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July 11, 2012
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  "Crap!" Iceland sighed as he heard your voice from downstairs,"Ow...Emil! Emiiiil!"

  Iceland got up from his desk and rushed downstairs,"I'm coming, I'm coming! What did you do this-" He paused at the entrance of the kitchen, your form in the midst of broken glass and a gash on your leg, a small amount of blood seeping out. Suddenly, he became rather concerned, rushing to your side,"___________, what did you do?"

  You lifted your head up, looking towards Iceland sadly,"I-I was just getting plates out...I-I'm sorry..."

  He sighed, a light smile gracing his lips,"I'll clean it up...don't worry so much about it." His hands gripped your shoulders lightly and he kissed your forehead,"Just go sit down on the chair...I'll take care of that cut."

  You nodded, getting helped to your feet carefully before being sat down on the closest chair you could get to. You watched Iceland leave the room, your hand putting pressure on your cut to ensure the blood flow slows.

  When he returned, you hand was moved and he washed the area with a wet towel,"You're's a shallow cut...and there's no glass in your cut...let me just clean it out with peroxide and wrap it then..."

  You loved it when he pondered aloud, it was the cutest thing. The towel was put in your hand and you applied pressure once more to cease your blood from spilling,"I scared your kitten away too...I...I'm-"

  "Wait..." Iceland interrupted, a confused tone in his voice,"Kitten? We don't have a kitten."

  "Yea you do..." You murmured. "It was really had a black spot over it's eye..."

  Iceland's hand grazed over yours, lifting the cloth off your leg before applying peroxide. "Maybe Norway's cat dragged the thing in...I'll get rid of it-"

  "No!" You cried out,"You're so heartless! It's a kitten!"

  "I don't know if the other Nordics-"

  "Please!?" You gave him googly eyes, still wet from your pain-filled tears. "It's a baby Emil...! If Norway's cat dragged it in, there had to be a reason...! Don't kick it out...!"

  His eyes filled with grief and his head lowered slightly. "Fine...It's somewhere in the house...maybe we should go find it before the others do."

  "They're all working," You smiled. "It might take awhile before they find it-"

  You heard a muffle meow, causing you both to turn your heads towards the entryway. A fluffy white cat with a Norwegian flag-pattern bandana around it's neck was carry the small kitten in it's mouth. "Is that the one you were talking about...?"

  You nodded as Iceland continued to wrap your leg with fresh, white bandages around your leg. The Norwegian's cat came up to the two of you, bothering Iceland as he tried to help your wound.

  Picking the fat fluffy cat up, you took the small kitten from his jaws, the cat giving it up willingly before jumping off your lap. You lifted the small cat up a bit and let it rest in your arms. The kitten gave you an innocent look, meowing softly.

  Iceland tied your cut up and looked towards you, gawking at the small, fluffy kitten in your arms. He reached out and took the small cat in his arms, it's violet eyes staring into his. The kitten leaned forward a bit, giving the Icelandic man a lick on the nose.

  Iceland's eyes widened in shock at the kitten's small gesture and caused you to laugh slightly. "He really seems to like you Ice. It's so cute though!" You took the small cat from him once more and cuddled it.

  Iceland reached over and scratched it behind the ear, the cat began to squirm from your grasp before jumping into Iceland's lap. His face immediately began to burn as the kitten comforted itself and lay down on him,"Awww! You're like it's daddy!"

  His face began to burn darker red at the comment,"I-I'm not...I-I"

  You giggled, sliding onto the ground beside him,"That's adorable I the mommy then?"

  "Y-Yea..." He near-whispered, leaning his head on your shoulder. "I-I guess..."

  You leaned your head on his, smiling to yourself. "Don't worry Emil...I'll a be a good wife." With that, you pecked his cheek and left him there with the small kitten, left to wallow in his embarrassment.
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Whatever. I'm jumping on the rest of these requests. My mind is tapped out so sorry if my stories are getting shorter 'n' stuff...

Request for :iconaustriababy:

:iconbabyaustriaplz:<------I always think of this icon for some reason when I read your name. XD Sorreh.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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