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September 27, 2012
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  You ran into your home, sobbing as the door shut loudly behind you. Your big brother, Russia, was away on business, leaving you alone with the Baltic countries. Although it looked as though you needed your brother more at the moment.

  By the looks of it, someone had been pulling your long (h/c) hair; it was all tossed and messy. Your face and knees were covered in dirt and bloodied and your clothes were now torn and covered in dirt.

  The smallest Baltic nation, Latvia, poked his head from around the corner to see your small form shaking and near collapsing. Quickly going to you, he caught your body right as your knees crumpled, causing you to fall.

  Your arms wrapped around his neck as he lifted you off the ground and began trying to calm you down. "T-Toris! E-Eduard...! C-Can either of you spare a few minutes...!?"

  The other two nations appeared hearing the smaller one's cried for help and quickly noticed you crying. The Lithuanian man was the first to react, going over and taking you from the smaller boy and rocking you in his arms.

  "What happened ___________?" He cooed, wiping away the continually-spilling tears. "Who was the one who hurt your pretty face and made you sad?"

  The Estonian man had already left, grabbing a first-aid kit to clean your fresh wounds. Turning your head, your (e/c) eyes locked with the Latvian's violet ones. Reaching out, you indicated that you wanted him to be holding you.

  Doing as you wished, the Latvian took you from Lithuania and asked once more,"Who did this to you ___________?"

  "S-Some mean kid...p-pushed me into the d-dirt and t-took t-the flower I put in my hair that I got from b-big brother!" Your words were choppy from the sobs that were now overcoming you once more.

  Estonia came back in, moving the other two counties into the kitchen and setting you down on the table with your small legs dangling off the sides. "I'm going to see if the boy is outside. I'm sure mister Russia would be more upset if he thinks we didn't do anything to get the flower back."

  Estonia and Latvia nodded before turning there attention back to you. Latvia held your hand with on of his while brushing your hair  with the other, fixing it until it was nice and beautiful again. Meanwhile, Estonia spent his time cleansing your cuts and bandaging them up.

  In the end, worn and tired, you leaned against Latvia's small frame and started dozing off. "Raivis...I wanna sleep with big brother tonight..."

  "He's at a meeting though __________..." He whispered, lifting you into his small arms. "Maybe you can stay with Toris or Eduard-"

  "No. You're my big brother now..." You murmured, resting your cheek on his shoulder. "I wanna sleep with big brother..."

  Raivis looked panic-struck when you said that. What if Russia finds out you were now calling Latvia big brother? "Okay, but only if you won't call me that in front of Mr. Russia..."

  "Okay big brother..."

  He carried you down to his room, rather plain with white and crimson walls. It took a moment before he laid you down and followed suit. In a moment's notice, you gripped onto his shirt and snuggled close,"Raivis, are we gunna get married one day?"


  You moved closer, snuggling with him. "Maybe our bosses will make us marry one day when I'm older..."

  "I-I don't think your brother would like that..." Raivis noted nervously,"H-He might not want you to g-get married to someone who work for him...I think he'd be upset..."

  "Nuh uh..." You muttered, nodding off into a shallow sleep. "Imma marry you whether Ivan wants me to or not..."


  History has a funny way of creeping back when you don't want it to, doesn't it?

  Currently you stood in the middle of a room, trying not to look at the quivering boy who was nearby. It's been too long since you had last seen him, all because of Ivan. After he found you sleeping with Latvia as a child and called him your big brother, you were forbidden to see him.

  Not long after, you grew into the body of a (age) year old and eventually, gained independence from the Soviet Union. You would no longer call that man your big brother.

  Now you stood in a room with a young man who you hadn't seen in years, getting exactly what you wanted all those years ago. Your boss spoke up,"I herby declare the country of Latvia and the country of __________ unified!"

  All those in the room clapped as your two bosses shook hands. Quickly, you shifted your glance to your feet, your boss coming to your side and pulling you close. "Why don't you take the boy out for a bit? Show him around the country."

  "Yes sir," You said silently, walking almost zombie-like across the room over to Latvia. He didn't question when you took his hand and led him away from the room which seemed to be so cheerful.

  The second you made it into the hall, you shoved him into a separate room and locked the door behind the two of you. You refused to look up at him.

  "'ve really grown..." He whispered, moving closer to you. "I can't believe it...y-you were so little the last time I saw you..."

  Backing up against the wall, you covered your mouth and choked out a sob. Tears suddenly became visible, running down your face and falling against the ground. Two pairs of arms wrapped around you swiftly, knocking another sob out of your body.

  Your arms quickly went around the country's small form and held him close,"I missed you so much Raivis…it looks like me and you finally unified, huh...?" A weak laugh sounded from you, almost hollow in sound. "Big brother is probably mad right now…"

  His grip tightened on you for a moment before he began the waterworks himself. "I-I'm so sorry...Mr.Russia got upset...I-I didn't mean to...I'm so sorry..."

  You shook your head, your fingers grasping him tightly in fear of loosing him once more. The thought currently made your blood run cold. "It's not your fault...please don't blame yourself..."

  "But I-"

  Before he could finish, your lips landed on his, silencing him easily. By the time you had pulled yourself away from him, the two of you were smiling brightly towards each other.
Request for :iconakxcat:
That did not end up as fluffy as I wanted it to be.

Whatever, enjoy.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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