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November 10, 2012
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 "Leonnnn!" You groaned as you kicked your roommate out of bed. It was good he slept late though since it allowed you the time to conceal your true gender. "I think you need to stop going to bed so late! School starts soon!"

 His head shot up, messy black hair sticking up everywhere. "(Male name)! Why don't you like, wake me earlier! Totally not cool!" Quickly, he got out of bed and began struggling to change.

 "Why don't you get a...I alarm clock!" In a few seconds, he was dressed and pulling you out the door. The contact with him made your face blush. You'd never admit to him you were cross dressing as a male. Leon has been your best friend since you've gotten here.

 The only bad thing was that you were beginning to fall in love with him. It was getting harder to be near him and usually, he wanted to do stuff with you. This was no exception.

 You were rushed down to the mess hall where you met up with all your friends as usual for breakfast. "Sorry guys, Leon got up late again."

 Yao, his older brother sighed. "Leon, you need to take responsibility rather than rely on (Male name) to wake you up. I'm sorry about him."

 You laughed and shook your head,"No, it's perfectly fine Yao. Hey, Emil, can I get those notes back that I gave you yesterday."

 Emil nodded, going into his bag to give you back your notes. "Your handwriting is really easy to read. It's almost like you have a girl's handwriting."

 "Ouch dude." You said back, trying to hide your worry of being found out. "What's next? You gunna start saying I'm dressing like a girl? Or talking like a girl? That was a low blow."

 "Yeah..." He said uncertainly, pushing your notes towards you. "Just try not to become one."

 "Yeah." You said back as the bell rang, signaling first period.


 The next morning, you felt the sheets thrown off of you and Leon ready to speak out when he stopped. Your eyes opened up groggily when you noticed he was looking rather shocked.

 "Leon...what's the-"

 Your pajamas. You were borrowing one of Leon's wife-beaters after he accidentally ruined your shirt and refused to go topless. Since then, you took care in trying not to reveal your gender.

Hehe, not a problem now.

 "You're..." He murmured, watching as you covered your chest. "You're a girl...?"

 "L-Leon...I..." Words didn't form no matter how hard you tried. "I-I am a girl...L-Leon...I-I couldn't tell you! I'm sorry I've been hiding this from you b-but I couldn't tell you!"

 "I-I can't believe...uh...this is like...uh..." Covering your chest with your blankets,"I...I need a minute...I..."

 "Leon...I'm sorry!" Without thinking, you threw your arms around him. "Don't tell anyone! Please! I-I'm no different then you are! I'm still your friend, aren't I?"

 His arms went around you as your body began to shake. "Here, how about we skip today...I'm like...I think we like, need a day to talk..."

 You nodded, not letting go of his waist. "What's your real name...?"


 He carried you back over to bed and laid you down before sitting beside you,"I see...(Name)...why...? Like, why would you do this...? Totally uncool..."

 "Because...I like hanging out with guys...and if I'm in a girl's uniform..." His arms wrapped around you. "I'm gunna go call my mom...I-I might as well just leave now..."

 "I won't tell anyone!" He interjected. "I don't wanna lose you. Even if you are like, a girl, you're still totally welcome here. You're like my best friend."

 "You promise...?"

 "Totally, I promise."

 Nodding, you rested your head by his chest and started drifting off to sleep once more. You'd have to save your real feelings for another day. There was probably too much going through his mind right now.
Derpy derp.


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