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September 5, 2012
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  Feliciano and Lovino's fingers remained interlaced between the cages they rested in. Feliciano was sobbing silently, wiping his eyes with the one free hand he had. Lovino made no attempt to calm his brother, he was letting tears escape himself.

  The two of them had been together since birth, relying on each other in a world that had turned its back on them. Now they were nearing separation and feeling as though they were loosing a part of themselves.

  The truck bounced them around but they refused to let each other go until they were forced apart. "Fratello..." Feliciano blubbered through tears,"I-I don't wanna go away..."

  "Idiota listen..." Lovino said in a hushed voice, using his free hand to brush his brother's face. The truck began to slow. "Promise me right now that we...we'll see each other again."

  He released his brother's hand, holding his pinkie out towards him. The truck stopped and voices could be heard. Feliciano nodded, wrapping his finger around his brother's.

  The back opened up and two men ripped them relentlessly apart. Feliciano cried silently as he was crated away, tossed into another truck (literally) and watch it shut on his brother. The last image he saw was his brother scratching the man.

  Getting up, he cradled himself in his arms, shaking and crying as new cuts surfaced blood. He hoped his brother would be okay...


  You looked at the small neko sleeping peacefully on your couch, now bandaged up and looking disturbed. The truck came near your home earlier and the child was crying. When the drivers weren't looking, you pulling him out and ran. Odds are that they hadn't even noticed his disappearance. He was burried under various other cages and boxes.

  Picking him up, you relaxed yourself and brushed his hair. He suddenly writhed in your arms, breaking free and looked around fearfully. His eyes were still shut for some reason.

  "F-Fratello...I-I need to find fratello!" You watched as he reached towards the door, trying his all to grab the knob, falling lower every time until he just sat there bawling. At that point, you quickly fled to his side and hugged him. This time, he didn't seem reluctant to move.

  His small fingers gripped onto your shirt and his face rested on top of them,"L-Lovino..."

  Lifting him up into your arms, you cooed softly,"Please calm down...we'll find your're still really weak right now. I'll make you something to eat and let you rest..."

  "L-Lovino..." His said softly, resting his head on your chest. "Can I have some pasta mama...?"

  "M...Mama...?" You whispered softly. He looked up drowsily with a nod. Smiling softly, you kissed his forehead, brushing away his light brown hair,"Okay sweetie..."

  As you released him, you notice that he had no intention of being left alone. A small laugh escaped your lips and you picked him up, carrying him into the kitchen. You placed him on the counter, poking his nose softly,"I want you to sit right here and stay away from the stove, okay?"

  He nodded as you started to pull out ingredients for pasta. It was peaceful in the house for once. The young boy only watched as you cooked, his mouth watering and his tail twitching.

  "Do you have a name sweetie?" You asked while mixing the pasta in boiling water.

  He nodded, crawling slightly closer,"My name is Feliciano...but you can call me Feli if you want mama."

  Smiling, you picked him up and held him by the bowl of pasta, giving him the wooden spoon you were mixing with. "Well Feliciano, do you want to help mama make some pasta?" His expression lightened as you allowed him to mix the noodles in the water. "Be careful Feli, it's really hot."

  "I'm okay!" He stated enthusiastically, continuing to mix the noodles around until you assured they were perfect. The two of you continued to collaborate to make the best pasta you could.

  Feliciano quickly began eating, obviously hungry. "Feli, sweetie? Where are you from?"

  He stopped eating, looking towards you uncertainly. Maybe you shouldn't have brought it up. "Me and mio fratello were born in there...our mom and dad were like us..." His tiny hands grabbed his ears. "They took me and fratello away from her and then watched us grow up.

  "A few days ago, they told us they were separating us. I promised mil fratello that I'd find him..." Tears started spilling over once more, his hand clutching at his chest. "I...I miss him..."

  Before you could move, he climbed out of his chair and ran underneath the table, hugging your legs. Sighing, you put on a pained smile and picked him up, rocking him in your arms like a baby. "We'll find your fratello...for now, eat something. I'm worried about how skinny you are."

  Getting up, you went to his side of the table, beginning to feed him. His body was still shaking as he did. The poor thing probably went through hell since he was little.

  Reaching across the table, you got your food and began eating between Feliciano's bites. Before long, he had passed out in your arms, curled up in a ball like a cat.

  You finished eating before carrying him to the living room and cleaned up the kitchen. By the time you returned, he was standing in the middle of the room looking innocently up towards you.

  Picking him up, you let his chin rest on your shoulder. "Do you wanna come sleep with mama...?" He nodded, resting his head against yours. "Come on then...we'll take a siesta..."

  You carried him to your room, not even bothering to move the sheets over you as you snuggled together. "T...Thank you...m...mama..."

  Resting your chin on his head, you smiled. "You're welcome Feli..."
Like I said, I won't be posting a often. School is so dull.
So enjoy fluffy half-kitty Feli-tama.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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