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October 12, 2012
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  "Big brother...I'm so hungry..." Ludwig complained, trying not to sound like he's unappreciative of what his older brother goes through to keep them going. "I can feel my stomach eating itself..."

  The albino laughed hollowly, trying to keep his baby brother's spirits up. "Don't worry...your stomach can't eat itself so it won't eat itself..."

  Both brothers were genetically altered male specimens at a secret lab in the countryside. They managed to escape and hide out in a town many ways over where the laboratory couldn't touch them.

  Ludwig was the youngest, only about 9 years old with blond hair that fell in his face and the most gorgeous blue eyes. His older brother Gilbert (about 18) was an albino with white hair and two red eyes, although his left one was scratched and blinded. Ludwig and Gilbert wore cat tails and ears, the latter of which matched his hair color-white. Ludwig had black rather than the expected blond.

  Since they had escaped, they had been scrounging around for food at any chance they could. Humans shunned them, throwing stones and yelling fowl names towards them.

  Currently, both wore nothing but dirt and the clothes on their backs. Ludwig was huddled close as possible to his brother, trying to keep warm in the cold winter's wrath.

  "I'm glad we left Gilbert..." Ludwig said softly, shutting his eyes,"I didn't like it in there..."

  "Just go to sleep..." Gilbert cooed, kissing his brother's temple as a mother would've done. "I'll wake you up if something happens..."

  His little brother nodded, laying his ears down flat and letting his tail twitch as he fell into a peaceful sleep. Gilbert brushed his little brother's hair gently to soothe him into a comfortable sleep.

  He wasn't far gone when Gilbert's ears pricked up, a human was approaching. "Luddy...West wake up..." The child groaned in complaint as he opened his eyes, only to hear footsteps nearby.

  The sun was setting and there weren't many people around to begin with. But one human could make all the difference. As both got ready to bolt, they noticed it was a young girl, (h/l)(h/c) hair and around Gilbert's age. Her (e/c) eyes were gentle and her pink lips pursed slightly.

  Both brothers sat in an alley, hoping that the female human would not notice them. Only her (e/c) orbs darted over at the two shaking figures. Rather than causing noise, she came slightly closer in curiosity.

  Gilbert noticed that Ludwig was completely frightened so he took the boy and held him close, hissing towards the girl. Only around now had she even noticed that they were mutations. Her eyes darted to Gilbert's tail and ears.

  "Don't worry..." She said in a calmed voice,"I don't want to hurt you-"

  "But you will anyway!" Gilbert snapped back. "You don't have to hurt us every time one of your kind wants you to!"

  "Brother..." Ludwig nearly choked out, his voice was full of fright.

  Still, the girl inched closer, stopping at a cool distance and sitting down in front of them. "My name is you two have any...?"

  "Gilbert."  He spoke, his one working eye refusing to leave your form.

  Ludwig didn't answer, still nervous.

  She came slightly closer, both of them seemed on edge. This conversation went back and forth, every time they said something, she would move towards them.

  Eventually, she was sitting in front of them, both of their nerves calmed. She reached out on Gilbert's blind side, although he was about to cut her off from touching him, he relaxed as her soft hand cupped his cheek, her thumb pad caressing it.

  "You two can come stay with me if you want." She whispered, looking towards the now calmed but still frightened boy in his lap. "My parents are rich but I was sent off here. They wire me a lot of money I don't know what to do with. A big home, plenty of food, clothes."

  Gilbert looked towards his little brother as she backed away, awaiting their decision. Seeing his brother in such bad shape, he knew he'd have to put his trust in this stranger. She seemed too nice and sweet to be with anyone who would try to capture them and she showed concern for his little brother as well.

  Lifting up Ludwig into his arms, he nodded. She stood up herself, leading them out into the open. Her hand grabbed onto Gilbert's trying to steer him away from any objects on his blind side. People who passed gave a look of shock for the one person who showed the two kindness.

  Ludwig was very aware of this and hid his face into his brother's shirt. "It's okay West...we'll be okay..."

  "What do you two want to eat for dinner?"

  Both boys looked towards each other before Gilbert looked back towards the female. "You're not making us eat cat food?"

  She paused, looking back towards them,"Heavens no! You're humans , aren't you? I'm not forcing you to eat cat food like some kind of pet."

  Liking this idea, both of the invited guests decided on a big meal-chicken, fish, pretty much anything that had to deal with meat and fish. The woman laughed cheerily and agreed that they needed to eat something.

  By the time they had made it to the stranger's home, Ludwig was sleeping peacefully in his brother's arms. Gilbert, however, could now see the full extent of the teen's (or rather, parent's) wealth.

  Although in a home by her lonesome, she had a 2-story house-if not, 3-to herself. The home wasn't anywhere near bad shape either. In fact, it looked too new to be taken care of by one individual. It was guarded by a large fence made of stone, minus the front gates which opened with a special code.

  She openly showed Gilbert the number system and told him that if he forgot to not worry and ask. That she was willing to trust two strangers she pulled off the road, Gilbert felt safer.

  He watched as the doors opened and allowed them all to enter. Cautiously, he slipped in and shuddered when the gates screeched behind him, trapping him inside the confines of her home. Sure, he was warming up to the girl, but he couldn't exactly stop feeling paranoia over what may happen.

  Jouncing his brother, he tried to make him awaken once more. It worked for about three seconds before he fell back into sleep. There were housekeepers, groundskeepers and probably chefs working in and outside the house, looking towards the mutated brothers as they entered. Odds are that they have seen them in town before. This made Gilbert even more uneasy than before.

  Noticing Gilbert's hand tightening in fear around her own, she smiled. "Don't worry about it. If anyone asks, questions or insults you, I'm going to kick them out."

  Feeling slightly more reassured, he loosened his grip and followed you in. Even though it was a bigger home, the staff was small. Maybe a maid running around here or there but not like in a mansion where there are attendants at every door.

  "I don't need much help," ___________ said in a soft tone,"It's only me so I don't need thirty butlers and maids. Even with guests over, I don't need any more than I have here."

  Gilbert nodded and followed as she toured the home. Noticing that he was tiring out as well, she smiled. "How about you wake up Ludwig and clean off? I'll get the chef to cook for us while you do."

  "Where are we staying?" He asked in confusion.

  She smiled again and ushered both brothers to their rooms. The one Ludwig was left in was originally her little brother's room when he visited. His clothes still lay in the drawers for Ludwig to wear.

  Gilbert's room was the same, only her parents stayed in it. She instructed where her father's old clothes were and told him it was free to use. Gilbert, now alone with their new friend, hugged the girl and smiled brightly,"Thank you so much for all of this..."

  "It's no problem." She whispered back, hugging him for a moment before pointing out where her bedroom is in case they needed her at night. "I'll meet you both downstairs in a little while, okay?"

  He nodded and watched as she went off, his heart doing summersaults in his chest. But her sweet smile, her kind heart. He couldn't have been falling in love with someone who could easily shun her back to them, could he?


  The boys took their time before going downstairs, ____________ was already eating at this point but didn't seem upset over them taking so long. Rather, she felt embarrassed that she didn't wait for her guests and apologized. That threw both of them for a loop.

  Although tired, the two came with an appetite, wiping mainly everything off the table without a regret. Sure, the chef was confused when _____________ had told them how much food they'd be needing for the night but she quickly explained there would be guests.

  When the male chef came out to ask how the food was, he was shocked that, a) the food was knocked clean out, and b), that there were only two guests eating a meal fit for 10.

  Gilbert stood up, taking the nearly-asleep Ludwig into his arms and carrying him back up the stairs. The woman followed behind, making sure that Ludwig felt snug in his new bed and hung back as his older brother tucked him in.

  After a few minutes, she realized that he was having a hard time bringing himself away from his brother's side. Those two were close, their life alone on the road must've made them bond.

  "You know," She spoke up gently, causing the white ears to prick up and his eyes to move towards you,"He can stay with might be more comfortable for him to stay with you..."

  Gilbert smiled and nodded, picking his little brother up and cradling him into his arms. "I don't have many rules you know. Just don't try to piss off the workers by making a mess and follow whatever rules you have been following otherwise."

  He grinned, coming over to her and resting his chin on your shoulder. "'ve been such a help..."

  "You're welcome..." She said, hugging them close to her and smiling. "Why don't you two go off to bed and rest safely tonight."

  "Come sleep with us..." He murmured into her shirt. "I feel...really safe when I'm around you..."

  She giggled and helped both into bed before bringing herself beside them and resting her head on his chest. "You're such a good big brother...taking care of your younger sibling like that..."

  "He's all I have left..." Gilbert said softly, shifting his arms to bring his brother closer. "Sure he can be a pain and usually a stick in the mud, but he's my little brother and I love him..."

  Again, she smiled and snuggled closer. "You know, I feel safe around you too Gil..." He seemed to freeze in his spot, his heartbeat rapidly pounding in his chest. "Good night..."

  It took him until after you had fallen asleep to retaliate. He brought your head closer to his and started nodding off himself. "Gut nacht, leibling..."
That whole 'heads tails' journal entry...

I wrote this and then got conflicted.
Would I write another chapter and continue or make the series like 'Live, Laugh, Love' where the characters of the axis were all different animal hybrids.

I couldn't decide and every time I flipped the coin...
I kept deciding I wanted to do the other. ^^;

So I asked you guys.
Since you were clueless as to what this was.

Heads won.

3 chapters.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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