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November 17, 2012
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 Every step made you shudder in fear. The sky was growing dark and the nocturnal creatures were sure to come out. Earlier, some girls from your school had chased you in and now you were completely lost and frightened.

 Tears escaped your eyes as you began running, any direction would suffice, it didn't matter. You ran and ran until your legs collapsed underneath you. Curling up, you began sobbing in fear. Bears. Raccoons. Possums. Mice. All these creatures would be coming out soon enough.

Looking towards the sky, you noticed it had gotten visibly darker, making you cringe in fear. For hours, you cried silently in fear until your body demanded rest, your eyes shutting.

 Alfred heard some odd noise nearby his abandoned home in the woods. He looked out beyond some brush to find you asleep on the ground, whimpering in fear.

 His blue eyes darted before he slithered closer, looking at you pathetically cry on the ground in your sleep. He allowed his hands to caress your skin, looking most curiously towards your legs. See, he didn't have legs. He had a brown snake's tail in it's place.

 Picking your body up, he carried you back to an abandoned cabin. He left it in good condition, a nice warm bed with clean sheets. A wood-burning stove to keep the home warmed. Bringing you in, he quickly got you to lay down and wrapped a blanket around you. Seeing as how the house was small (only a bed, bath and living/dining/ kitchen rooms), you were heated up rather fast.

 Alfred continually brushed your pale, tear-stained face, watching to make sure it regained color. He grabbed your hand and reassuringly squeezed it, his pink tongue flickering in and out every now and again.

 He too began to tire as well. Although many naga had never been this close to a human, he didn't want to make you uncomfortable by sleeping with you. This was the only bed though so after careful consideration, he climbed in beside you and wrapped his tail around your unconscious body.

 Snuggling closer, he blushed feeling your warmth. Assumably, there was enough wood in the fire to keep it going until morning. Your body shuddered, curling closer to the naga's. Alfred's arms went around your waist, pulling you closer.

 Feeling more comfortable, he started falling asleep as well. His blue eyes shut and his forehead rested against yours gently as he went under sleep's spell.


 When you started coming to, your body felt encased in warmth. Confused, you opened your (e/c) eyes to see a handsome man sleeping beside you. But something seemed off about him. That's when you saw his pink tongue flicker in and out.

 Like a snake's.

 You screamed, awakening him suddenly. When you went to push off of him, you found his tail wrapped around you. As panic began to settle, you struggled even more to fight this grip. Seeing your worry, he released you, watching as you went to the corner and began crying once more in silence.

 At this point, you could see the tail connected to the lower half of his body. It didn't take long before he was coming closer to try and calm you. "Hey...sleepy head...glad to see you're awake..."

 His soft voice and kind eyes calmed you slightly. Now you were looking towards the creature, his upper body that of a human. Coming slightly closer, you felt your body cringe in fear.

 He inched closer, reaching out to cup your face. His gentle thumb brushed against your cheek, making them heat up. Moving closer to you, he held you close and gave you a shoulder to cry on.

 Shaking, you began sobbing terribly in his arms. His hands brushed against your back as you sobbed into his shirt, telling him everything that happened. A group of girls came by, harassing you and hurting you until you were chased into the woods. All your fears collapsed on you.

 He cradled you until you couldn't cry anymore, his tail holding onto you. Now you didn't care. You just wanted to not feel alone anymore. "Wow...that's...I think those, you've had it rough..."

 You nodded into his bare skin as he lifted you up and carried you somewhere. He brought you back to bed and allowed you to lay down. "Are you hungry...? I can make you something if you want..."

 There was no reply from you. The only response was curling up in bed and looking towards him innocently. He chuckled and disappeared for a moment before returning with fresh strawberries and blueberries in a bowl.

 He watched as you reached out and took some carefully in your hand and began eating. The first noise he heard was you sucking on the juice of a big strawberry and laughed. "That's kinda cute."

 "Don't you eat them like that...?" You asked curiously in a soft voice. His head shook and he showed his fangs. "You're like a vampire then...?"

 "I guess," He stated simply, shrugging. "But it's not the worst thing ever. And no one ever really bugs me. Well, you saw how you acted when you found a 12-foot long naga sleeping with you."

 "You're really nice..." You murmured softly, looking back towards him. "Why though...? I'm such a weird one likes me..."

 He looked sadly down at you before sitting beside you. "Don't worry...I'll be your best friend, okay? I'll make sure you can find your way back here so you can come whenever. I have a human friend named Kiku who brings me food every week. You may have to wait a few days though."

 "That's okay..." You muttered, breathing out. "I'm just happy I don't have to worry about school for a few days."

 He smiled, snuggling in beside you and smiling. "'Kay then. How about we snuggle up for a bit!? You're so nice and cozy to sleep with!"

 Smiling, you buried your face into the crook of his neck. "Sure...whatever you want..."
I've had this story since last month.
38 days I think...

I'm not gunna be on all day so I wanted to leave you something to preoccupy yourselves, m'kay?

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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