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October 10, 2012
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  As you walked down the abandoned streets of Venice, you saw shadows in homes lining the streets, all celebrating merrily and happily. Since the local festivities died down, you have been wandering the streets on your way back home to ultimately be slaved around by your parents once more.

  It was a miracle you had even been able to be let outside this late at all. Maybe because the festivals have been going on they allowed you more leash. Music filled the air, probably some of the richer holding masquerade balls currently letting out fresh music.

  As you continued to the bigger homes, you could hear the music playing, the people's laughter and the occasional cling of wineglasses chiming in the air merrily. Sighing, you trudged along the dark while you trying not to let your long (f/c) dress and heels agitate you too much.

  Then, out of nowhere, you were being called out to. "Mi scusi, bella signora?"

  Turning to whoever made the noise, your (e/c) eyes met with a golden pair hidden behind a white mask with gold accents and black feathers sticking from the top. He bore a black coat with golden accents trickling up the sides, matching that of his mask.

  "Ciao signore." You said simply, quicklime bringing your hand to the top of your head, quickly concealing your face quickly. "Posso aiutarla?"

  Only now did you notice he seemed out of breath, now as he came closer to you. His breaths were shorter than what is to be expected and his visibly auburn hair was a disheveled mess.

  When he came closer, he swallowed hard, taking his short breath away for a second. He bowed in front of you before straightening up and holding out a white-gloved hand to you.

  "Ballare con me?"

  Reluctantly, you took his hand and stood in position with him. He smelt sweetly of wine and flowers. As the music played inside, you began dancing along with him, following his footsteps as best you could.

  You could easily be classified as a clumsy dancer, your parents never cared enough to have you trained to learn ballroom dancing. All they focused on we're your older siblings who would, in turn, be more successful that you in life.

  "Qual è il tuo nome, bella?" He asked quite suddenly, almost knocking off your concentration with these foreign dance moves.

  Nodding slightly at him, you replied with a smile,"Lo non lo posso dire..."

  As the dance progressed, you both started telling things about each other freely. The young man's family owned the manor you danced beside, he was of wealth. He was a twin, having a brother with identical looks but opposite attitude. His family was into travels which allowed him to visit many different countries in his lifetime where he picked up painting and the arts.

  You explained to the young man about your family life. Your family was above average in wealth but still not absurdly rich in gold. In your family, you were the last of 6 children, your parents expecting to bore a son. Because of this, you haven't had the ideal life you craved for. Your parents made you work around the home and never gave you many breaks.

  Before you knew it, hours had passed. When you were with this mystery boy, you felt happier than you have ever been. By the time you had stopped dancing, much of the merriment around you had died out in surrounding homes.

  "Si sta facendo tardi," He noted, pulling you closer. "Non posso lasciare a casa a piedi da sola."

  Smiling, you went into his arms as he brought you inside him home where the ball had begun to settle and people had started to find themselves to their bedchambers.

  Leading you up the stairs, he showed you a room to change for the night and left you alone. By the time you had gotten into a nightgown, you were half-asleep. Resting on the beautiful silk sheets, you began to fall asleep.

  The door opened to the young Italian man once more only this time wearing night clothes. He slid in bed beside you, wrapping his arms around you, kissing your cheek before drifting to sleep.

  Smiling at the kind gesture, you kissed his cheek back and settled in your spot,"Buonanotte..."


  Opening your eyes, you were met with Feliciano's peacefully sleeping face. He must've snuck in last night at some ridiculous hour to sleep with you. When he wakes up, he'll give you some odd reason for sleeping with you.

  Giggling, you kissed his lips softly and shook his sleeping form,"Feli...Feli, wake up honey..."

  His golden eyes opened like the sun rose over the horizon. It took your breath away every time you saw them open to their true beauty. "Ah, good morning mia ragazza bella ___________...did you sleep well...?"

  "Of course I did..." You said dreamily, playing with the amber hairs on his head, remaining weary of the curl specifically standing out on the side of his head,"I was dreaming about us again..."

  "Bella, the Renaissance was so long ago." He chuckled softly in his bell-like little voice. "You were just as beautiful back then as you are now bella..."

  Your lips met once more for a short, loving instant before he rested his head on your lap,"Ti amo __________..."

  Laughing gently, you relaxing once more in his presence,"I love you too Feli..."

  "Do you want to help me make some pasta later?" He asked in a low, sleepy voice. It was assured that he would be asleep again in a few moments and honestly, you didn't mind much.

  Laying back down, you let Feli rest on his own side as you moved closer, resting your head on his chest. "Yea Feli, that sounds really nice..."

  His hand began to comb through your (h/l)(h/c) hair gently,"Have I ever told you how beautiful you are ___________...? Ever since I first met you..."

  "Feli, you tell me every day silly," You blushed, shutting your own (e/c) eyes in relaxation. "And then I tell you how handsome, charming and perfect you are in my eyes."

  He brushed your cheek, cupping your face,"_________...I want to unify...not as countries...but as people..."

  At this idea, your eyes widened and you suddenly awoke. "Y-You want to...marry me...!?"

  He nodded, still sleepy as he pulled out a small black box and opening it up to a silver ring topped by a shimmering diamond. Both of you sat up, him still ready to fall back asleep.

  Nodding, you hugged him around his neck,"Yes...Feli yes...a million times yes...I love you so-"

  You stopped abruptly, noticing that he had fallen asleep during his proposal. A smile graced your lips as you laid him down. Getting up, you removed the ring and put a slip of paper in the open box before going downstairs to start on breakfast.

Extended ending:
Italy woke up some time later in a daze. Turning his head around slightly, he noticed his special velvet box sitting beside him on his nightstand, held open by a paper reading 'yes.'

His eyes suddenly widened at the realization that he had proposed too early. He actually had reservations for that night at a restaurant where he was supposed to propose to you.

Getting out of bed, he started running down the stairs to you, yelling over and over,"Wait...! D-Don't put the ring on yet bella...! _-__________!"


Oneshot only!

I'm sorry, I'm in a really bad mood right now.


I don't own you or Hetalia!
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