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January 13, 2013
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 Germany sitting at his desk, books surrounding his feet and his head resting on his arms. He was, of course, asleep. Going over, you felt your temper being put to the test.

 "Hey kiddo!?" You heard the Prussian yell from somewhere else in the house. "You actually made it into his room, right!?"

 You rolled your eyes, standing beside Germany and shaking his arm gently. "Luddy...hey, Luddy? Can you wake up for me please?"

 He groaned slightly before moving, his blue eyes opening to look towards you. A few times over, he had to blink and regain his composure on reality before smiling slightly towards you. "Oh, hi there _______________. Did Gilbert let you in?"

 You crossed your arms, looking towards him with a glare. "No. I got a worried text from your brother over this whole thing regarding Feli. Listen, Ludwig, you're not going to find the answer to your problem written in some book. I, your best friend, will personally help you with Feliciano."

 "Danke," he breathed, standing up unsteadily. "But I'm okay where I am now-"

 "Oh, hell to the no you are not!" You snapped, giving him a hard glare. "You are reading books on how to get him. Ludwig, you need to listen to what your heart tells you on this one. I know you love Feli and you know, he really likes you too. Maybe it'll all work out."

 "Ja, maybe..." He replied awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck.
 You smirked, slicking back his hair for him. "First off, he's an Italian. He knows how love is supposed to be shown. You need to tidy up and take him out to some really nice place. I would say I'd get Romano or Prussia to help but that might backfire badly..." He looked unsure for a moment. "I'll find somewhere for you to go. Research. What is Italy's national flower? And get a tux. And shower. Also-"

 "Ja, I get it, I'm going, I'm going..."

 "And deodorant!" You snapped as he walked out of the room. "You need to smell good on your date!"

 "Did you honestly believe that I would help set my brother up with that potato bastard!?" Romano snapped, grabbing the collar of your shirt and lifting you up to the tips of your toes. "Of course I'm gunna say no! I don't want him hanging around with him any more-!"

 Spain came up from behind, tightly gripping Romano's shoulders, making him release you. "Come on Roma! Don't you want your baby brother to be happy?" His voice cooed, making Romano notably calm down slightly. "If Romano doesn't agree, you can hold the date at my little cafe-"

 "I'll cook but you have to help out too you damn tomato bastard. Because if you think that I'm serving those two-!" You arms went around his neck, pulling him close to you and laughing in excitement. "Damnit ragazza! G-Get off of me!"

 "I'll help too! Don't worry!" You giggled, pulling away from him. His face was beet-red and his curl was crinkled up. "Come on! We need to plan it all out so it goes perfectly!"

 You stood outside of a small Italian restaurant, the sky darkening and Germany standing beside you in wait. Dressed up in the waiting staff's outfit, you decided to offer some extra help to Germany on the side. Currently, you were helping him put a communicator in his ear. On yours, you had a microphone.

 "I'll tell you what to say or do if I notice you panicking." You informed, smiling brightly as his face tinted pink. He was fidgeting slightly in his spot and looked nervous. "Don't worry about it Ludwig. Everything will go over smoothly and...he likes you back. I'm about 99.9 percent sure of it."

 "What about the .01 percent?"

 A laugh escaped your lips and you forced him to look towards you as you fixed his tie and straightened out his suit slightly. "Well, we won't be worrying about that now, won't we? Just stay focused on telling him before-"

 A car horn beeped behind you, sending Germany into a stiffened state. Somehow, you managed a reassuring laugh. "It's just Italy. You've known him for centuries. Why is now any different?"

 "Because it is-!"

 "Germany!" The Italian sprung out of the car, rushing to Germany and throwing himself into a hug with him. "I missed you so much! I can't even remember the last time that we spent some time together! I'm really excited to be eating a nice dinner with you! Oh! ______________! How are you!?"

 "I'm fine." You said with a smile, ignoring that Germany was stiffer than a board with nerves. "Let me escort you to your table."

 Both followed you in simply, a smile dancing on your lips. You watched in amusement as Germany pulled out Italy's seat (to his surprise) and pushed it back in when he sat down. When he looked towards you, you were grinning from ear to ear, making him narrow his eyes towards you.

 Spain came over, handing them both menus while you went back to see Romano leaning against the wall and scowling. He looked towards you as you entered, making your grin drop. "I am only doing this for Feliciano's sake. The sooner this is over, the better."

 "Hell, I'm just glad you even agreed to this." You said softly, going to the doors to see what was going on out there. Italy was babbling on to Spain although it was obvious that he didn't want the conversation going his way.

 Bringing the mic closer to your mouth, you spoke. "Luddy, you're going to have to get Spain away or try to get the conversation on you. By the way, loosen up. You're like a brick out there."

 He nodded, not really noticing that your voice was coming out of nowhere. Just watching, you immediately noticed him talking to Spain for a brief moment before he walked off and he began speaking to Italy himself.

 Spain came into the kitchen, breathing a sigh of relief. "He's such a good boy but he doesn't stop sometimes. Ludwig told me that they needed a few minutes to order food and he started talking to Feli about some of the dishes. Muy intelegente."

 Looking back out towards them, you noticed Germany's form had relaxed quite a bit and he was engaging in a calm conversation. When Italy spoke, he listened and nodded which you took as a good sign.

 Spain returned to two, taking their orders quickly and dismissing himself to give the orders to Romano and to not get caught in another long conversation. Pressing the mic closer to your face, you started again. "Lud, you should tell him before dinner."

 His lips stopped moving and he looked towards where you had disappeared about half an hour earlier. He shook his head towards you and Italy spoke up, making him jump and look back towards him. "You can do it. Just keep calm and tell him there's something important you need to tell him."

 Seeing there was no other option, he nodded and began talking to Italy. The amber-headed boy cocked his head to the side in curiosity. Opening the door, your ears were quickly filled with the sound of the German man stuttering over his words, fumbling and tripping as they came out.

 "A-And I need to just...g-get this off my c-chest...!"

 "G-Germany! You're scaring me!"

 "Geez...why don't you just blurt it out already-"

 "Ich liebe dich!"

 Your eyes widened when you noticed you had just whispered at him to do so accidentally. "Oh fuck!"

 "Chica, what just happened?" Spain pulled you back in as you shouted, both occupants looking towards you before you were pulled away. "Something just happened."

 "I told Germany to blurt out his feelings under my breath! I didn't mean to! And he did it and now he's mad!"

 Just as you finished speaking, the kitchen doors opened to Germany, his eyes narrowed coldly towards you. "What kind of advice was that!? I put my trust in you and you told me to yell it out at him!"

 "It's called sarcasm!" You pleaded back, feeling small. "I didn't mean for you to hear me either! It was your selective hearing which caused this!"

 "You're blaming me!?" He bursted at you, his face red with rage and embarrassment. "It's your fault for-!"

 "Ludwig!" Everyone fell silent at Italy's voice. There he stood at the doorway, his eyes tearing up slightly. "Don't get mad at her...I...Don't be mad with ______________...she was trying to help me too..."

 Soundlessly, he came over and wrapped his arms around Germany's waist. "Ti amo...I really like you Germany b-but I didn't know how you would react...! B-Because I'm supposed to like girls b-but I like you...! A-And I don't know if you think thats gross and I didn't want to mess it up..."

 Tears finally spilled over, his face nuzzled into his chest. Everyone in the room jumped when a sob escaped his lips. It echoed around the room, the only noise beside the food sizzling in one of the pans (which Romano quickly took care of).

 Germany quickly wrapped his arms around Italy's little shaking form, giving a slight sigh. "I'm not mad at you. Look, I'm not." Italy took his face from Germany's shirt, looking him in the eyes with his watery ones. Germany carefully cupped Italy's face, thumbing away the tears carefully.

 Taking the mic, you grinned and whispered,"kiss him."

 Without much hesitation, Germany pulled their faces together, his lips uncertainly placing themselves on top of Italy's. He quickly pulled away, scared of what Italy was now thinking. But a smile on his face showed that he was glad that Germany had done what he had just done and gingerly pressing his lips against Germany's once more.

 This time, Germany held his lips in place, shutting his eyes and actually allowing himself to enjoy it. You and Spain exchanged a grin, even Romano found a smile forced on his lips when they parted, smiling towards each other.

 "Ti amo..." Italy whispered, resting his head on Germany's shoulder.

 "Ich liebe dich auch..." He mumbled back with a small smile on his face.

 "That's all well and good," Romano said loudly,"now get out so I can cook you your damn meal!"
This is like the longest out of all of them
Don't expect this much from the rest.

The picture:

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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Konakona321 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
 This time, Germany held his lips in place, shutting his eyes and actually allowing himself to enjoy it. You and Spain exchanged a grin  

I Could Imagine reader-chan leaning on Roma and Spain's shoulders
mikmik121 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
"Mama did good."
"Get the fuck off ragazza.."
Kaosu-to-Anaki Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Student Artist
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Thanks. ^^
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Me and my cousin were reading this becuase we were bored and as soon as we finished we did this : :iconfrenchsquealplz: and my brother screamed from his room: "SHUT UP AND STOP BEING FANGIRLS!"
Dad: "SHUT UP!"
Us: "okay......."
NekoNekoGirl04 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is a cute story... Nice work with this~ ^^ :thumbsup:
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