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December 16, 2012
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 "Italy!!!" You screamed at the top of your lungs, watching as he was lashed out against, his face being struck by Russia and his pipe. His nose was bleeding and his right eye was swollen shut.

 England pushed your arms against your back, twisting them more and sending a painful scream out of your body. "_-__________..." Italy spoke weakly, looking over towards you with saddened copper eyes. "I-I'm sorry-"

 America yanked Italy back up on his knees, letting Russia give him a few more hits before letting him drop to the ground. England released you and you slowly crawled to his side, brushing his face gently, your tears blotching on his pale and beaten face.

 Brushing his cheek, you tried to calm yourself down as a sob escaped your lips. Russia began to pull you off with his pipe, but you clung tightly onto Italy. "Move off him da? We still have unfinished business."

 "No!" You snapped, holding his head to your chest, hugging him close. "I won't let you hurt him anymore! He doesn't know anything! He never did!"

 He chuckled softly but your skin crawled at the sound. Suddenly, a sharp blow was administered to your head. Red blood began to run down the back of your neck but you didn't budge. You were scared of getting hit again when one of the nations spoke up.

 "We're trying to get information from her! Don't kill her yet!"

 You and Italy were roughly separated, both of your limp bodies being dragged behind. Then, you were thrown into a cell and locked up. Italy's eyes opened up gently, their golden sheen not leaving.

 In an attempt to try and show him you were fine, you got on your hands and knees and crawled towards him. Before you could get to him though, a wave of nausea hit and you barely had enough time to aim away and vomit on the ground beside you.

 Laying back on the ground, you forced the pain-filled nausea down and took Italy's hand weakly. "I-It's okay Feli...w-we'll m-make it out of this somehow..."

 "____________...go t-to sleep f-for awhile..." He whispered, stroking your cheek with a shaky hand. You didn't complain, nodding gently as he soothingly began to brush away dirtied strands of short hair. "It'll be over soon...don't worry...G-Germany and J-Japan'll s-save us..."

 Your eyes shut, looking at Italy's face, a warm smile on his broken face. Once your eyes were nearly shut, you could see the tears beginning to fall from his eyes.


 You awoke with a start, breathing heavily. A sharp pain exploded in the back of your head, making you freeze in place. A pain that nearly blinded you until it ebbed away.

 The first thing you noticed as your sight slowly came back was that you were laying in bed, wrapped up in white bandages and wearing oversized green military pants and a wife's beater.

 Around your shoulders was a blue military jacket which smelt like pasta and spices. 'Italy.'

 Getting out of bed, you wobbly made your way out of the room and struggled to get downstairs where there were light voices. You made it to the kitchen where a few countries had gathered, including Italy who was being handed a coffee mug by Germany.

 The blond looked up and his eyes connected quickly with yours. He calmly laid the mug down in front of Italy before quickly rushing to your side, helping to support your body weight. Japan, another one in the room, stood up and offered his seat to you.

 Shakily, you clutched at Italy's blue jacket as you were led to sit down. The room had fallen silent when you entered, sitting down. Germany went took reheat some leftover potato soup he had made earlier as you relaxed in your spot.

 Italy slowly reached over, taking your hand gently and rubbing it. Before you could stop it, a sob sounded from you. All eyes in the room suddenly went on you as you began crying. "Feli...this is all my fault...I should've...I should've done something...b-but I...I was too weak..."

 Japan came over rubbing small circles in your back while Germany helped Italy to a chair closer to you. He broke away though, his arms wrapping around your body and his face burrowed in your shoulder. "I-It's not your fault...I'm not mad at you...I could never be...I'm just happy you're still lost so much blood when you fell asleep...I...I thought..."

 He began softly crying in your shirt and you started to run your hand through his amber hair. "I'm right here...I'm right here Feli...calm down..." You noticed that he was cleaned up and his head was wrapped carefully. "Come here...

 "Calm down..." You whispered, feeling tears falling from your eyes. "I don't want you straining y-yourself anymore..."

 He nodded into your shirt as a warm bowl was placed on the table in front of you. Germany forced Italy to sit on the chair, giving Italy some time to calm down. Romano came in, groaning when he noticed his brother crying and Germany trying to comfort him.

 Japan began to feed you, telling you to relax as Italy calmed down. Once you finished, you could feel drowsiness kicking in once more. Germany helped you to your room once more while Romano helped Italy to his.

 He covered you and made sure you were snuggled in. The door opened and Italy hobbled in with Romano supporting him. "He won't lay down. He's worried about you..."

 Romano laid Italy down who immediately clung onto you and began to nod off quickly. You settled down with him, letting his head rest on your stomach. Your hand gently brushed his hair, his breathing slowing down and his body limp.

 "How did we get out of there...?" You whispered, trying not to disturb his sleep,"I mean...last I remembered...I..."

 "We broke you out," Germany stated simply, starting to unravel the bandages on your head. "When we found where you two were, Italy was curled up beside you, laying in a pool of blood with you. He was crying and holding tightly onto your unconscious took two people to pry him off of you so Japan could get to working on your wounds."

 "How long...?" You asked softly. "How long...h-have I been asleep for...?"

 "A week...about 8 days." He stated simply, taking a gauze from the side of the bed and began to gently wrap your head once more. "We've been watching you since you got home. But you are getting better now."

 You nodded lightly, resting your head and shutting your (e/c) eyes. "Thank you Ludwig..."

 He left your and Italy alone, your eyes shutting and sleep taking over. "I'm glad you're okay...I love you...I can't bare to see you so weak..."

 "It's okay..." He murmured back, coming closer and giving you a kiss sloppily on the lips before resting his head on your chest. "I love you too..."

 Smiling, you began stroking his arm gently as if he were a child and sending him to sleep along with you.
I don't own you or Hetalia!
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