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January 7, 2012
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  "_______...!" Someone weakly cried out weakly for you, bringing you out of a shallow sleep,"_______...!"

  Opening your eyes, you were submerged in darkness. The noise from outside came from the pouring rain and the wind,"______..."

  "I'm coming..." You moan in a sleepy voice. You've been taking care of your best friend Italy while he was at home and sick. But he was a child, calling you every three minutes and hardly allowing you to catch up on any sleep yourself.

  Turning the living room light on, the light blinded you and made the room spin a bit. After regaining your vision, you walked down the hallway to where Italy was laying down in bed,"What is it this time Italy?"

  "I had a bad dream and woke up..." You took a step closer to him thinking that he couldn't be serious,"And I thought that maybe you would want me to take medicine..."

  You knelt beside his bed and slid your hand onto his forehead, feeling his temperature,"Your fever is going down...that's a good sign..."

  "Ve~ bella, you look really tired," He just noticed the drowsiness in your eyes,"I'm really sorry _______."

  You smiled at him a bit,"It's fine Italy. I want to see you get better." Then you seemed to wonder what kind of crazy dream he had this time that woke him from his medicine-induced coma,"What was your nightmare about?"

  "Ve~ bella it was terrible!" He looked at you a bit worried,"Y-you got really sick and I was really worried!"

  You laughed a bit. His child-like innocence was adorable,"Italy...I'm much more worried about you right now. I'm fine, see?"

  He sat up a bit in his bed to look at you with worry in his ever so beautiful eyes,"But _______, if you ever got sick, I would be really worried."

  You noticed that he wasn't wearing a shirt right now either and your face went red a bit,"Can you worry about yourself. I'm okay."

  "But bella...I like you. I don't want to see you look weak," His hand grazed over yours,"Don't let me get you sick."

  Standing up with your heart beating out of your chest, you reply,"I-I'll try not to."

  You ran out the door as fast as you could,'He likes me...does he me? No...he's my friend...' You went to the bathroom to get him some medicine to take then went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water.

  Getting back to his room, you took a deep breath and entered. He had already fallen asleep again,"He asked me...for medicine...and he falls sleep...?" You speak quietly to yourself.

  The only thing you could do is place the medicine tablets and the glass of water on the nightstand beside his head and kneel down next to him, grabbing his hand,"I promise I won't get sick."

  Quickly, you get up and shut the lights behind you. Making your way back to the living room, you threw yourself on the couch once more, ignoring the fact that the lights were on, you fell asleep once more.


  "Bella!" Italy cried out suddenly, shooting up in is bed with tears in his eyes. He had been having another bad dream about you and it really scared him. He opened his mouth to call you but thought against it.

  Looking to the side, he noticed the medicine sitting on the nightstand so he took them, even if he was feeling better,'Maybe I should go check up on _______.' He quickly decided before standing up.

  The only thing he wore we're pajama pants which were a bit too long for him. He quickly ran out into the living room to see the lights were on and you were asleep peacefully.

  He sat beside you and just looked at you,'She looks okay.' He thought while playing with a few strands of your (h/c) hair gently.

  With that, he laid himself beside you on the couch, wrapping his arms around you like you were a stuffed animal and pulled you closer to him. He pressed his forehead to yours and listened to your breathing for a moment before pulling the blanket you had on top of you over him partially as well.

  His eyes began to shut as he drifted off into a light sleep,'I want to protect bella, _________.'


  As you began to slip back into consciousness the next morning, you felt someone holding you in their embrace. You slowly opened your (e/c) eyes to noticed Italy's face incredibly close to yours, his brown hair falling on his face.

  For a moment, you looked at his childish face and listened to him 'Ve~' in his sleep. It was actually pretty soothing. You moved your hand to his forehead and felt his temperature,'He's not burning up at least...'

  Feeling your cold hand on his forehead, his beautiful copper-colored eyes opened up to see you staring back at him,"Ve~ ________, I'm happy you're okay." Was how you were greeted.

  That's when you started crying,"Why aren't you worrying about yourself Italy? I'm worried that staying up half the night worrying about me isn't helping you."

  "B-Bella...p-please don't cry..! I-I'll go to sleep if it make you feel any better! I-I'll do anything for you to stop crying!" He wiped your eyes gently with his thumb.

  "Then g-go to your bed...a-and stop worrying about me...I-I don't want to be the reason that your condition gets worse..."

  He pulled you closer to him. Only now did you remember his shirt was not on and your face goes completely red,"Bella...I don't want you to get mad, but I won't stop thinking about you."

  Now your face gets even more red,"I want you to though."

  You felt his hand slide gently across your cheek and you look over at his face,"I can't bella...I love you too much."

  "Stop acting like a kid Italy..." You mumbled, hardly believing him,"I want you to stop worrying about me-"

  You have never been kissed before, so the shock you felt when Italy's lips pressed up against yours was indescribably. You felt as though all his emotions  for you had been brought into your body, making your body feel warm and fuzzy.

  He pulled away slowly after a moment and looked at you with a small smile on his face,"Y-you do realize that I might actually get sick now, right?"
So...this is like...
Yea...I mentioned that one with Neth and Su...
Well, technically, take this story and switch places...
Or like, the reason Italy was worried is bc he didn't want you to get sick...b-but :iconorzplz: forget it...

I don't own Hetalia!
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