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October 26, 2012
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  In Japan, you were commonly called a 'kitsune.' Creatures like you were written in many stories, having powers as you grow older which included taking on a human form.

  Being able to take a mostly human form, you had heard many tales of kitsunes. They were often times depicted as tricky, some other times as creatures which would become fateful guardians, friends and even wives.

  But sadly, you were also a yōkai, a spiritual being who could only be seen by certain people who believed in creatures such as yourself. The only one creature that could see you was a dragon who lived shunned in the waters of the ocean whom you would often spend time with.

  It was one day when you were walking to meet your only friend when you met him. A person crashed into you, sending you to the ground. His chocolate eyes looked towards your figure, darting from your pointy ears to your puffy tail.

  He stood up, helping you off the ground and onto your feet. "I'm terribly sorry about hurting you kitsune-chan. Please, allow me to help you reach your destination."

  "Y-You..." You whispered, looking him deep in the eyes,"You can...see me...?"

  "Hai. I have many yōkai living at my home." He said with a small smile. You stepped back to get a better look. Chocolate eyes, hair jet-black and rather traditional clothing. "Would you like to come over? I feel bad for knocking into you."

  You smiled, nodding happily before he lead on. Your tail twitched in anticipation as you skipped behind him, knowing no one could even see you besides him. "I can only be seen when I'm in the form of a fox. Usually then, no one decides to come near me. If people chase me, then I run and hide, quickly transforming for a perfect getaway."

  Both of you shared small talk for awhile. You found his name was Honda Kiku of the Honda clan. It was very well known for its various daimyo and a famous samurai named Honda Tadakasu who died early December a few decades earlier.

  You followed him home, allowing him to make you a cup of fresh tea and sitting down. On the other hand, you ran around the room, looking at everything that was scattered about. He chuckled softly as you picked up items and used them in ludicrous ways which made you look ridiculous.

  Eventually, you settled and began to drink your tea with him in calmness. You began telling stories about the centuries of your life-what you had seen and experienced-continually falling back on your friend, the dragon. He didn't have a name so you just called him 'dragon' when you mentioned him.

  You promised the next time you'd meet to introduce them to each other although Kiku seemed less skeptical about this idea that you thought he would have been. "He's not mean to anyone. I promise that he'll be more frightened of you than you are of him."

  Kiku nodded and stood up, taking the empty cups of tea and leaving the room while you followed after him. "Y-You don't need to follow me. Please, make yourself at home."

  "I'd end up causing more trouble," you laughed. "It's kind of in my nature."

  Both of you shared a soft laugh as you went down the empty halls of the home.


  It has been years since Kiku was able to see you. That ability was long since gone. Still, you visited him in vain. Spoke to him about everyday life. Watched as he grew into a strapping young man.

  Ever night when he went to sleep, you would grip both his hands, cry while you clutched them in vain and then kissed his lips. There was no way a human and yōkai could be together.

  One day, you transformed into a fox form, the one thing he could see and scratched at his door, crying for his attention. When he opened the door, you mustered an innocent look and made it believable that you were injured.

  He picked you up and laid you on the mat he rested on. You snuggled into the sheets, making a mess of his freshly-made blankets. When he returned, he glared slightly towards you before giving a sigh of defeat.

  Returning to you, he kissed your 'broken' paw, sending your heartbeat up to a skyrocket. "Don't worry...I'll fix you up and get something in your belly..."

  Snuggling close, you embraced his warmth as he helped you get better. Even though being close again was medicine enough. You snuggled and fell asleep on his lap, a pang of sadness rushing through you. This was they only way you could ever be with the one you love.

  "I'm going to name you ___________..." He whispered in his near-sleep. "Because you remind me of an old friend of mine..."

  You smiled to yourself and snuggled closer to him. "I love you too Kiku..." You said out loud, but it only came out as a small cry.
Commish for :icontrinzen:

I looked up some info.
Kitsune are apparent yōkai.
Like Kappa and the little girl who's name escapes me.

So yeah.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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This physically hurts me.
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Yay I'm a fox! ( Actually, I'm half kitsune)

Me: Japan, I'm a fox, so do me a favor and rub my belly! ~flops on my back~

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Sad yet sweet story
I know anime that Involve about Yokai the name of the anime is Nurarihyon no mago /Nura:Rise of the Yokai clan
mikmik121 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013
Oh, I've heard of that anime. ^^
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you should see that anime..It's good anime
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