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October 13, 2012
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  Gilbert awoke hours later with a start, something made him feel uneasy. His eyes immediately darted to where his brother once lay asleep. Fear filled him as he realized that neither his brother or you were anywhere to be found.

  Shooting up out of bed, he quickly escaped his bedroom and sought you out. In no time at all, terrible thoughts began to fill his head over what you might be doing.

  There was a loud explosion, sending pain into his fragile eardrums and then Ludwig's screams. Gilbert suddenly filled with adrenaline and rushed to where he heard Ludwig's cries.

  Bursting into the room, he instinctively readied himself to attack, almost missing the scene of you holding his crying baby brother and trying to calm him down. The second the door burst open, you quickly spun and quickly went back to calming Ludwig.

  "What...? Did you do mein bruder...?"

  You shook your head and went towards him, handing him Ludwig. "The storm woke him up, I can't get him to stop crying-" An explosion of thunder shocked both brothers and caused the white-haired one to cringe. "Gil...?"

  "It hurts...! My ears...!" He cried out, and you suddenly realized the problem with both of them. "G-Get the noise away...!"

  Getting Gilbert up, you managed to jostle him into a calmer and quieted room that refused to let any noise penetrate it. Ludwig looked towards you with teary blue eyes and Gilbert was frozen in fear and shock.

  Taking Ludwig into your arms, you began humming softly to lull him into a peaceful sleep, sitting on the ground. Gilbert, now overcoming his paralyzing feelings and came closer. He snuggled up against you like a cat and started drifting off himself too.

  Seeing Gilbert nodding off, you laid them both down on the ground within each other's embrace and laid a blanket over them. The two didn't seem to notice much as you slipped out of the room to let them sleep together.


  Gilbert awoke first the next morning, noticing the blanket over him and smiling. Pulling his brother in his arms, he escaped the room he was in and started shuffling down the halls to his bedroom to lay down.

  When he entered his room, he noticed a woman trying to make his bed. "Oh please, you don't have to. I was about to lay down again..."

  "Sure then hon. Thanks a lot for being there for our young madam. She's had it hard since her family died."

  This caught Gilbert's attention. "Died? Was...? She told me...she moved away."

  "No," The maid said in a soft voice. "Her family was killed in an accident. She was the only to survive. Her uncle took over her father's company and now sends her a majority of the money."

  Gilbert stood for a moment, trying to process the information before dismissing the young woman. He curled up in bed blankly and numb, trying to think of your sweet face, innocence, purity, not one of someone who has lost anything precious in this world.

  But how very wrong. Everyone she loved, her little brother, her father, her mother, gone. Tears surfaced at the man's eyes as he fell asleep, thinking about your precious smile. He wanted to make sure you kept that forever. He didn't want you to bare pain anymore.


  "Gilbert...!" Ludwig pestered as he shook his brother's sleeping form. "Gilbert...! I'm hungry...!"

  Gilbert, in turn, groaned and turned the other cheek. Although, Ludwig didn't want him to ignore so he once more began to pester his older brother. "Gilbert. I think I heard ___________ say that you're awesome...!"

  Once the albino had a second to process, he shot up in a second. "She thinks I'm awesome!?"

  "Bruder, you're so stupid..." Ludwig growled under his breath. "Now can we go and eat breakfast?"

  Gilbert shot a look at his 'innocent' little brother before agreeing. He helped the small boy onto the ground and led him to your room. When they opened the door, they found you still completely asleep. Both of them exchanged a worried glance, knowing they would need to speak with the chef who was obviously not happy with there presence not too long ago.

  Ludwig seemed even more upset. Gilbert didn't blame him. He's had a rough young life thus far. Lifting the child up into his arms, he began walking towards the dinning room. Ludwig was shaking in his arms.

  "Bruder, don't worry...everything is going to be fine..." He whispered into his brother, gripping his hand softly. "Your awesome big bruder is gunna make sure nothing can even touch you."

  The last part had a hint of threat in it, convincing Ludwig that he was nearly safe. His brother was always dangerous when it came to protecting his brother. That's how he lost half his sight, fighting with a scientist who was trying to take his brother away. Unfortunately, the man had a knife and no remorse when he slashed his eye.

  When they went to greet the male chef, they found a female one in his place. She offered no threat, although she went to touch Ludwig's black ears only to have her hand smacked away by Gilbert.

  In the end it was decided that they'd have a simplistic breakfast buffet before they went to sit at the table and wait. In the meanwhile, you had awoken and come to join them.

  Gilbert's eyes softened at your appearance. Ludwig didn't seem to notice that your eyes were slightly red, as if you had been crying. Gilbert, however, spotted it miles away . Quickly, he hopped out of his chair and embraced you, his warm and strong arms wrapped around you.

  You could feel something was off with him when he did that but you returned it likewise with a warm laugh. "You're awfully affectionate today, aren't you Gil? What did you both want for breakfast?"

  "A buffet." Ludwig said plainly as Gilbert broke away. "Sorry about mein bruder, he's just delirious today."

  You giggled and kissed Gilbert's cheek, making his face turn extremely red. It took Ludwig a spilt second to realize before he started laughing. Gilbert shot a look towards his brother, quickly silencing him before sitting back down and waiting for food like the rest of you.

  The meal progressed slowly and silently. No one dared to speak. You were very aware of Gilbert's tense actions. Gilbert held your secret to his rapidly-pounding heart. Ludwig could feel the thick tension and didn't want to say anything to make it thicken or explode.

  Eventually, you smiled softly and spoke up. "How about we do something today? It might be really nice to go out for some fresh air right now, won't it guys?"

  "Ja," Ludwig agreed, continuing to eat his breakfast in peace.

  Looking over towards Gilbert, you noticed he was grinning and breathed out in relief. "Ja, I really like that idea."

  When all of you had finished, you changed and quickly were out the door. Gilbert took your hand once more and nervously squeezed it. Not knowing the source of his nerves, you just gripped his reassuringly and smiled towards him.

  It seemed to work, his tenseness seemingly vanishing. As you walked along, talk commenced. You asked the boys how you slept, which they responded,'better than in any alley we've ever slept in.'

  "How'd you sleep ___________?" Ludwig asked softly, acting on innocence once more.

  Your grip tightened and you forced out a happy,"Good." Gilbert, who was still holding your hand, easily noticed and looked towards his little brother. His brother smirked and waved his hand forward.

  'Make your move.' His body language seemed to pester. Gilbert rolled his eyes and moved beside you, gripping onto your hand. "You know," He started,"If you want to talk about anything, the awesome me is open to listen."

  You nodded and moved forward, not really wanting to talk right now. Both of them were bound to find out eventually, about when you fall asleep. The only reason they hadn't worried last night was because Ludwig's cries droned put your own.


  Later that night, Gilbert tossed and turned in bed, thinking about why you wouldn't speak with him. Ludwig had fallen asleep on their walk home later and was sleeping peacefully in his own room.

  At around midnight, he was nearing sleep when he heard a cry in the dark. It wasn't Ludwig's though, it was yours. Quickly springing up, he dashed towards your room and noticed how pained you looked in sleep.

  Rushing to your side, he shook your shoulders and continually cried your name until you awoke in a shocked daze. Gilbert held such hurt and confusion before hugging you closely to him. Your face was forced into his shoulder and tears were suddenly spilling from your eyes.

  He gently hushed you, comforting you as your tears began to turn into sobs. "I d-didn't mean to wake you up G-Gil..."

  "Don't worry about me..." He said simply, now stroking your (h/c) hair. "I can take a cat nap if I want..." His tail brushed your arm softly, causing a giggle to sound from you.

  "Someone told me...what happened to your your family..." Your body shuddered once more. "You have nightmares, don't you...?"

  "They're so terrible Gil..." You breathed, holding him closer. "They've told me...the maids who work at night...that I scream in my sleep... "

  "Don't worry..." Gilbert whispered, laying you back down in bed and cooing you into calmness. "I'll stay with you tonight...I'll make sure that you sleep okay tonight..."

  You nodded, relaxing as he laid down in bed with you. He began stroking your hair, purring gently as if he really were a cat. Putting your head against his chest, you realized it was bare and began blushing.

  He felt so warm and comforting, brushing your arms softly. Snuggling closer, you curled up and sighed, shutting your (e/c) eyes. "I'm sorry for making you do this..."

  "Don't worry," He said in a warm tone, hugging you close. "I'm not mad. I'm just worried that you're not getting enough sleep. If you get scared, just wake me up."

  "Are you sure?"

  He kissed your nose softly and nodded,"Ja...gut nacht..."

  "Night..." You breathed, resting your ear against his chest, listening to his heart beating in his chest. "Thank you..."

  "Don't mention it..."

  With that, you both fell asleep in one another's arms.

Gilbert's your mommy now.

Making you feel better when you're scared.

But then you're Gilbert's mommy too.

Because you comforted him from the storm.

You're each other's mommies.

I'm so tired.
I'm sorry.


No, I'm not.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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