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Russia x Reader by Hetalianess333

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April 28, 2012
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  The next morning, you awoke under sheets of green and sunlight streaming through tall windows which allowed you view of the kingdoms around you and your own little homes.

  Last night, Natasha came and knocked you out, dragging you back over to the castle as her brother requested. Which meant that Ivan did not forget who you were.

  Sitting up, you rubbed your tired (e/c) eyes and cried out for someone,"H-hello...!? I-is anyone there...!?" There were footsteps in the hallway and the door opened up to Queen Elizabeta herself. She had gentle green eyes and beautiful long, brown hair.

  She smiled sweetly at you and sat beside you in your bed,"Good morning miss ___________...King Ivan requested you for breakfast. You may borrow whatever you like in the dressers. I don't fit in those drab old things anyway."

  Firstly, a Queen was referring to you as miss. Second, Ivan wanted to see you. "Thank you your majesty-"

  "Please, there's no need to be so formal." She gave a calm smile,"Call me Elizabeta. You really seem to be making King Russia very happy, so you must be a very sweet young lady."

  "Thank you..." You breathed with a smile. "He makes me happy too..."

  Elizabeta sat next to you now,"Might I smell a romance brewing!? Quick, get changed and ready! I can't wait for this!" She climbed off the bed, looking back at you and grinning widely,"I can't wait!"

  As she ran off, you couldn't help but laugh at what an interesting character this woman was indeed.


  You came down and into the dinning room, looking around to see if anyone was there before turning the corner. When you did so, the three occupying the room all turned their heads towards you.

  Smiling sheepishly, you took a step in. You were wearing a light green dress which was tied tightly on the stomach and flowed freely on the bottom, rippling beautifully. It had thin straps over your shoulders and was open more so on the back. And even with the simplicity of it, this 'drab dress' was worth more than your home.

  After a moment of mindlessly staring, you curtsied,"G-good morning everyone." Scanning the three, you felt everyone in the room now looking curiously over at you. The jack was giving you a filthy look though with his violet eyes.

  He stood up a bit, adjusting the frames on his face. He wore a long, dark cloak of green with a jabot sticking from over a lighter green vest he wore beneath. His hair was dark and a stubborn kink stood up from seemingly nowhere. This was Roderich.

  "She has very adequate manners...for a Joker." He spat it out as if it were poison in the mouth. His eyes narrowed towards you,"I suggest that you sit down and remain silent like a woman is to do." He rested back as if he didn't do anything wrong.

  You were in shock. You knew there were people who still saw Joker's as diseased, mutated creatures, but you never actually encountered such a person. Besides, you weren't even a true Joker, you were a refuge.

  Elizabeta smacking him upside the head,"Roderich, that was very rude! ____________ here is our guest and should be treated as such." The Austrian scowled and didn't speak up again.

  King Ivan gave you an innocent smile,"Please, sit beside me today. We have much to talk about, da?"

  Nodding, you sat beside him. Looking at him closer up with a feeling that wasn't fear, you examined his clothing. Again, it was all green, but he wore a darker green coat over what seemed like a light-green and white tunic which was lined with white fur. For all you knew, it could be real animal fur. He wore a hat which matched the color but had a club on the side which held a string with a cotton ball onto the side. Now looking at the sides of the white tunic, you noticed two patches of green atop the white sewed on messily.

  King Ivan noticed you staring at him for a few moments, taking a look at all he wore. "You look very beautiful my sunflower." You flinched in fear for a second before laughing it out nervously. "I see you like my clothing." He took a handful of cloth and wavered it under the table a bit.

  "They're more than she could possibly afford. All you Jokers are just filthy peasants!" Elizabeta smacked Roderich once more, hearing this comment come from him.

  "I'm sorry...I shouldn't even be here..." You started, standing up and making the wood scrape against the floor with a terrible screech. "My brothers will be worried and-"

  "Your brothers were very nice to me." Ivan said with his childish smile, causing you to sit back down and scootch back into your spot. "The albino was seemed very nervous, da?"

  " met my...? When did this...?" The words came out rambly and confused.

  He nodded,"Da, I went to go see you yesterday and your little brother Peter said you were in the Kingdom of Spades. And then your brother Gilbert came home and said that you went missing...again. So I left Natasha and she scared everyone away."

  That explained why everyone was gone and how you got here, but everyone might be holding a funeral service for you right now. The village might suspect that he came to do away with you. Once and for all.

  "B-but...! I-I need to go before they think-!" Again, you bolted up, only to have Ivan stand beside you, resting a hand on your shoulder.

  He looked deeply into your (e/c) eyes and you sensed something in him that you hadn't before. He seemed so...lonely. "Please don't go yet. You haven't eaten anything and I wanted to speak with you alone."

  "A-about what...?" Turning your head to Elizabeta and Roderich, you sighed and looked at him,"They would understand..."

  The King nodded and in a complete and unforeseeable action, knelt down on one knee and took your hands. He looked with innocent violet eyes which were shimmering, his face red,"Look __________...I have not known you long...but I believe I love you...and I wish to make you my Queen. Marry me?"

  Your face turned a deep shade of red. "I-Ivan..." Your eyes watered up,"Ivan...I-I can't..." His eyes widened in shock,"Ivan...I need to help my brothers...I'm a Joker...I have responsibility..." It hurt you to say this,"Ivan...I love you so much...but I can't..."

  His head perked up at the last part. " me...? But..." He stood up, towering over you as he did days ago. "Promise me this...if this war ever ends...come back and marry me...make me the happiest man alive..."

  "Mister Ivan sir! You can't possibly-!?" Ivan shoot a dark look at Roderich and for a second, you felt a dark aura from him making chills go up your spine.

  Ivan looked back at you with calm eyes, needing eyes, hurt eyes. Throwing your arms around him, you cried out,"Yes Ivan...I'll come live with you...and we'll be happy forever..."

  He lifted you up a bit and twirled you,"You don't know how happy you have made me ___________!" Ivan's eyes were light and happy, something you wanted to see more often. He brought you down and pressed his lips against yours, an indescribably wonderful warm vibes through your body. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you deepened it a bit before he pulled you away, pressing your foreheads together.


  You walked home about an hour later. The food you ate was superb in every sense of the word. And now you would have to explain to your brothers why you were kidnapped. What was going on in your life. About your plan. And about and you and King Ivan.

  Now that you knew your objective was in your grasp and that you now had a motivation to do so, you wanted to make peace with all four kingdoms. You needed to. 

  But then, what would happen to Gilbert and Peter? Simply, you believed Gilbert would go back to the Kingdom of Hearts with his brother and Peter would too back to his real home with his real parents.

  Walking back in the village, everyone was gasping in surprise. You had 'escaped' the 'evil' Russian King twice now (meaning you didn't get killed). They must've been shocked.

  When your small home came back into view, Gilbert ran out and grabbed you, holding you tightly and apparently even holding back tears. "_-_________...I thought Ivan killed you...he came looking for you...a-and his psycho sister..."

  Peter came running over from a distance. He had been in the Kingdom of Spades judging by the direction he was coming from. He was excited about something but when he saw your face, he paused and ran over to you in tears.

  Gilbert let you go and you scooped the young child up,"It's okay baby...I'm home...King Ivan didn't hurt me..." Your heart fell a bit,"He's a nice man..."

  "___________...I met my parents today..." You nearly dropped him. Gilbert gave you a funny look and you dragged them all inside. All of you had some talking to do.

  Placing the small blond on the couch, you sat beside him, followed by Gilbert,"How did you meet King Alfred and Queen Arthur?"

  "The jack found me...Yao. And he brought me to meet my parents!" He exclaimed enthusiastically, wiping the tears from his eyes. "They said that you came to see them yesterday and thought that maybe he'd find you. When I heard Yao ask me for you and me, I told him I was alone and he took me there."

  Gilbert smacked the back of your head,"Dude! Leave the royals alone! You met Ludwig, Ivan and Alfred. What are you doing!?"

  Sighing, you explained it. You wanted to meet all the kings, invite them to a land of neutrality and have this war end before it starts.  You left out the fact that you would marry Ivan if peace was achieved.

  "But...if we get split apart..." Peter whimpered. "I mean, I could see Gilbert because he'd live with his little brother...but __________..."

  "It's okay'll all work out." You smiled and kissed his forehead. "Now go wash up and get ready for bed." He whined a bit and climbed off the chair, headed towards the bathroom to shower off.

  Gilbert smiled,"Okay then, I'll sneak out extra early and get you a diamond so that you can go talk to Lili and Frenchy. I warn you, Frenchy is stingy about people but his Queen is a very sweet woman who he cares for. Get on her good side and he's assured to be want to be an ally to you."

  Nodding, you wished him good-night and went up to your room. Tossing your dirty and worn sneakers to the side and curling up. Shuddering a bit, you thought about how you were keeping the biggest secret you possibly could keep from your closest friends who were like brothers.

  Shutting your (e/c) eyes, you saw Ivan's beautiful and loving eyes staring at you. He seemed so happy, you just couldn't tell him 'no' (like you even would have anyway). And at the moment, you were in the midst of being happy and torn. 'I'm sorry guys...but I'm going to marry Ivan...whether you like it or not...'

To be continued...
Part four! I might upload five later today and six tomorrow sometime...
Or maybe five tomorrow and six Monday.

I don't own you or Hetalia!

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Chapter 6:
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