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August 3, 2012
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  Lutz smiled, seeing the angered expressing on his foe's face. "I could tell you. Or maybe, I von't." Germany's grip on the other's shirt tightened,"Besides, she von't talk. She knows I'll kill her if she talks-"

  Having an earful, Germany struck the man square in the jaw. Lutz fell with a crash, sending him into a coffee table which sat in the middle of the room. Taking the chance, Prussia helped Germany pin the man down as the other four spread out and searched through the house.

  Listening carefully, you awaited any pair of footsteps of someone who could and save you. As soon as you heard someone carefully slip up the steps and calmly called your name.

  "__________? Amiga? Are you up here?"

  "Spain..." You muttered before hitting the door gently to assure Lutz wouldn't hear you,"Help me...please..."

  His footsteps rushed and the doorknob began to tremble before the door flew open and sent you do the ground. "Amiga, I'm so sorry chica. Come on, your amour is waiting downstairs. This is all over..."

  He scooped you up in his arms and carried you down where you were faced with the reality of what was going on. Lutz was pinned down on the ground, struggling to get out of Germany and Prussia's grips.

  "Amigos!" Spain cried out,"I found her! Come down so we can end this!"

  Germany looked over in shock, only to loosen his grip and have you taken from Spain who, in turn, got pressed painfully to the wall. You were being used as a shield, blocking him from the others.

  Germany pulled out a pistol and aimed it towards him, only to have him raise you up to block the shot,"You vouldn't vant to hurt your little liebling, vould you now?"

  He lowered the gun, the only chance for escape vanishing. " it." His eyes widened hearing you whisper this,"Shoot him..."

  "But liebling-"

  "Trust me..." You whispered painfully. A painful expression came upon his face with a mixture of thought. He brought his head up and you lipped the words once more.

  Without hesitation, he brought the gun up quickly and fire a round, clipping both of you in the shoulder. Your already bad one and his now bad one. Lutz dropped you and you fell forward, cringing in terrible pain.

  While Spain was moving you and Japan started dialing emergency services, Germany ended it. He shot the man square between the eyes and watched as he dropped with a loud thud on the ground.

  The second he collapsed, Prussia went over to him doing God knows what while Germany came up to you, grabbing your hand tightly,"It's okay's over. He von't hurt you again."

  "Ludwig..." You muttered softly,"I-It hurts so bad..."

  His grip on your hand increased,"It'll all be alright. Just hold on for a little longer und zen you can rest..." Your hand was brought up to his lips, them pressing on your fingers gently.

  "Ludwig, I think she's going into shock..." Spain said calmly beside you,"Chica, just stay's all going to be alright."

  You nodded but even as you did so, the world blurred and darkened, the faint sound of sirens being heard in the background. A soft hand stroked your cheek gently and the pain seemed to ebb away.


  The darkness began fade and a faint sound was heard. Crying...? Yea, someone was definitely crying. Opening your (e/c) eyes, you were blinded by lights, making you wince.

  Once you brought your eyes at least halfway open, you turned your head slightly to see who it was beside you crying. Germany. It was big, tough, drill-sergeant Germany sitting beside you, his face in his hands and tears running down his face.

  Bringing your right arm up, you weakly put a hand on his cheek and causing him to look up in shock. A small smile found its way to your face,"H-Hey Ludwig..." You spoke up hoarsely. "D-Don't cry o-over me...p-please..."

  Both of you remained silent, staring deeply into each others eyes. Bending over, he pressed his lips softly against yours for a second. When he pulled away, he gave a faint smile,"Ja...I von't..."

  "W-Where is everyone...?"

  The German's blue eye softened once more, pulling the curtain divider in the room away, revealing a hospital bed with Spain, Prussia and Romano cramped on it. Spain and Prussia layer down side-to-side while Romano was curled up on top of them. Italy was asleep on a chair beside that.

  A faint laugh rolled from the lips,"They must've been really tired after that hectic mess. I'm glad you guys saved me..." Resting yourself once more, you found yourself nodding off once more.

  "It vas nozing..." Germany moved over and laid his head by yours, his arms creating a pillow for him. "How about ve get some sleep in and I both need it..."

  Both of you exchanged small smiles before bringing your heads together and falling asleep. His pinkie wrapped around yours, a smile remaining on both of your faces.


  Weeks passed as you healed. Sure, when you were released your shoulder still hurt every time you used it, but it was definately getting better than it was. You were able to use it at least.

  Germany insisted you stay with him and Prussia until you were assumably better than you were before your crash. He insisted you stay in his room to assure no one would take you in the middle of the night. Both of you started officially dating while you were there as well.

  It took a few months for you to heal fully and the whole time, you were taken very good care of. You often times went with Germany to training to see the others. Italy would usually sneak off and sit beside you to assure that you were okay. Then Germany would yell at the him, get Italy to run again and then come over to check on you, give you a peck on the cheek and run off once more.

  When you finally began getting well in health, Germany started bringing you around once more to exercise your legs. One day, he decided to take you out to dinner out of the blue. And he told you to dress fancy.

  Putting on a slimming black dress and heels before going downstairs. You were shocked to see him waiting patiently, straightening out a tie. He was wearing a tuxedo, looking rather handsome in it as well. Seeing you come down, he ran a hand through his slicked hair and smiled,"You look vonderful tonight liebling."

  As you descended down the rest of the stairs, he met up with you, taking your hand off the railings and kissing the tips of your fingers gently. "Thank you look quite dashing yourself."

  The ride over to this restaurant was completely silent. Peering over at Ludwig, you noticed he seemed to be on edge and more timid than usual. You really didn't want to provoke him so you stayed silent.

  He pulled into an empty parking lot, the lights of the restaurant turned off. "Luddy...?"

  He turned towards you, smiling shyly. "Don't vorry about it _________, I promise you'll love it."

  Germany got out and opened the door for you, helping you out like a gentleman. He seemed to be trying harder than usual to impress you. "Luddy, why are you so tense...?"

  Before he could answer, the doors of the building flew open,"Germany! Germany! Ah!" Looking over, you saw Italy prancing over towards the two of you. He was wearing a chef's outfit which double shocked you,"_________ bella! You look so pretty tonight!"

  You and Germany followed him in, not even bothering to listen as Italy yammered on. Romano was there too, scowling as soon as Germany stepped in the door.

  The two of you sat in silence for awhile in silence, just staring at each others. "S-So Ludwig...? What is this all about...?"

  "I-I just need to ask you some-"

  "Germany! __________!" Italy cried out as he came in. Romano came over, lighting the candles on the table (and then aiming the lighter at Germany, swearing if he did anything to you that he'd light the man's cloths on fire). Italy laid out two plates of pasta in front of you. "Ve~ Enjoy!"

  Again, silence filled the room. Both of you ate quietly, every now and then you'd steal a glance. Finally, you had enough of it. Getting out of your seat, you looked in dead in the eye,"What did I do wrong Ludwig!? Just tell me why you're acting so weird! Please! What did I do wrong...!? Tell me...please. I don't want to loose you..."

  As you spoke, you broke down with every word. Germany quickly rushed to your side, holding you close and stroking your (h//c) hair. It reminded you of Lutz that one night, holding you close...

  "Liebling, everything is fine...vhy don't you just f-finish eating und zen ve'll talk-"

  "No Luddy!" You snapped,"If something is wrong, please just, tell me now!"

  He sighed, breaking away from you with a distraught face,"Okay zen..." At first, you wondered if he really was going to break up with you. That is until he grabbed your fork and started rummaging through your pasta.

  When you were about to ask, he lifted the fork up, making you cover your mouth and causing tears to prick your eyes. On the fork was a tomato-pasted ring. Taking it off, he got down on one knee and cleared his throat,"I-I vas hoping you'd find zis on your own...but...__________ ___________, I love you und...I vant you to be mein vife..."

  Tears streaked down your face but you made no attempt to wipe them away,"Yes..." You breathed before jumping on him, wrapping your arms around his neck and bringing him into a kiss. "I couldn't be happier..."

  He kissed your forehead,"I'm sorry if I confused you...I vas just so vorried zat you'd say 'no' und..." His lips pressed so gently against yours it sent chills down your spine,"Ich liebe dich..."

  "I-Ich liebe dich auch..." You breathed back, resting your forehead on his.

The End.

So sad ending for Lutz but happy ending for you and Luddy~

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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