calm down. Feliciano came up to you, pulling on your pant-sleeve nervously. "Mama..."

  Looking over, he noticed your smile and seemed to relax. You picked him up and held him in your arms, his fingers brushing the tears off your face,"Don't you worry Feli...everything is okay..."

  Antonio picked up Lovino and held him close as the little child complained and squirmed in his arms. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, all of you snuggled on the couch watching movies as it rained outside. Lovino and Feliciano fell asleep in your arms and you leaned onto your Spanish fiancée, relaxing comfortably.

  His strong arms were wrapped around you as you yourself began to nod off, your head leaning on his. "Go to sleep, it's been a long day for you, hasn't it?"

  Nodding, you shut your eyes, letting sleep drag you under. "Te amo Antonio..."

  You heard his warming chuckle before feeling his lips softly pressing against yours. "Te amo ____________..."
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