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September 6, 2012
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  "M...Mama...!" Your eyes opened to see little Feliciano curled up beside you, a sobbing mess. A bolt of lightning cracked outside, sending the boy further into your arms.

  Waking up more, you held the small child close and hid his face away. "Please calm down's just a little storm..." Seeing there was no help, you sat up with him, cooing gently to calm him down.

  He stayed hidden, shaking like a leaf in fear and gripping tightly onto your shirt. "L-Lovino...please protect me...L-Lovino!" Your heart sank in your chest, hearing the boy cry out to his brother in vain.

  "M-Mama! Lovi is scared too..." He cried weakly into his shirt. "H-He doesn't like storms...I...I know he's scared...h-he's all a-alone!"

  You didn't have the heart to tell the shriveled child that his brother might not be anywhere near here, let alone hearing the storm right now. Rocking Feliciano in your arms, you began to sing to him as if he were a baby.

  Feliciano seemed to react to this, calming down and eventually resting his head between your arm and chest, instantly asleep. "I promise Feli...we'll find your little brother before this becomes a big deal...before the house becomes nuts again..."


  "C-Chigi!" Lovino squealed hearing another clap of thunder, hiding away under a cardboard box in the middle of nowhere. No one was around. He felt scared and alone. Even the comfort of his little brother's sobs would've calmed him down.

  Mere moments after splitting the brothers apart, Lovino managed to escape and follow the truck to somewhere around (hometown). Sure, he had no idea where he was, but his brother had to be somewhere.

  For the first time in awhile, Lovino let his head rest on his soggy knees and started sobbing uncontrollably. Ever pent-up emotion flowed out. The fear of the storm. His brother's life maybe already ended. This empty feeling he felt inside.

  "¿Como estas gatito?" Looking up, Lovino saw a handsome young man, skin kissed by the sun and slightly dampened by rain with a black umbrella over his head. "Were is your mother? Why are you outside all alone?"

  Lovino turned away, not easily going to trust this stranger. "I-I'm a big boy! I need to find mio fratello idiota! I..."

  The man knelt in front of him, ignoring that his nice dress pants were dipping into a puddle. "Por favor, come with me. I'm staying at a hotel...I'm going back home tomorrow. Mi comañera y yo will help you find your 'fratello' in the morning when the storm has let up."

  Lovino shook terrible, hunger griped his stomach painfully and needed to sleep before he passed out from exhaustion. Not even caring, the young boy ran into the man's arms, sobbing and crying while missing in some curses.

  "It's okay gatito..." Getting up, the man began to carry him away under the safety of an umbrella. "My name is Antonio, but you can call me Toni if you want." Silence. "Do you have a name? I don't want to call you 'gatito' all the time."

  Lovino lifted his face from the Spaniard's shirt and looked up with eyes glistening with tears. "L-Lovino..."

  Antonio smiled, pulling the child closer and offering some warmth. "Lovi...such a cute name!"

  "It's Lovino idiota! Don't call me Lovi! I'm to cute!"

  Antonio chuckled at the cat-boy's reaction and held him closer,"Let's get you back to my room and cleaned up. You can borrow one of my shirts. Then I can get room service to bring up some food for you, okay?"

  Lovino nodded, resting his eyes for a few moments. Still, he couldn't help but worry about what had happened to his little brother.


  "Lovino...wake up por favor..." Lovino's sleep was interrupted by the gentle Spanish lilt. He opened his eyes to see a pair of green ones looking into his . "Muy bueno. How about you get yourself washed up while I order some pizza, huh?"

  Lovino nodded, too tired to complain. Antonio helped him remove and trash his clothes before turning the warm water on and letting Lovino wash off all the mud covering him, along with the dried blood beneath it.

  Once feeling clean and refreshed, Lovino dried himself off and found a clean shirt Antonio left out for him before putting it on. Going out, he found Antonio eating a slice of pizza. Lovino ate once slice, not feeling too hungry in comparison to exhaustion.

  Laying down on the only bed, he curled up and tried to sleep. " need to eat a little more than one bite of pizza..." Lovino curled up tighter, his small shoulders shaking. "You've been through a lot, haven't you Lovino...?"

  A choking sob finally sounded before he was in the Spaniard's arms once more. "T-They took my fratello! H-He's the only family I got! H-He's not gunna make it...! M-My stupid brother...! F-Feliciano..."

  Antonio smiled, rocking the small child gently in his arms,"It's okay's all over...we'll find your brother and we can live together happily..."

  "I'm a freak..." Lovino murmured, his voice still shaking. "N-No one wants us...I lost my only family...I...I just want stupid brother...I miss...I miss him so much..."

  Antonio kissed the child's forehead, leaving a warm spot in its wake. "Don't worry...everything will end up alright! I promise...!" The Spanish man put on a brave smile to convince the child of the near-impossible.

  Lovino smiled sincerely before shutting his tired eyes and falling back asleep.

  Antonio whipped his phone out, quickly dialing a number while letting the small child sleep on his lap. Obviously, he needed to call his girlfriend and tell her about all that was happening.


  Your cell rang beside you not long after Feliciano fell asleep beside you. Groaning, you grabbed it to see your Spanish boyfriend, Antonio was calling you. Picking up the phone, you sighed. "Toni...three in the morning is not a good time to-"

  "Listen chica," He cut off,"I...I found a boy here...a little boy on my way home. I couldn't leave him alone in the rain so I brought him to my hotel room. He's looking for his brother so I told him we would let him stay and-"

  "What's his name!?" You snapped suddenly.


  "His! Name!"

  Feliciano rolled over, looking over confused as to why he was awakened. "Mama..."

  "Hold on Feli..."

  "Feli...?" Antonio said on the other side of the phone. "Is he a little boy with cat ears and a tail!?"

  "Yes! You found his brother!?"

  "I...I think so...!" Antonio said in a prideful voice. "His name is Lovino. He's sleeping peacefully right now. He seems beat."

  "Oh Toni, I could just hug you!"

  "We can do that tomorrow. Right now, we all need some sleep." You could hear the smile in his voice. "Buenos noche mi bonita chiquita."

  Giggling, you smiled back,"Good night Toni."

  Turning your attention back towards Feliciano, you smiled. "Feli...I have really good news for you. I know where your brother is, he's coming home tomorrow."

  "M...Mio fra..." Smiling at his cute drowsiness, you hugged him close and lulled him back to sleep quickly, dragging yourself you along with him. Hopefully, this would all work out tomorrow.
I have one more chapter. Yeah. ^^;
I will post it tomorrow.
If I don't fall asleep after school. :iconorzplz: I need sleep. xD

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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nay3824 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014
the young boy ran into the man's arms, sobbing and crying while missing in some curses.

Probably the cutest image ive had put Into my head of lovi and toni. :D aaah I squealed.
hellgirl-fan1 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
How do you know their names I have seen all most all of the shows and not once to they use the names
mikmik121 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013
hellgirl-fan1 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013
I have watched the show and I never heard them say their names
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What do you mean?
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Then where do they use the human names
mikmik121 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013
They're official. Sometimes people like to do AUs where the countries are human
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