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January 11, 2012
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  There was something almost strange about it, the way you opened up into the complete darkness. You knew it would've had to be morning by now, and yet it was completely dark.

  "What happened?" You cried out, hoping for a voice to answer back at you. You were confused and scared,"Where am I?"

  "Ve~ Germany! I think she's awake!"

  There was an akward moment of silence before you heard him mumble something along the lines of,"I don't zhink she'll be in a gutt mood Italy."

  "Ve~" Italy's cute little confused noises made you calm down a bit,"But Germany, she'll be really scared when she wakes up. She won't know how she got here."

  "Italy," Germany sighed,"I told you already; zhe doctors said she's suffering from blindness due to post-dramatic stress."

  You felt your face flush, but then again, you wouldn't know,"But Germany! Maybe her sight came back already~"

  "Italy, zhe don't know vhen her sight is coming back. It might never come back."

  You felt the tears brimming your eyes. You didn't know where you were or what happened, but the next thing you know, someone was gripping your shoulder,"______? Are you okay?"

  "Of course not," Germany breathed,"She just heard everyzhing ve just said."

  You felt your head get buried into someone's chest, their beating heart close to your ear and a hand running through your (h/c) hair,"It'll be okay _______, I'll be with you until you get your sight back, okay?"

  You nodded gently and cried out, feeling the tears stream down your face,"Thank you...Italy."


  It's been months since that day, your vision had failed to return since then. So why was your vision gone exactly? You had gotten into a bad accident while out running errands for Italy (who was your boss/ally/friend), but you couldn't remember anything.

  Every morning, you would awake to the same thing you fell asleep to; nothing. Though, you were amazed how heightened your senses had gotten since then.

  There was also another thing you woke up to; a grown man who sounded like a three-year old with his adorable little 've's asleep beside you. Since you were released from the hospital, Italy took you to a home he had on the coast to make up for making you go out that one day. He really beat himself up about it.

  Awakening as you always did, you felt Italy's arms wrapped around you. You quietly listened to him 'Ve' ever so peacefully in his sleep. You wished you could see his face right now, his peaceful and innocent childish face and those golden eyes that shone like the sun.

  This pang of loneliness seemed to ring out through your body. Even if someone had you in their warm embrace, you still couldn't even see the person. Silently, you let a few tears escape from your unseeing (e/c) eyes.

  "V-Ve~ b-bella..!" You felt a pair of warm hands on your face, wiping the tears from your face gently,"D-don't cry...! I-I'll make everything better...p-please...?"

  You felt him pull you closer as he rubbed the back of your head,"I-Italy?"

  "This is my fault Bella...If I hadn't asked you to go out that day..." His body shook a bit.

  You clung onto him a bit,"D-don't cry Italy...! Please!" You placed your forehead on his chest, listening to the melody of his heartbeat and  taking in the wonderful scent he held (pasta).


  "You weren't the driver who hit me, we're you?"


  "Then it's not your fault!" Snapping at him made him cry even more,"Italy! Stop! Please..."

  "Bella stop! You're making me feel even worse!"

  "G-grow up!!!"

  "T-then quit acting so sad!" He began bawling like a baby again and you rolled your teary eyes and gripped him tightly in a hug,"_-____?"

  "Just shut up..." You said a bit stubbornly holding him tightly,"You need to stop acting like a baby...I don't blame you."

  "V-Ve~ b-but Bella-"

  "Don't 'but Bella' me Italy!" You snapped again,"I'm going to be okay..." You really wished you could look him in the eyes and say that and it hurt a lot that you couldn't. But you wouldn't blame him for this. It was more of your own fault.

  His grip loosened a bit,"_______..." But before you knew it, he was hugging you so tightly that you couldn't breath,"You're so much like Germany~ You're so strong and tough~"

  "P-please...l-let...g-go...!" For a scrawny guy, he was strong. Unless he had buffed up since the last time you saw him. Hearing you gasp for breath, you let go of you,"Thank-"

  "Hey Bella!?" All of a sudden, his breath was blowing into your face,"Wanna go down to the beach?"

  You were a bit confused but agreed anyway,"S-sure Italy."


  After you had changed (you quickly were forced how to learn to do so on your own), you made your way down the halls, using the wall as the only form of guidance,"Italy, where are you?"

  "Ve~ I'll be right out. Just stay where you are!" Hearing this, you sit yourself against the wall. You listened to the noises all around yourself. The only thing you could really hear was Italy in his room, walking around and continually 'Ve'-ing. You could also make out the birds chirping outside.

  And what did you smell? Pasta. The house always (major emphasis on always) smelt like the Italian food that Italy himself loved so much. Every now and then, pizza was a mixed scent.

  "Bella, I'm coming!" And with that, his bouncy footsteps made their way to you. A hand gripped onto yours and you stood yourself up,"Just watch yourself, okay _____?"

  "I-I will..." You took a step outside, Italy guiding you through the concrete sidewalk which was cold and rough against your bare feet. Then, your feet hit the sand which felt smooth and warm, gently grazing across your feet.

  The the cold water hit your feet after that. The sudden cool water shocked you a bit but it felt nice after a moment. Italy's hand released yours and you felt water flying in your face,"I-Italy!" You panicked, not hearing him.

  "Bella!" You heard after a minute,"The water is so nice!" You breathed in relief, the thought of loosing him was too scary.

  "C-come back!" You didn't know where he was, let alone yourself. You also failed to realize that you were shaking violently in fear right now. Somehow.

  You listened for him, but the sound of the waves crashing against the shore drowned out the noise of him coming and before you knew it, you were being knocked over to the wet, sandy ground by a soaked Italian,"I'm sorry!"

  The water hit your body and froze you in fear. You gripped onto Italy is a hug scared out of your mind,"B-bella!?"

 "D-don't leave me..."

  "_____, I won't..." He held you closer. He wasn't wearing a shirt.

  Your face went red,"I-Italy...w-what are you wearing...?"

  "Ve~ bathing trunks. Why?"

  "No reason."

  "Bella, you look really white..." He sounded concerned.

  "T-take me home...I-I don't feel so hot."


  You ended up taking a nap when you got home, your body completely worn out from your fear earlier. Opening your (e/c) eyes, the blinding light of the sun made you squint.

  Looking to your right, you see the most peaceful and gorgeous face on the couch beside you, the person kneeling on the floor with his head resting by your stomach. His little 'Ve' noises began lulling you back into sleep.

  "H-huh..." Looking around, you noticed all the things you had taken for granted. Colors, shapes, Italy, everything. You almost cried looking at Italy again and your only reaction was planting your lips on Italy's, waking him up with a surprised yelp.

  He kissed you back rather quickly, catching you off gaurs as well, but you kissed him back immediately. After a moment of this, you both broke off and you looked into his golden-copper eyes happily,"I see you."

Hear no Evil (Japan): [link]
See no Evil (Italy): You are here
Speak no Evil (Germany): [link]

I don't own Hetalia!
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